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Si3 have developed and consolidated strong skills in Project Management in IT , with extensive experience in areas, different technologies, and contexts. The management of an important project of revision or development of IT applications includes activities that require multiple skills and abilities, ranging from planning and control capabilities to coordination, the need to fully understand the functional specifications defined by internal clients to the ability to immediately identify any misunderstandings between the teams involved in the project, solving the critical issues that arise during the project.

IT Project Management
How Si3 can Help with your next Project

In the management and evolution of information systems, especially for innovation and the automation of typical areas not covered by the ERP, companies often find themselves having to choose between the option

(build the right solution for my needs) 


(Client acquires a market package which will then be configured or customized)

Innovation projects of information systems always represent an important moment in the strategy of corporate development; automation and innovation of business processes require one hand knowledge of the medium and long term development strategies, on the other the ability and experience to create or select solutions that can evolve without discontinuity and traumas together all 'company. Both options have important effects, positive and negative, on costs and on the organization, especially in the long run. So the choice must be made on a solid basis, after careful analysis and after explaining in a definitive way the needs and functional aspects related to the business processes involved. Making reports more timely and accurate for your decision makers, using several different systems if necessary.

If it will be ' Buy ' , Si3 will take care of the Selection, Analysis of Software Customizations, the necessary functional tests, allowing you to precisely define the contours, also economic, of the project. If you will ' Make ' , Si3 Technologies will draw up the technical and functional analysis, to manage the process of Development, Testing, and Roll-out taking place a 'bridge' role between management clients and technical team, which is important to make sure that the result is in line with expectations.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field, our consultants are able to create the conditions to make the right choices and set the best projects.In collaboration with the client, we develop the analyse processes, from which we drive a complete analysis functional, which presents the picture of the real needs and that will be the main tool to decide. Methodologies and experience a broad spectrum: so Si3 Technologies becomes the tool, available to the company, to lead to better IT Development projects.All this is summed up in one word: Experience.

Si3 Project Management Consultancy Benefits

  • Always has the updated picture of progress
  • It ensures time and cost control;
  • Reports any deviations forward on the project budget;
  • Coordinates all stages of the implementation Cycle, Testing, Release closely both with clients and with the technical team Intervene in the technological choices and verifies the consistency of the decisions of the development team and the expected results Plan and Coordinate the roll-out of the project.

Our approach is collaborative and proactive; Si3 does not work 'in place', but 'together' to the functions involved in innovation projects.

For Maximum Efficiency of your Next Business Project

Let us Manage your Project within Time - Scope & Cost

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