Hiring Marketing Agency vs In house Marketing Team in UAE

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Marketing Agency vs In house Marketing Team

As the marketing director or CEO of your company in Dubai UAE, you may be at a crossroads:

Marketing Agency vs In house Marketing Team for business growth.


Some may suggest hiring a full time in-house employee or team is better, as the new hire will become part of the company’s DNA and be fully aligned with objectives and the team. There’s an immediate understanding of goals because everyone speaks the same language.

On the other hand, the allure of an agency can be strong. They work with clients from various industries and can bring a fresh, innovative perspective to your marketing strategy.

You’re at a point where you need to make a decision. If you’re looking to grow and invest in a marketing strategy, which option is best for you?

Marketing Agency vs In house Marketing Team

Main Difference

Marketing Agency vs In-house Marketing Team:


Key Factors Marketing Agency In-house Marketing Team
Skills Specialized in various marketing areas. Aligned with company’s vision and culture.
Cost Ongoing costs for services rendered. Upfront investment in hiring and salaries.
Flexibility Can adjust services based on needs. Control over workload and priorities.
Communication Requires effort for clear communication. Direct and instant communication.
Resources and Tools Access to a wide range of tools and resources. Investment in tools and resources.
Creativity and Innovation Brings fresh ideas from working with industries. Generates creativity from company immersion.
Integration with Company Time to fully integrate with company’s culture. Already integrated with company’s culture.
Speed of Execution Quick execution due to specialized teams. May require more time for planning.
Control and Oversight Provides less direct control and oversight. Allows for direct control and oversight.

Impact of In-house marketing team vs marketing agency

You’ve probably looked at the market and seen the salaries for hiring a full-time marketing professional. While the investment seems good, there’s always a risk, whether it’s not fitting into the team or being specialized in certain areas of marketing, not all of them.

You might find yourself needing an inbound expert, another for SEM, and someone for email marketing campaigns. This means you’d have to hire 2 or 3 people, making a significant investment. However, with that same budget, you could hire a marketing agency and access a wide range of professionals, each specialized in different techniques.

If you choose a marketing agency like Si3 Digital, you’ll have access to experts in content marketing, brand content, native advertising, video marketing, SEM, SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, display, data science, design and UX, developers, and personalized training. This provides you with multiple perspectives to develop your campaigns and take them to another level, achieving objectives and ROI.

Let’s explore in detail the benefits a marketing agency offers

This rings true today, as if you’re not visible in search results, social networks, or marketplaces, you’re invisible to consumers. A digital marketing agency can help you navigate this environment and develop campaigns designed for a digital audience. They can even assist in the digital transformation of your team.

  • An agency can help you define your positioning strategy, focusing on achieving the reach and visibility needed to attract more customers and improve sales. Identifying potential keywords is crucial for your SEO strategy and SEM campaigns, such as Google Ads. SEO works on positioning in the medium to long term, while SEM focuses on the short term.
  • If you’re clear on your objective but unsure about the channels to achieve it, an agency can advise you based on its extensive experience. For example, if you want to capture leads using display advertising, they may suggest inbound marketing or a content strategy instead.
  • Hiring an agency in Dubai UAE typically gives you access to resources and tools that would otherwise involve a significant expense if hired directly. For example, tools like Moz or Zoom may not be well amortized if used only occasionally. Additionally, your team avoids wasting time learning how to use them.
  • Digital marketing agencies stay up to date with constantly changing trends, strategies, and channels, ensuring they’re always at the forefront of innovation.
  • When an agency assembles a team for your project, it consists of experts in different areas, bringing richness, creativity, and innovation to your campaigns. For instance, for a client project involving Facebook and Instagram campaigns, Si3 Digital would include specialists in social media campaigns, development, design, and account management.
  • While you and your team focus on contacting potential clients and working on the sales side, providing personalized attention and focusing on the brand experience, the agency takes care of attracting these consumers through campaigns and process automation, paying attention to every detail.
  • The agency can develop a multi-channel strategy where each action is coherent and related to the others, transmitting the same message and objective while adapting the creatives to each channel’s specifications.
  • A marketing agency seeks alignment with the company, treating marketing and sales as a unified team

Internet Marketing in Dubai

Additional Benefits of Marketing Agency vs In house Marketing Team:

Here’s an overview of the experts you’ll find in a marketing agency:

CEO: Leads the company with a global vision, representing the agency externally and managing client relationships in the initial stages.

