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Benefits of Adwords/PPC


Increase Traffic To Your Website & Improve your visibility with Pay Per Click

Would you like to increase the number of visitors on your website? Would you like to gain new customers in a short time? 

As you may have observed registering a Domain & Creating a Functional and Attractive website to succeed on the internet is not sufficient t
o attract visitors. To find new customers it is essential 
to conquer the top positions on the search engines because it is the pivotal tool that users use to seek information before making purchases.The Pay Per Click (PPC) is the ideal solution, the most effective way to Improve your Visibility, to Generate Qualified TrafficOptimizing the most of your Investments in advertising.

Among all online marketing activities, Pay Per Click (PPC) gets you results in shortest time frameIt consists of realization of paid advertising campaigns that allow you to reach for certain keywords on the top positions in search results. When a user searches for a keyword RELATED TO THE to your website, the announcement that advertises your site will be displayed, as a sponsored ad, in the top three or the right column of the page.


Benefits of Adwords / PPC Advertising

1. Positioning immediately on the first page in Google results

AdWords / PPC is the fastest way to get your business listed on the first page of Google that is where your potential customers will try and search for respective information although if you are relying only on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the Local Marketing tools (Google Places) is essential, but this approach will take time to yield results (often 3 - 6 months). With AdWords / PPC you can easily set up a campaign and publish your ads on the 1st Page of Google. 

2. Targeted Audience

With AdWords / PPC, you focus on people who are already looking for your product or service. As opposed to traditional advertising media such as TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards etc. which cuts the attention of the people by showing them something other than what they want to see or hear, in the hope of persuading them to buy.
Using Adwords / PPC, it is automatic through the keywords that people who are looking on Google to meet their immediate need to find a solution to a given problem, discomfort, or search for information they need Immediately. Through a well-crafted ad, potential customers will recognize you as the solution to their needs and problems, and they will be very motivated to visit your website (Landing page).

3. Pay for Clicks & Actual Visits

You pay only when a user actually clicks on your ad. Contrary to what happens in an advertising campaign on TV, radio, newspapers where you pay a flat fee regardless of how many people actually see your ad or to those hot and qualified prospects is shown. With AdWords / PPC, you only pay for people who are potentially interested to click on your ad and visit your website.This allows you to use the available budget for marketing in a much more efficient and effective manner.

4. Geo - Targeting 

For owners of local businesses, AdWords / PPC may be the only way possible to reach the majority of potential customers who are looking for them on Google. Let's take the example of someone who wants to buy a used Mattress.
The user will simply type in "selling mattresses" and Google will show you the results largely national in their organic search results. For a local business, it is very difficult to compete by relying solely upon natural positioning and SEO. If you consider that in addition to local results, in organic search would also be shown the links of large mattresses companies and large retailers that sell online on the whole national territory. With AdWords / PPC, you can restrict your ads to specific geographic areas. If you own a shop of mattresses in Dubai, you can set up your AdWords campaign so that ads are seen only by people who are in Dubai Area,
You can specify the exact area, city, town, county, and even nearest Landmarks, near Dubai, to show the ad and you set a specific perimeter or radius in kilometers around the premises of your business.
Through the AdWords / PPC ads you reach more qualified prospects than those that would have been possible to reach only through SEO ranking.

5. Total Control

Using AdWords, you have a total control of your campaign. This is a short list of things you can control in our ad campaign:

  • Choosing keywords for which ads
  • Maximum monthly budget Choice of Cost per Click
  • Selection of Geographical areas where the ads will appear
  • Choice of days and 'time in which to run your ads
  • Announcements Messaging
  • Page Choosing your website to which ads link
  • Total control over various elements and the various options of paying ads is the key to a web marketing success.

5. Tools for Testing / Market Analysis / Research of Best Keywords

  • You can use report "Search terms" AdWords not only for the creation and management of internet traffic but also to make a metadata searching for the best keywords.
  • Figure out what keywords your potential customers are typing into Google to find products and services is essential for those who want to do online marketing.
  • With AdWords, you can get a clear understanding of the keywords that your current perspective typing to find you.
  • You'll also be able to see how many times each keyword is searched daily and monthly.
  • AdWords is the only reliable way to gather data on keywords and obtain accurate data to set your ad campaigns based on research performed by potential customers.
  • You can also use AdWords for market research, to test and set bids, ad titles, choose your landing pages, and even the titles of books

As it was done with the book Best Seller "Working 4 four hours per week" (The 4 Hour WorkWeek) Tim Ferriss, whose title was chosen on the basis of a test done with AdWords.
Also, when you find an ad, text, title, advertisement, etc page that works well in AdWords, there is a good chance that they will work well in other marketing channels.

PPC is a great way to provide low-risk testing for keywords, enabling you to determine if a full site optimization campaign is worthwhile

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