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Abacus POS


Throw out your cash registers and start using iPad based Abacus POS for your business as it gives restaurateurs the best of both worlds!

Abacus POS is more than just a point of sale with easy-to-use inventory management and barcode scanning, to powerful reporting and analytics, Abacus POS system is designed to give Convenience of the cloud: Access restaurant data and remotely manage your brick-and-mortar business from any device, at any time. Abacus POS gives complete reliability as it doesn’t depend on the internet, which means your business doesn’t crash if the internet a.

Abacus POS Increases Front and Back of House Efficiency for your staff to get things done faster and more efficiently. From taking orders to processing payments, the tasks are seamlessly integrated into one application on your iPad. Abacus POS is not only lower in cost, but also offers more value. Abacus POS lowers monthly payments and flexible financing options make it easy for businesses to get a POS solution that allows them to quickly focus on running their business. It’s the smart move with a complete POS solution that’s packed with easy to use features and putting smart technology in the hands of staff, restaurant and other business owners are naturally adding great value to the experience of their customers.

Abacus POS provides high class customer care services and training options that fit your business:

We Offer:

  • Friendly Technical Support (phone and email)
  • End to End documentation and help videos
  • Step by Step installation support with our knowledgeable and friendly technicians


With decades of experience in retail software and e-commerce, our team has designed Abacus POS to be intuitive and easy-to-use for anyone, while providing a full range of features and tools to gear your business for success. Why wait? Start saving money and time with Abacus POS by optimizing the way you do business.


Abacus POS Features

Run your Business Any where

Flexible Technology

Abacus POS allows you to connect anywhere within your store or on-the-go. Take comfort in knowing that your precious data is secure and accessible.

Real Time Report

Gain valuable insights into your Sales, Product Performance, Employees and Customers in Real-Time. This allows you to make Intelligent Data-driven Decisions with your business every time.


Offline Protection

Just because Wi-Fi can be unreliable doesn’t mean your service has to be. Our automatic Offline Mode makes sure that your store keeps running seamlessly even if the internet goes down.

Inventory Management

Add, Remove and Keep Track of stock levels in Real-time. Having your inventory data on the cloud helps you move dead stock & recognize your best sellers to ensure that your working capital is always as efficient as possible.



Can be organized by meal period, item or family group on one or several printers. Order tickets, bills and receipts can be automatically printed in single or multiple copies.

Wireless hardware

Keep your iPad portable with the addition of a wireless cash drawer, barcode scanner, and receipt printer. An iPad POS system with wireless capabilities ensuring ease and a focus on usability.


Simple Cashier Interface for Employees

Roles and Permissions

Effectively manage staff with personalized roles for employees and PIN-dependent permissions to access different features. Give your cashiers, managers and back office team exactly what they need.


Keep Track of your full-time, part-time and casual employees. Clock-in/clock-out from the main POS and edit missing or invalid shifts from the Back office.


Drag & Drop iPad Layout

Change product positions in your iPad layout easily by dragging and dropping items with the BackOffice iPad Layout editor. Changes can be made at the BackOffice and synced to all iPad registers.

Scroll & Search

Browse seamlessly through your inventory with our intuitive navigation, or find specific items immediately with our powerful item search.


Deliver Great Customer Experiences

Collect Customer Data

We’ve made it incredibly simple and easy to collect customer details at checkout. Just ask for a name and Phone or Email, and we’ll keep track of each customer’s spending.

Reach your Customer

Export email lists, send SMSes, and add tags to VIP Customers to ensure that you’re always growing your customer relationships. Remember, it’s 10x cheaper to keep a customer than to acquire one.



Waiters can take orders based on station/section assignment, cancel, take payments and settle accounts, split by table or individual customer as well as process their own allocated tables or view neighbouring tables in case help is required etc.

Discounts & Promotions

Apply discounts on the whole order or individual items. Discounts can be made by a percentage or fixed amount. Run promotions easily at your store!


Get Up and Running Today

Free and Automatic Updates

We’re constantly releasing New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes. All updates to the App are Free and can be automatically applied by configuring your iPad settings.

Instant Activation

Activate 1, 5 or 100 iPads easily and instantly whenever you need them. Scale your business up or down based on your needs and customer demand.


Unlimited Phone and Email Support

All our paying customers get Unlimited Phone & Email Support during business hours for Free. Remember, our mission is to help Make Your Business Awesome


Floor-Plan and Table-Layout (Reservation Overview)

The graphical floor plan and table-arrangement features interactive scrolling, zooming and the table status allows management and employees real-time insight into which tables are current available, reserved, awaiting the next course etc.


  • Orders can be placed by utilizing a family group sub-menu, quick order buttons or via the PLU number
  • Easy Management of courses (eg. starter, main, dessert)
  • 20 to 60 character item descriptions for device-viewing as well as order-tickets, bills and customer-receipts
  • Eat in & take-away modes (to-go)


Adjustable billing-methods including cash, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex etc.), customer-account, staff-accounts, breakage and ullage or training.

Ability to split multiple-party bills without ever needing to leave the payment check-out screen

Financial spliting function allows a bill to be paid with ease utilizing multiple billing-methods or various foreign currencies all within a single transaction

Receipt- and invoice-printing can be easily switched on or off and can even be steered automatically by billing-method.

