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Getting the right information at the right time to improve day-to-day business decisions is key to operational success.


What is Business Intelligence (BI)?  

Business Intelligence refers to the set of tools and features to collect the business data and transform them into information to support strategic decision making.

Business intelligence - information that provides insight as a basis for action

Si3 Technologies help companies to understand and manage financial and operational performance with globally known Financial Performance and Business Intelligence Softwares. Our experienced team has the expertise on all the top tier Business Analytics tools, which will enable you to understand and monitor the existing performance and plan your future business strategies by answering following questions:

  • What is the current condition of your business?
  • Are we on the right direction or not?
  • What can we do in this respect?

Business Intelligence solutions ensure efficient use and management of information while enabling you to develop anticipation scenarios. Business Intelligence Solutions are a conglomeration of technologies capable of collecting, storing, managing and analyzing data and of developing alternative scenarios for future to increase the success of business strategies.


The main advantages of Business Intelligence Solutions

  • Providing consistent and reliable information
  • Integrated and detailed reporting, analysis, planning and budgeting
  • By improving and transforming the business through anticipation creating alternatives for profitability and income growth.
  • Effectiveness and efficiency measurement and increase through corporate performance management
  • Being able to provide better customer services
  • Operational and managerial reporting and analysis and instant queries
  • Fast and effective data access with manager dashboards.
  • Creating new what-if scenarios by changing the plans, assumptions and the budgets,

As a result of market dynamics and globalization, companies now have to reach and use data effectively by means of new regulations, mergers, revenues, outsourcing processes, analyses and prediction tables.

  • Developing operation on a single and integrated platform for company’s data integration
  • Operational struggles covering the periphery of the organization
  • Performing data integration and developing a data integration platform
  • Securing the data while controlling the costs
  • Data privacy to reduce the possibility of data omission
  • Increasing alertness with right analysis at the right time
  • Data Quality Management
  • Resolving mixed data to manage business development
  • Providing data effectively by controlling costs

Business Intelligence Solutions is a platform where accumulated data will be planned and protected in the most intelligent manner possible, new data useful for work processes will be developed and analysis and prediction tables will be reviewed by companies and managers who follow their corporate performances. In other words, with Business Intelligence solutions, data will be formed into strategic business decisions.

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