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Risk Free Website Redesign Checklist to Avoid Disaster

At the speed to which digital has accustomed us, current website’s design tend to age quickly (and, fortunately, faster than us)! It is therefore time for website redesign even after a few years from the creation of the website pages.

On the contrary: those who want to make the most of the web page and the opportunities it offers must plan interventions to redesign a website very frequently , but above all very carefully.

The reasons that lead to opting for a website redesign project can be many: new products or services, new business objectives, user behavior, user interface, technologies change, etc.

However, a website redesign is not risk-free. Touching something that works or redesigning an existing website can open up unexpected scenarios and it is not uncommon to meet businesses who have bitterly regretted to start website redesign project that presumably was fine!

What are the risks of a website redesign


After these premises the idea of ​​a website redesign process can seem intimidating. And rightly so. Some of the risks you may run into are as follows:

  • Worsening of conversion results (sales, leads, etc.)
  • Loss of organic traffic (Search Engine Optimization) and fewer indexed pages
  • Loss of indexing on search engines
  • Worsening in user experience metrics (fewer landing page visits, less time on page, etc.)
  • Loss of a Brand image (site visitors no longer recognize themselves on the site)
  • Most valuable pages slowdown (website’s performance)
  • etc. etc ;-(

Website Redesign Checklist


Existing website redesign Factors


Almost all of these problems (and many more) are related to poor choices in the analysis and design phase , for example:

  • Content Management System – CMS change
  • Change in website’s functionality
  • Changing (and misinterpreting) business goals
  • Change in website content
  • Change in infrastructure (hosting, cdn, etc.)
  • etc.

Very often these problems arise also (and above all) from a fundamental error, ie the underestimation in the choice of the right supplier , ie the web design agency that must conduct website redesign project. It is in fact this (the web design agency, to be precise!) that should guide companies in what is often a critical phase of the digital life of a company .

However, very often these steps are underestimated, only to discover that the newly designed website, more beautiful, more captivating and with a super expensive platform, performs much worse than the old site.

So here’s the big question:

How to avoid disaster in website redesign project?


Based on experience (we have delivered more than 100 redesigned website to date in UAE) here are some points that absolutely cannot be overlooked at this stage of website redesign.

A website makeover checklist


Here are twenty points that you absolutely need to keep in mind when tackling a website makeover project

Website Redesign Process


Define website redesign metrics and goals for the new site and stick to them:

we suggest defining SMART website redesign strategy, but what exactly do we mean?

SMART is an acronym / mnemonic, which provides criteria to guide in goal setting, for example in project management, and indicates:

  • S = Specific
  • M = Measurable
  • A = Achievable
  • R = Relevant
  • T = Time-based

Website Redesign Smart Goals

Define website redesign strategy of the current website


Critically analyze current site and write on a document the pros (i.e. the positive aspects) on one side and on the other side all the known problems , of any nature (for example, navigation difficulties, lack of content, broken links, website. footer etc.) .

I suggest you write down exactly what are the problems that drive you to redo the entire website and what are the points you want to solve. It also indicates a priority: what are the points that you think require more attention.

Also write what are the aspects that we absolutely want to preserve (for example, the search engine optimization rank on Google of some search keywords)

Saving this website redesign process will then help you evaluate the new site in the light of the needs that prompted in redesigning your website.

Save old landing pages metrics and performance


Don’t forget to save some old site reports . Before applying any changes or even before planning website redesign project, scan specific pages and save the main metrics of Google Analytics.

This step will give you information about the current site structure, most saved pages, URL structure and metadata of your site.

This information is essential to redesign a website and for designing redirects from the old to the new website.

Tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Screaming Frog will help you get the data you need, so you can export it to spreadsheets.

Define the main User Stories


User stories are short narrative descriptions of the tasks that a user would like to perform through interaction with a digital service.

User stories are summary documents that describe a user interface with a specific feature of the digital product. Widely used in the Agile methodology, stories are a simplified and focused version of scenarios.

Scenarios are the broadest description of the scope of use, user stories are the more practical-specific declination of a user step or interaction.

