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Web Users Seeking Quality Information:
Content Marketing Provides it

Consumers are exposed to a constant bombardment of advertising messages. As a result, companies do what it takes to draw the attention of users. In 2015, a study by the Custom Content Council - UAE revealed that more than 70% of users prefer reading articles information rather than through advertising messages from the company. Today, more and more companies rely on a very promising strategy: Content Marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Anyone who searches online is looking for information that will be useful and quality content. This means that both text and photos and videos are to meet the needs of search and arouse the interest of the user. The objective of content marketing is the creation and distribution designed to inform, entertain and help the user content.It is then that quality content attracts potential customers to your website, which will allow you to add them to your contacts and sell your product. An effective content marketing allows you to create a positive association of your brand to potential customers face without, however, promoting it heavily.

Quality Content Does not Go Away

Once you have piqued the interest of potential customers, your main goal should be trying to strengthen the link between it and your company. And it is that content marketing has a particularly lasting effect since the quality content prompts the user to continue reading, click and explore your website to discover more about it. A website that contains quality content will generate traffic for months and even years. In addition, Google rewards websites that offer good content with better positioning in search results.

Content Marketing in Practice

Due to the understanding and importance of Content Marketing, large companies like Red Bull and IKEA have opted for content marketing. According to a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute, In Dubai almost all B2B companies are investing on average 30% of its marketing budget to create and publish quality content. On the other hand, more and more SMEs are taking the opportunity to resort to Content Marketing that gives them the web traffic. Social Media is now more diverse than ever, which means that there are hardly any limits to the scope of publications. In addition, companies increasingly find it cheaper to publish their own content. For this reason, many companies have blogs, publish white papers, e-books, and infographics or Animated Videos to public their services or products. The content generated by companies is as varied as it is the type of publications used to distribute. Si3 Technologies offer professional advice, the competent team will write about business development in corporate blogs, big brand manufacturers publish e-books to advise users about the best ways to use their products.

Content Marketing Will Define Your Market Position & Audience

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