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How Si3 Technologies – SEO Services are different from the others?

We offer a comprehensive package which means that customers doesn’t have to worry about any work as for each client, we select a project team of specialists: management support, SEO, copywriting, programming. Si3 Technologies have a pool of over 50 experienced professional employees working on SEO Campaigns for multiple industries for the last 10 years and offering most effective ways of promotions.

How long does it take a page to get a result?

No one can give you a definitive time, if they do they are simply lying to you to get your business and / or impress you. In actual no one can give you a definitive time, if they simply lying to you to get your business and / or will impress you. The time to get depends on many fluctuating factors such as, level of competition, keywords targeted, "on the page" properties past and current and link popularity to name a few to the 1st page results.

We tell our clients to give 3 months, but so far every client I've ever had has been very impressed when they received their first success report after just one month.

How long am I tied into the plan?

The plans are rolling 1 month contracts meaning you can cancel at any time. We do however recommend our clients to take the service for at least three months to get a good feel of how our SEO Services will benefit.

Are there any discounts available if I purchase multiple plans?

Certainly, please contact us; so we can discuss your discounts.

What type of reporting I will receive?

All clients do receive a full ranking report every month that each keyword and its current position in each major search engine and how many places the keyword has moved up or down since last month.

We don’t know what keywords to use - what should I do?

Don’t worry, we help our clients in identifying powerful keyword with our 10 years of SEO Service experience for multiple industries.

If I close my account will I lose the ranking I have gained?

No. Unlike most of our competitors we have a very unique customer friendly strategy where we don’t "rent" the links, accounts and contents we create and publish for you. Instead, everything we create are is for our clients.

What do you need to start the service?

1. Payment & signed monthly rolling contract

2. Top 10 features of the product and service with Top 10 Benefits of these features

3. About 2-4 hours of your time in the first week for meetings to create and confirm the SEO strategies

4. The e-mail address in your field, such as webmaster @ so I can confirm accounts I open quickly without interrupting you. You can see everything i do in this address

What if my website require lot of changes to make it SEO friendly?

If this is the case there are several options, depending on how bad the site ...

1. 80% of the time I see a site that needs changing we can do the critical aspects for you or if you can not have the site improved for any reason it is not the end of the world, it just means slower SEO results but we can still get results.

2. I provide a detailed recommendation report for you to give your web developers to make the changes. Our Consultants will also work closely with them to ensure everything is done as required and to assist if needed.

3. If you do not have a current web developer or would like another idea of the cost to do any work required our full internet service agency will be happy to provide a no-obligation quotation for this work.

Is SEO a One Time Process?

No, SEO is an ongoing daily process, your competitors on Google will not rest and SEO will take you to the next level of sales when you're on the first page in Google. Unless your competition is dozing, in which case you can stop the promotion of the site for a certain time, to wake up your competition, it is rare and more dangerous that one day suddenly will move you to the competition and you can answer or whatever you do to be late and your site will be damaged for a while until you return to promote it. Even conventional advertising, companies are constantly perform marketing, even if it comes at Coca-Cola, it is an integral part of any company or organization - SEO are part of the process of advertising on the Internet and therefore - is no different.

It is too Complicated for me!!!! What to do?

Very simple, call us and we'll take care of everything, you need to elaborate your business and we'll determine everything. 
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