Website Design & SEO Attributes

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Website Content Writing

Content writing is pivotal to SEO strategy. In order to correctly reference your site as soon as it is launched, it is recommended to optimize your content. The first step is to search for keywords: they will be the pillars of your content strategy. Choose keywords that are strongly linked to your services, and harvest as many as you can! The latter could cost you dearly: it is very little appreciated by search engine robots. They could penalize you and prevent you from positioning yourself in the first results. Over optimization will make your content heavier and less fluid in the eyes of your customers. Also keep in mind the following: content that is too short or duplicated is a website in jeopardy! Your pages should ideally contain 100% unique content of about 500 words.

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SEO attributes are the basis of a successful SEO, and their implementation is essential from the design of your website. But what exactly are they? The metadata is the URL, the page title and the short description appearing in the search engine results. They allow them to collect essential information on your page and help to reference it correctly. It is therefore important to pay special attention! When developing your website, make sure that each page has unique metadata, optimized with good keywords, and perfectly reflecting the content of the page associated with them with heading tags should also be considered: they give search engine robots information about your pages and their hierarchy.


In order to set up a good foundation for an effective long-term SEO strategy, it is better to plan a privileged space for adding regular content right from the web design and development conceptualization stage. For that, what is better than a company blog? Search engines give more credibility to sites that regularly publish unique and optimized content. Obviously, your pages of services are not the ideal place for this kind of practice: your services do not evolve every week! This is where the blog comes in. This is the place to add items regularly, as well as to position yourself on new keywords, more detailed and specific than those related to your service pages. In order to strengthen your SEO during the development of your website, do not forget to add buttons to your blog articles allowing simplified sharing on social networks. Your users will be able to share your content on the web with a simple click!

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Images with SEO Attributes

Some companies in Dubai tend to neglect them: they are yet another open door to a site optimized for SEO! It is important to reference the images of your website design and development, as soon as it is online. Your images have two important tags to fill in: the title, and alternative text. The latter corresponds to the information that will be read by search engine robots; we probably do not need to say more for you to understand its importance! Also remember to rename your image file before integrating it to your site: an image called “IMG538658” will have much less weight on search engines than the same photo renamed “Mobile Phone”. Also avoid as much as possible images in “.bmp”, too heavy and not compressible. Prefer the images in “.jpg” of less than 400 KB, favorite format for search engines.

Back Link Strategy

Integrated into your strategy from website design and development of your business website, they will boost your SEO: internal and external links are the friends of the search engine. The first recommended practice is called “link building”. It involves building partnerships with high authority sites to get them to link to your own site. Set up at the launch of a site, this technique can greatly improve your traffic. The internal mesh is also important. Consisting of linking together the various pages of your site, it allows to make your least known pages benefit from the popularity of your flagship pages: homepage, service pages … This practice, nicknamed distribution of “link juice”, is very beneficial to SEO Services strategies. It is important to lay the foundations of an SEO strategy from the creation of business website: this allows the site to benefit from optimized ranking, right from its launch. To ensure the proper implementation of these various tips, it is recommended to use a professional agency: they will guide you in your design and in your optimization process!