Accounts: Experienced professionals who develop global strategies, coordinate campaign execution, analyze results, optimize budget allocation, and liaise with clients.

Design and UX: Creative professionals who visualize the creative concept and design campaign materials tailored to different advertising formats.

Social Ads: Experts in social media advertising who create targeted campaigns to drive sales and leads in social environments.

Google Ads: Specialists in advertising campaigns on Google, focusing on responding to potential clients’ search engine marketing with ads.

Data Science: Professionals who analyze data to derive insights and predictions, helping improve marketing results in the era of Big Data.

Innovation and Development: Technological experts focused on back-end development and automation solutions for campaign creation processes.

Inbound: A team focused on developing inbound marketing strategies to attract potential customers with valuable content, automate contact processes, and optimize sales timing.

Video: Specialists in video marketing, leveraging the most consumed format on the Internet to drive engagement and brand awareness.

SEO: Experts in search engine optimization, ensuring your content ranks highly on Google and attracts qualified traffic from high search volume keywords.

Finance: Manages the economic aspects of transactions between the agency and clients.

Creatives: All professionals in the agency contribute creative ideas to enhance strategies and campaigns.

How to Hire a Marketing Agency in Dubai: Key Concepts to Consider

When considering hiring a marketing agency, it’s crucial to understand the types of marketing agencies suitable for your company or brand’s objectives:

  • Digital Marketing Agency or Online Marketing Agency: Both terms refer to an agency specializing in campaigns focused on the Internet.
  • Marketing and Advertising Agency: These agencies can execute both marketing and advertising campaigns, as advertising is a marketing technique.
  • Digital Marketing Agency for SMEs: There’s a rising number of agencies specialized in serving small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Objectives of a Marketing Agency: Understanding the goals of a marketing agency helps determine if it aligns with your company’s needs.
  • Inbound Marketing Agency: This agency focuses on developing attraction strategies through valuable content to capture leads for further sales efforts.
  • Content Marketing Agency: A content marketing agency specializes in developing content strategies to enhance brand positioning.
  • Facebook Marketing Agency: If you’re looking to run campaigns on social networks, particularly on Facebook and Instagram, this is the type of agency you should consider.
  • Marketing Agency Briefing: An essential document that both the company and agency must complete to clearly understand objectives and expectations.

Internal Marketing: When to Hire a Marketing Professional

If you believe that marketing initiatives should come directly from your internal team, let’s explore the benefits of hiring new profiles internally:

Alignment with Vision and Values: Hiring internally ensures that professionals are more aligned with your team’s vision, culture, and values. They are typically more invested in the organization’s success and growth.

Communication Efficiency: Transparent and efficient communication is crucial for a smooth-running marketing plan. Internal teams have direct and instant access to information, making communication easier compared to waiting for updates from an agency.

Scalability: For companies with a large volume of employees and branches, internalizing the marketing team for essential functions and channels can be beneficial. This internal work can be complemented by agency collaboration for additional support.

Cost-Effectiveness: For very small companies, investing in an agency might be too expensive. In such cases, hiring a dedicated marketing professional to handle various tasks on a smaller scale can be more cost-effective.

Freelancers: Another option is to hire freelancers for specific jobs. While not an agency, freelancers can be part of the team for particular tasks.

Combination Approach: Ultimately, you can also choose to combine both approaches by having an internal marketing team and collaborating with an agency for specific projects or support.

Consider these points to determine whether hiring a marketing agency or establishing an internal marketing team is the best option for your business in United Arab Emirates.

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