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Develop Content that Sparks Conversation 

Type of Contents that best serve Business - Most critical part of your Marketing Strategy is Content. As there is multiple types of Content Marketing depending on your business type: the preferences of your audience, the subject area standards, and, of course, on your bandwidth and budget. Here is a brief overview of the main types of content that you can use.



Ebooks - One of the most common forms of content marketing, especially in the B2B world. These digital books vary considerably in size, design and subject matter, but usually follow the story from beginning to end, include a few design elements, and include educational, informational material. The more valuable and relevant your e-book, the more success you will encourage your audience to share it, and download it.


Cribs - short, quick summary on a particular topic. In general, no more than a few pages volume cribs are generally designed to print them and displayed for quick reference. Cribs often include checklists and bullet, so that readers can quickly absorb and use the information.They often contain links to further reading for those who need more detailed information.

Questionnaires and Templates

Questionnaires and templates - one of the most popular materials that can be created. They are interactive in nature (readers should fill them) and they make life easier for your audience, introducing a tool to help structure their ideas and plans. 

"White Book" and Special Reports

"White Book" and Reports contain information, educational materials, and typically, a minimum of design elements. To increase the level of trust, you can delegate the creation of these materials independent experts or buy the rights to a report created by a third party.


This graph represents the composite information, uses a combination of text and images to simplify the perception of the basic concepts. Infographics attract external links and add visual interest to the informative materials. Marketers can use infographics to attract customers' attention and make understandable complex information, such as warnings and instructions. Since this is a three-dimensional (3D) visual forms, you can use infographics to present facts and data that is too complex for a single graph or chart.


Slides are often created in PowerPoint and are designed for sequential viewing as presentation.Slides are usually excellent design and include visual elements, not text heavy, which contributes to easier perception. As infographics, slides are better suited to represent complex information in a digestible form and may be published on sites such as SlideShare, to expand your audience.


Videos can reach many of the goals - they can improve branding, display instructions, answer questions, provide customer reviews and just entertain your audience. Video based on the quality of production and the cost of time, so they may require major investments, so try to maximize your time and money by combining footage with the rest of your marketing plans. Usually, this requires the development of all your content, so think in advance.

Blog post

Company Blog - the perfect place to share educational materials opinion leaders insight into the subject area, and announcements of upcoming events superb new content. But blogging is different from other types of marketing content - with an emphasis on running. For example, you can update your blog 4-5 times a week, but it is also important to use your team of marketing experts, partners, customers and opinion leaders that they help you to continuously create new content. Consistency and regularity - always a problem for the company blog.

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