  • Orders display the item description, PLU number, item price, total price and whether the ordered items are required for eat-in or take-away mode
  • Customizable order flow with mandatory or optional modifiers and constraints, which can be set up for individual or multiple selection criteria
  • Immediate and easy order correction function available during the customer ordering-process
  • Auto sequencing of voided order numbers on an annual basis assists in auditing
  • Check-out mode for quick counter sales in operations such as bakeries, corner shops etc.


  • Order-corrections can take place at any time during the order-taking process right in front of customers
  • Voiding of already placed orders possible
  • Ongoing display of current versus cancelled products to improve voiding oversight
  • Automatic grouping of related items
  • Receipt cancellation audit-trail control with auto sequencing void-numbers


 Abacus POS System Industries

Built with Your Business in Mind

QSR Restaurants

Customize Your Coffee Shop POS

When it comes to your business, you have figure out what will work best for your unique demands. That applies to your point of sale system as well. For that reason, we’ve designed a coffee shop POS that caters to the specific needs of cafes. Without management solutions, you’ll gain access to much more than a means of selling your products and services.

St Deli Point of Sale System

Get the freshest features when it comes to your Point of Sale! Track every sandwich ingredient in real-time to make sure you are restocking at the right levels, at the right time. Cater to your customers with loyalty programs, mobile ordering and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. With CRM, you can discover every customers’ purchase histories and preferences. Wrap up your old POS and start delivering with the most innovative iPad Point of Sale around. art your own cafe rewards program to build customer loyalty and offer rewards.


Food Truck Point of Sale System

A mobile solution for a mobile business! Revel’s Food Truck Point of Sale is built specifically for food truck businesses. Our all-in-one solution runs on 4G iPads and uses the power of bluetooth printers. Ease management, from inventory to employee schedules, and increase sales with a full suite of features from real-time reporting to tax adjustments on the go. Stay ahead of your competition with Revel’s innovative all-in-one solution.

Event Point of Sale System

Power your event with Revel’s award-winning all-in-one solution. With Revel’s Event Point of Sale system, your event will process thousands of transactions without a hitch. Don’t sweat it with Always On Mode, which allows your business to continue processing sales even in the event of Internet loss. Manage employees, track inventory in real-time, and run a flawless event with Revel’s iPad Point of Sale.


Stadium Point of Sale System

Score transactions with Revel’s Stadium Point of Sale! Keep lines moving with Revel’s ability to process transactions faster than any other legacy POS system out there. With mobile ordering, real-time inventory tracking and even QuickBooks integration, Revel Systems provides the most reliable and efficient Point of Sale system to run your stadium on. Make sure to score a home run with the right Point of Sale for your stadium business.



Grocery Stores


Increase Your Grocery Sales with a Fantastic POS

These days having a sales based business means you need an electronic point of sale system. However, you can’t expect a single solution to work for every type of business. For markets, owners need a service that is catered to their needs and offers useful services. Our grocery store POS has many useful features designed to increase your enterprise’s efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Up Your Convenience with a Stand-Out Convenience Store POS

We know that the best convenience store POS system isn’t just a point of sale service. Instead, it’s an all-in-one solution. You need more than a means to make sales because running a business involves much more than the simple exchange of payment and services. Our POS takes care of the details and performs functions like reminding you to check for IDs.


Liquor Store Point of Sale System

Shelf your old POS system and upgrade to Revel’s Liquor Store Point of Sale! Discover which bottles are selling the most and quickly manage your cash at the end of the day with simplified till management. Don’t ever let customers get away with underage liquor purchases with prompts on the Point of Sale screen reminding you to verify your customer’s age. Run a smarter, more efficient business with the Revel’s iPad Point of Sale.


Full Service Restaurant


Restaurant POS System

Restaurant Point of Sale (POS) system, which allows you to turn every table over quickly and efficiently. We even supply all the tools to help your restaurant succeed with ease. From Pre Auth, caller ID, table timers, split bills and table layouts Revel iPad POS gives you the tools to run your system more efficietly than ever. Call today and get a sales rep to help you get your restaurant Point of Sale system to take you into the future.

Bar POS Systems

As a bar owner, you are probably looking for a better way to keep your operation running smoothly. From tabs to Wi-Fi, an all-encompassing bar POS or point of sale system can significantly increase your efficiency and overall productivity. Our services integrate a number of cohesive features that help you oversee and manage all sides of your business.


Salon Point of Sale System

Makeover your Salon POS with Abacus Salon and Spas Point of Sale System! From appointment scheduling to confirmation reminders with text messaging, Revel’s Salon and Spa POS is tailored to dress up your business with the latest features. Easy management of different salon and Spa service providers and increase sales with an all-in-one solution designed specifically for salons, spas and beauty parlours.

Imagine your clients are scheduled a month in advance and you have to call each client to remind them of an appointment which takes a full time job. With Abacus Salon POS we make it easy for you with advance texting messaging reminders automatically to your clients. Your clients will get a message that you preconfigure to remind them of their appointment. This will allow automation of your systems and Revel does not stop there we have a whole bank of features to help your business succeed like sign up appointments online for your customers etc.

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