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What is Mobile Application


What is Mobile App?

Mobile Application is equivalent to a computer software but directly downloaded / installed on a Mobile Phones a.k.a Smart Phones.Once downloaded, the application is represented as a small icon that appears on the Smartphone screen. An application, as its name suggests, performs a function or a specific utility. It offers a multitude of different uses from the Game through Information, Purchasing, Reservations, listening to music ...

Type of Mobile Applications

Depending on the brand and the Smartphone user model, applications are divided into three major types:

Apple (IOS) Applications: they are available only for the iPhone owners of all generations.

Android Applications: are arriving this time from smartphones running the Operating System (OS) of the same name. Large phone brands such as LG, HTC, Samsung Sony and now Blackberry use Android Operating System.

Windows Phone applications: are designed to run on smartphones models such as the Nokia Lumia, some models of Samsung, Huawei, and the eponymous Windows Phone models.

Kind of Mobile Applications

There is various kind of Mobile Applications, you may find all kinds, starting with Games applications - Candy Crush and other Clash of Clans are among the most popular at present. There are also applications like e-commerce : to buy items directly from their smartphone without having to navigate the brand Website. Mobile applications that can be found in a variety of sectors such as retail (to perform its food purchases) as in the ready-to-wear including (to receive discounts, for example). Other types of applications exist, including those that are useful for booking tickets of aircraft or train, hotel ... few clicks to complete the order types of applications...

Benefits of Mobile Applications for your Business or Brand

  • It strongly develops the quality image and 

    brand awareness : making it closer to the consumer, by conveying the concepts of ease of use and even playfulness by positioning brand as a modern and rooted actor in his time
  • Mobile Application is engaging, loyal target

     and strengthens binding the consumer to the brand: the user will have the mark  of your Brang , in their Smartphones that never leaves. This creates the strong link with the consumer.

  • It offers 

    optimal browsing experience

     to its users by its simplicity and ergonomics of use: in fact, it allows the brand to be perceived as an accessible, intelligent and providing a real service that reinforces a little more link the company and its public.
  • It greatly simplifies and streamlines the ability to access and take 

    knowledge of the various offers of a brand: the services and products of a company are presented much more accessible and directly compared to a website. Somehow, a mobile app synthesizes a supply and consequently promotes it in a particularly effective manner.

It creates a bridge between the virtual and the physical : an application can, for example, offer special discounts as soon as the user approaches a point of sale. Embedded geolocation in a Smartphone allows for example to create that bridge and thus generate more sales.

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