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Our Adwords/PPC Process


Our campaign strategies are specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers and their positioning in the sector. 

We provide results that help achieve business objectives of our customers. We manage our customer accounts and constantly monitor the bid price and budget to ensure that you are maximizing ROI compared to the PPC cost. Achieving our goals is the result of a comprehensive approach that includes a detailed overview of the business and the aspirations of our customers as regards the Pay per Click advertising, as well as the constant review of all options and accurate list of priorities, activities for activities.


Choose to Manage the Most of your Pay per Click - PPC Campaign with Si3 Technologies

To manage a pay per click campaign is a 'complex activity that requires expertise and professionalism.For this reason, it is important to rely on experts like Si3 Technologies. We set and monitor your Pay Per Click campaigns on the major search engines Google and Yahoo . You decide the budget and duration, we create and manage the campaign in a rigorous and professional.

Phase I - Analysis and Initial Configuration

The platforms that allow PPC on Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft all need a specific custom configuration for each client before initiating the process. Our understanding of your business, knowledge and experience of PPC and competition / industry analysis will give us a clear strategy to move forward with its plan of PPC. If you are existing PPC advertisers, or just starting out as a new advertiser, we will develop a solid strategy to move forward. This package only includes the installation and management of Google AdWords. the other platforms Yahoo and Microsoft are included in our full - service program.

Our methods and strategies are developed through years of experience and training. Here are some of our best practices we used during the analysis phase and configuration.

  • We gain a complete understanding of your business
  • Reviews and Consulting Website ongoing for PPC Success
  • A Complete Analysis of its history PPC (if applicable)
  • Set initial expectations and specific objectives
  • Developing the initial strategy PPC
  • Design and manufacture suitable for both search and content network advertising campaigns
  • Perform a full keyword research and selection
  • Using the categorization of appropriate keywords, matching options and Ad Group for Development
  • Copywriting effective ads - Various ads for each ad group for testing
  • Using budgeting tools result
  • Set the proper timing and geographic targeting ad
  • Guide appropriate follow installation code for Google Analytics and conversion tracking PPC

Once we're done with the configuration phase and analysis, we will be in a position to launch your campaigns and bring in new traffic. Using our best practices for configuring PPC, we will achieve a great view of data, traffic and results of its investment in PPC advertising. a great layout is a basis for the success of PPC. it gives us the opportunity to see the data clearly, and make appropriate changes quickly and efficiently for the benefit of the bottom line.

Phase II - Ongoing Account Management 

After completion of Phase I, Si3 Technologies will execute the campaign of the accounts and start bringing in traffic to your website. An active time, PPC management is a constant set of analysis results, the strategy of continuous development maintenance platforms to date by making the necessary changes. These tasks overlap and are carrying out all the time as you continue to advertise. over time, many changes were carried out and the results depend on adaptation these changes over time. it is our job to be on your team to recognize and react to internal and external changes affecting investment and PPC strategy. We will keep you informed of new opportunities, current events, and always report results. Over time, our relationship and the results will grow to make the most of what these powerful platforms have to offer your company. Our management is full service, just let us know how things go from their point of view. our services include but are not limited to:
  • Dedicated account executive for all queries related to concerns and ideas
  • Continuous and Web Consulting Business
  • Ongoing development strategy PPC
  • Continued Platform Updates to reflect changes ongoing strategy
  • Continuous location tracking and offer to achieve desired results
  • Key ongoing performance analysis, additions and deletions word
  • Current ad Copy Analysis and Testing
  • Continued analysis Conversion Tracking
  • PPC detailed reporting and analysis - Sample Download
  • Protection of Trademark Infringement
  • Fraud and monitoring of strange events
  • Work to increase the volume and decrease Stop by Achieving lower costs of conversion, higher conversion rates, higher click-through rate, and markers Quality Improvement

Adwords / PPC Campaigns are Easy to Measure or Fine Tune According to Your Need

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