Do You Offer Free Wifi

Offering free WiFi to customers is no longer an added value, it’s a must. Normally to connect to WiFi passwords takes long to register or other complications that make many lose interest. With Abacus WiFi, customers can automatically login simply with their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or give an email address. Thus, they have immediate Internet access for forever.

Generate Sales with Abacus Social WiFi

Abacus WiFi allows you to promote communication with your customers and boost your business by acting as a marketing method that can communicate with a message, videos, social networks or a specific web content, directly to current or potential customers who are in WiFi coverage area. It is more than what is known as action proximity marketing and has great advantages because it is direct, personal, fast, interactive and low cost. With Abacus WiFi you can bring your social networks to life by themselves, without investing in advertising Twitter, Facebook or Tripadvisor. Our Abacus WiFi portal is fully customizable promoting what interests you at all times. Make your customers do the work for you, improving your online reputation by taking you to the top of your social networks: Your customers will recommend your business to their social networks, You will get more followers on Facebook and Twitter as will increase traffic to your website, You’ll get your emails automatically increasing your database, You can conduct opinion polls or participate in a contest, You can display advertisements, special deals, and coupons that you can see while on your property, increasing the chances of sale or consumption, You can perform analysis of the data you collect from users.

Make your wi-fi a powerful tool to attract new customers and advertise your business!

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Know Your Clients (KYC)

During sign-in, collect information such as name, email, gender, age, as well as permission to allow marketing from your customers. Use this information later for interaction with your customers and for effective marketing campaigns.

Increase Business with Wifi

Make sure your guests sign in through all popular social media accounts on your welcome page with your business’s social media pages.

We are revolutionizing Dubai with Abacus Social WiFi to attract new customers Through
Free Wifi

Customize Your Wifi

Create a splash page with your business logo and advertise specials, events, or products. Redirect users to land your web page or facebook page upon connecting to WiFi.

Gain Visibility on Social Media

Gains “Likes” and “Check-in” on Facebook and stay in touch with your customers. Collecting your customers’ information is hard work. Abacus Wifi can help acquire a follower on your social media for access to your WiFi. You own your contact list which can be exported at any time.

Total Wifi Management

Keep control of your WiFi hotspot: Choose the speed and the maximum connection time for your customers and manage access.

Connect With Customers

Reach your customers anywhere, by sending those offers and targeted promotions via social media.