Don’t Fall for Economic Website Development Scam in Dubai

I am sure that you have also been in this situation when you deny and tell yourself ‘why I don’t a video camera in hand!?!?’

Well, this happened to me exactly this week. I really regretted not having a camera at hand. This week I had a meeting with one of my clients in Dubai Design District (I cannot say his name, but we are going to call him KK … the name is the least). Just a moment before finishing the meeting, KK told me that he needed another website development for a business he has. ‘But this time, let it be economical, he told me.


Economic-Development-Website-Graphic‘What do you mean by Economical? Asked. You already know that a persuasive Website Development Dubai with good experience for the user and that generates profitability, is a long, professional, and almost scientific process … And that has its price.

‘I know’ – replied KK – ‘but this time I do not need a professional website, persuasive and impressive as you created me the previous time. This time it’s for a new business that I’m just creating.

Normally, the phrase ‘economic (or simple) page for new business’ gives me goosebumps, but this time I wanted to know what KK was talking about. So I asked curiously, ‘but what are you going to do with such kind of website?

Well, I want to use this website to pull potential customers, obviously.’‘And what will happen next?’ – asked.

‘They will know my company and my services’ – said KK with all confidence.

Me: ‘And what will happen when the visitor sees and feels that you have an unprofessional, non-persuasive, and low-quality website?’

There was a long time of uncomfortable silence, (from KK, not mine) … And then he looked down and said slowly: ‘Never again will he communicate with me, visit my website and go directly to my competition’.economical website development dubai

There! At this very moment, I regretted not having my camera with me.

If I could pass the moment of ‘lighting’ that KK had, step by step, in slow motion, to all businesses, I am sure that a lot of SMEs and entrepreneurs would have understood how to succeed with their website development Dubai.

This is the reason why I decided to write this post, to explain that with an economical, simple, standard, normal website development, etc … not only it does not help your business, but it can cause a bad image and great loss of customers as it says cheap is expensive.

For a website development to be profitable there are only two options:

1. Be the best in the market
2. Be the first in the market

Does anyone think there is another option to get economical website development dubai?


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