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How much SEO Cost


How should budgeting SEO and search engine optimization?

People often ask how much SEO Service cost, The simplest answer would be that it depends on the number of keywords (keywords).But, as often happens with simple answers, this answer is not sufficient, for many reasons.

Firstly it's highly important to understand that each keyword is different. There are very specific key phrases and niche, with which its very easy to position on the first page, and others are very general due to which it's difficult or virtually impossible.

How much SEO Cost

For example, suppose you are an Architect in Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), a relatively small Emirate of UAE. A positioning on a search engine for the keyword "Architect in Ras Al Khaimah" would be easy to do since the competition is not very high.

Conversely, if you are an Architect in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and want to position yourself with "Architect in Dubai or Architect in Abu Dhabi", this surely would require a far greater commitment from Si3 Technologies - SEO Service Provider firm to get you on the first page of the search engine (Google).

But that's not all: if you were positioned on the first page of Google with the single word "Architect ", surely you would get a lot of traffic to your site, but it would not be useful traffic? because many people are typing that word only to have information about Architect, not to buy a service.

One of the most important steps of any SEO campaign is to choose the appropriate keywords that can position your business on the first page of the search engine (SEO)We at Si3 Technologies consider the volume of research produced by each keyword, competitiveness, and usefulness of the most relevant keywords, we make a  traffic estimation and potential pathways for those keywords.

After confirming that the chosen keywords are the best, we develop a targeting strategy, to bring respective visitors to your website.

What is the Guarantee to get the desired result?

First of all,  no one can guarantee 100% keywords to reach the first-page ranking on Google, however, with Si3 SEO Approach we have provided 60% keywords (not too specific or too general) within 6 Months of SEO Plan.

How much SEO Cost?

Every business is different despite they are in the same industry, some have a historical site, others have the latest site, some have an old domain, therefore, everyone has to face different types and degrees of competition. This means that every SEO campaign is different.

Si3 - SEO Packages are d
epending on the degree of intensity. The more expensive the package, the more instruments involved, greater regional coverage, faster and more stable results.

We are behind many successful projects implemented for search engine optimization

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