What is Mobile App

Mobile Application is equivalent to a computer software but directly downloaded / installed on a Mobile Phones a.k.a Smart Phones. All businesses are opting for the mobile application to be available on mobiles of their respective clients and customers. Your business application is represented as a small icon that appears on the Smartphone screen. An application, as its name suggests, performs a function or a specific utility. It offers a multitude of different uses from the Games through Information, Purchasing, Reservations, listening to music and many more…

Mobile Applications Development in Dubai

With tens of thousands of downloads of our applications across Dubai and elsewhere, we have the expertise to carry out major projects in the field of mobile applications. Accessing the world of mobile solutions allows your business to rely on a brand new and highly efficient channel of communication with its customers. We specialize in the development of iPhone applications and Android applications and offer fast services tailored to your needs and your customers.

Custom Mobile App Development to help bring your app ideas to life!


Tablet application development

The digital tablet now enjoys an unparalleled popularity rating. Knowing that the penetration rate of tablets is constantly rising, it is not surprising that more and more companies are turning to this platform to offer the most optimal experiences. The tablet provides mobile and convenient use while utilizing a host of unique features, which is why it is important that applications are specifically designed to meet its intrinsic needs. The expertise we have acquired over the course of our projects allows us to create effective, efficient and innovative applications.

Development of applications for smart watches

Our comprehensive knowledge of the field of mobile applications allows us, since the launch of this new range of products, to offer specialized and high-end applications for interactive watches. We will help you take advantage of the excitement around these new technologies to put your business and products in a prime position on ever-changing digital platforms. Applications for native smartwatches will make more accessible than ever the information and features that matter to your customers.

We work around blending both innovation and technology so that we can produce result

UI / UX Design

The ultimate experience of an application inevitably passes through the user interface (UI) and the user experience (UX). This is what Si3 Full Service Digital Agency applies to implement in all these projects: a rich, effective and engaging experience. The user therefore benefits from a fluid and efficient navigation that allows directing him directly to what he is looking for. The UI and the UX, exploited to their full potential, bring a total immersion in your universe thanks to a visual identity of your own and a refined product. Result for your users: longer, more successful use and increased commitment.

Benefits of Mobile App for your Business or Brand

• It strongly develops the quality image and brand awareness: making it closer to the consumer, by conveying the concepts of ease of use and even playfulness by positioning the brand as a modern and rooted actor in his time • Mobile Application is engaging, loyal target and strengthens binding the consumer to the brand: the user will have the mark of your Brand, in their Smartphones that never leaves. This creates the strong link with the consumer. • It offers optimal browsing experience to its users by its simplicity and ergonomics of use: in fact, it allows the brand to be perceived as an accessible, intelligent and providing a real service that reinforces a little more link the company and its public.• It greatly simplifies and streamlines the ability to access and take knowledge of the various offers of a brand: the services and products of a company are presented much more accessible and directly compared to a website. Somehow, a mobile app synthesizes a supply and consequently promotes it in a particularly effective manner. It creates a bridge between the virtual and the physical: an application can, for example, offer special discounts as soon as the user approaches a point of sale. Embedded geolocation in a Smartphone allows for example to create that bridge and thus generate more sales. .