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AdWords Management for Leads

PPC advertising generates Qualified leads, i.e meaningful contacts with potential customers. With Google AdWords, you have the right for this advertising medium.

What are Qualified Leads?

Clients are interested in Google network for information on products or services or directly after this. As a result of its requirements, your Google AdWords ad appears. If the customer clicks now from the intention of his requirements on your ad, it create a Qualified Lead.

Examples of qualified leads are:

  • Newsletter registrations
  • Contact forms and information forms
  • Customer Registration
  • Contest Participants
  • the customer contacts through Calling
  • Applications
  • Program Downloads

How do you measure Qualified leads?

In the case of Scenarios described above, the click on the ad itself was proof of qualified leads via Google AdWords. But since not all clicks are relevant, it is relevant to separate from the irrelevant.

There is the possibility of a contact or information form, to track an email newsletter or a phone number as a conversion. If the potential customer clicks the confirmation of these actions, this is counted as a conversion in the form of a lead.This is based on incorporating a conversion tracking code in place of the page.


Si3 Technologies Management to Generate Leads

  • Integration of Conversion Tracking code on the landing page
  • Keyword Research for Campaigns for Lead Generation
  • Ad Design
  • Excluding Irrelevant Search Queries
  • Detailed Reporting & Analysis

Your Advantages with Si3 Technologies for Leads

  • Increase the number of leads
  • Reducing costs to achieve a Leads
  • Time and cost savings through outsourcing of AdWords Management
  • Reaching Your Audience
  • Improving the return on investment (RoI)

We ensure your PPC campaigns are as effective and efficient as possible

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