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What is Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing is a branch of web marketing that uses social media  as a tool to distribute their own products / services, increase their customer base and brand awareness and improve customer relations. For social media means all online platforms, typical of web 2.0 , that allow that a strong level of interaction between users. Social media examples are the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, etc.) , the photo / video sharing platforms (YouTube, Instagram, etc.), blogs (that allow for interaction with the comments ).

When building a campaign of social media marketing, you have to focus your efforts in creating content that will attract attention and encourage users to share with their contacts on social networks. Such shared messages will be more effective since they come from reliable and unbiased sources (our friends / contacts on social networks). Thus, this form of marketing is mainly based on " word of mouth "which means that the marketing efforts translate into actions to advertising mixed communication , rather than one paid advertising.

Social media platforms are easily accessible by anyone with Internet access. Communicate through these tools facilitates the spread of the brand and often improves the service to customers . In addition, social media platforms are relatively inexpensive to implement marketing campaigns.

When you hear people talk about social networks (social network) or social media (means of social communication), the first thing that comes to mind is Facebook , given its notoriety and diffusion. But "Social Network" is much more. A social network may be in fact any website in which there is an interaction between users. In this broader sense, even a blog or online journal that allows you to post comments or forums , are all social networking effects.

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