Short, concise, concrete, stories are not simple tools, nor should they be underestimated.

User Stories

User stories serve to keep your feet on the ground at every stage of website redesign process, they serve to analyze how website visitors use a feature, how to best design the response of a system and how to predict errors. In a nutshell, stories save time and money in the process of designing a new website.

As the name suggests, user stories describe how a customer or user uses the product . Stories are therefore those from the user’s point of view, because only in this way do they become useful for capturing specific functions or steps in a process.

The formula of user stories consists of 3 key elements: 


  • the point of view of target audience (it would be better to say the stakeholder);
  • the expected result;
  • the motivation for which the activity in question is carried out.

The formulation of user stories allows to reduce the functionalities and understand user behavior in terms of micro-requirements that are easily linked to the context and the objective.

Define User Personas


The purpose of User Personas is to create reliable and realistic representations of target customers. These representations should be based on qualitative and quantitative user research and web analytics .

People help focus decisions on site components by adding a real-world level of consideration to the conversation. They also provide a quick and cost-effective way to test and prioritize those features during web development process.

Analyze the Competitors


Competitor analysis is one of the main steps in the process of website redesign plan and also represents a sign of awareness of one’s status, i.e. consideration of the presence of others on the market .

In marketing strategy, competitor analysis serves above all to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors, guaranteeing strategic information both offensively and defensively in terms of positioning for certain keywords, estimated traffic, marketing efforts.

But not only that, a correct analysis of competitors must also try to identify their strengths in terms of:

  • usability and user experience
  • services offered and opportunities
  • shortcomings in terms of tools and/or processes
  • placement opportunities
  • content opportunities

The web is full of tools and insights on the subject, for our part we can only recommend identifying a maximum of 4 competitors and focus only on those.

The analysis of many data and elements can become too complex a task making us lose sight of the real objectives.

Use quality images


Studies show that potential customers remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read . But images aren’t always effective. Images communicate much more than we think, so when using images, it is important to always ask yourself “Why did you choose that image and not another?” and “Why did you place the image there and not somewhere else?”

My advice is to always invest in stunning website , both in terms of writing (copy writing) and visually.

Hire a good photographer and get quality shots of your product, service or establishment. Value quality and look for a voice that leaves its mark. The best way to trivialize your work is to use an obvious photo – avoid it at all costs.

Write quality content


What about original content today, given that by now we are invaded from all sides? Well, the best way to deal with them is to choose to write well !

Hire a good copywriter and have content written that has character, that is grammatically correct and effective from search results point of view.

Focus on mobile (mobile UI / UX / speed)


Search engines have made it clear that mobile website is the way to go.

Mobile devices grow in size, which means that it is convenient for users to perform targeted actions through their mobile devices.

This may depend on the type of business or the target audience, but it is incontrovertible that by now we don’t even go to the bathroom without our mobile devices. Almost 70% of the traffic on the website pages you are reading comes from mobile users, through their mobile phone.

So if you had to think about professional website redesign, would it make sense to start designing it for the desktop?

SEO Experts in Dubai


Rely on SEO Experts


Don’t think it’s trivial or something to be underestimated. Moving from current website to a new website can be a trauma from the point of view of search results on Google.

Don’t joke about it!


The most important factors from an search engine optimization point of view are:

  • Up to date responsive design structure
  • cornerstone content if website’s redesign
  • complete overhaul of old URLs
  • internal link with valuable pages
  • structured data and micro data of individual pages
  • mobile first indexing
  • quality and organization of new website content
  • sitemaps / crawl ability
  • hosting and site speed
  • etc.

There are really many key performance indicators and underestimating them can result in a heavy penalty in terms of traffic and visibility. The best advice I can give you is to always request SEO consultancy during website redesign phase.



Great website redesign can be an excellent opportunity to reconsider your business goals, refresh your image in front of target audience, reposition your brand for website visitors. But the risks can be many and the landing pages is really becoming too important to risk. Evaluate activities carefully and operate carefully. Review our professional website redesign services portfolio, especially when the website performance is important for your business goals.




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