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Benefits of SEO and PPC


Integrate SEO + PPC in your Digital Marketing Strategy for Maximum ROI 

Integration of SEO and PPC will get you great results on search engine page due to the fact that you can execute both simultaneously. In SEO specific keywords or phrases will be targeted and rank organically while a PPC campaign will get traffic to your website instantly. As mentioned above SEO will take some time to rank keywords on search engine. But PPC will attract traffic to your website on an immediate basis by buying adverts that are there as long as you pay for them.

Most of the Businesses initiate with PPC Campaign while working on SEO in parallel. As SEO Campaign takes few months to yield results and attract traffic to the website, Si3 Technologies suggest PPC Campaign with any budget to get quick results. We totally understand that all companies need to make money and they don't want to waste any time to wait for leads to come in.

Why SEO & PPC Campaign is Highly Recommended for Business 


High Visibility

Dominating both SEO and PPC on search engines maximizes visibility and has been shown to increase the rate of clicks (CTR) to business 5.66% to 18.06%!Having your business display with specific keywords, both organic and paid search lists gives an established online presence.


Increase Conversions

Integration of SEO & PPC Campaign has shown an increase in conversion rates by 200%. The most important factor in online marketing is conversions. Quoting an average of 35% increase in conversion rates when combining SEO with payment of efforts in finding, is a no - brainer for any business.


Double Data

When running PPC and SEO campaigns together for the business huge amount of data will be there to be analyzed. Business can focus on which SEO and PPC keywords have the highest conversion rates and then use that information to expedite your online marketing strategy.



SEO can take months to show results, while paid search can be instantly beneficial.The analysis of what PPC ads have the highest conversion rates will give a good idea to create title tags, meta descriptions, and page content for the pages you want for SEO Campaign. Business can quickly find out what works and what does not through paid search.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the Cost of your PPC

Good quality SEO contributes to their quality of AdWords paid search! SEO improves the quality score for his campaign by increasing the relevance of keywords, ads, and landing pages together through good quality, unique content, and product descriptions. This helps reduce the cost per click ads and increase ad position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


Boost Sales

Living Market Recent studies have shown that Businesses are getting 44% increase on their sales by combining SEO and PPC Campaigns. Analysis of both sources of traffic correctly will give you a deeper understanding of what are the products work and are not vision, can make smarter decisions about inventory and promotional offers on its website. 

PPC & SEO Campaign will give Immense Boost to your Brand

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