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How much eCommerce Website Cost in Dubai

eCommerce Costs in DubaiAre you looking for eCommerce website cost in Dubai, No doubt online selling is one of the most interesting and advantageous sectors for anyone who wants to create an autonomous and profitable online business, which is why many small business and big companies have already decided to start selling on eCommerce websites.

In Dubai, eCommerce is in a phase of strong development and statistics show how much people enjoy shopping online in UAE. According to an estimation , in the last two years, from 2020 to 2022, the purchases in Dubai on eCommerce websites have passed from 31 billion Dirhams to 39.4 billion in sales.

In short, the pandemic, the lock down and all the restrictions of the last two years have changed the habits of customers; therefore small, medium and large business have had to learn to adapt to these new purchasing behaviors and build conversion focused business site.

Would you like to showcase & Sell your products online but don’t know how much does it cost?

Starting an online store is a challenging project but right now it represents the only way to continue growing your business in Dubai. Unlike a physical store, you can guarantee your service at any time of the day or night, reaching customers wherever they are. If you are scared of eCommerce web design cost, consider that E-Commerce business is very simple to start and manage and does not require a large initial investment.

You don’t even have to invest upfront to purchase warehouse stock. The new website management costs are low and do not include expenses for the rental of the shop, utilities and personnel.

But how much eCommerce website cost in Dubai?

In this post we will clarify and explain in detail what the costs are for the e-commerce website, management and social media marketing for your online shop. If you want a hand to start an eCommerce website click below to contact us immediately.

So you decided to create your eCommerce website. You want to sell online, you understand that it is a great opportunity for your business, especially if you already have a physical store in Dubai or UAE. And now, like all of us before you, you want to understand how to sell your services or products on internet world.

Perhaps you have already tried searching for something like “Best eCommerce website development company in Dubai” or something like “How much does it cost to create an eCommerce website”. Maybe you have already asked some web design company Dubai or freelancer for some quotes and you realized that comparing them is practically impossible in 90% of cases.

Red get quote

What influence eCommerce Cost in Dubai

Looking into influencing factors will allow us to:

  1. Better evaluate the estimates they will present to us;
  2. Develop a sustainable online entry strategy;
  3. Recognize the “too much” and the “too little” features that we will inevitably encounter when talking about the eCommerce cost in Dubai

And here it is 🙂

There are couple of points and must be gutted well if we really want to realize what are the features that influence, in the end, to determine the final cost of an eCommerce website.

Before I go any further, I have to tell you this: in this post you will understand exactly how much eCommerce cost in Dubai to sell online. However, you must keep in mind that selling online with an eCommerce website is a business activity.

The beginning

The eCommerce Solution most used to create an eCommerce website are divided between:

  • SaaS platforms
  • Open Source Platforms

By Saas platform we mean “Software as a Service”: that is, you rely on an existing platform and on that you can upload your own products, your own contents and make the customization that the eCommerce solution allows.

In practice, the eCommerce solution is used as it was conceived by the owner to whom a “rental” cost, typically monthly, is paid. It is a turnkey formula that allows limited customization as it is not possible to get hold of the source code and numerous aspects. It is used as it was conceived. One of the most popular platforms of this type is Shopify.

eCommerce Solutions in Dubai

Open-Source eCommerce Solution can be modified. In this case, anyone can develop the same and in fact communities have sprung up all over the internet world that help the growth of the e-commerce solution in many aspects and contribute to its new website development.

It is a formula that allows you to “scale” your eCommerce business over time, according to your needs. This is possible thanks to the many implementations available for Open-Source eCommerce Solutions, which adapt to the growth of your eCommerce website. These types of platforms are free to download , the most used and famous are: Magento solutions, Open Cart and Woo Commerce.

Once you have chosen eCommerce solution

You need to identify the Elements that make up the fixed Costs of each eCommerce website development, without which your online store could not even exist: The domain, website hosting, SSL certificate and design layout.

Domain Name

The first step is to register your domain name, that is the address on the website in Dubai through which people will be able to land on our eCommerce website. There are domains with various extensions (.ae, .com, .net, .org, etc …), but for websites the “.com” domain is generally recommended, or, if the reference market is UAE and the “.com” is not available, it is recommended to use the “.ae” or “.me” domain.

They are purchased from the various local and international providers (Go Daddy, Name Cheap, Site ground, etc …). The money paid covers confidentiality of the domain owner name and the price of a domain name, it costs from just a few dirhams per year.

Web Hosting

The second step in estimating new website hosting and ssl certificates. In fact, you must know that a new website, as well as an online store, is essentially composed of a series of files that are stored on a space inside a server, that is, a large computer that is always connected.

Unless you have your own server, which can still be a very expensive solution for a small business, your business will need to rent a portion of the server space and ssl certificates from a specialized website hosting company. The money required for good website hosting and ssl certificate can start from AED 1500 on-wards to AED 10,000, as it depends on several factors:

  • Space needed for catalog products, contents, etc …
  • Hypothesized monthly website visitors.
  • Website performance related provider add-ons.
  • Applications dedicated to the platform and site security.

Content Management System

Many eCommerce Solutions have features of galleries, themes, or templates available for purchase. These templates are a quick and economical option for start-ups and small business to buy a theme & get small initial development for shipping methods. If you want a custom web application, the cost depend on features, functionality requirements, and number of integrations.

eCommerce User Experience (UX)

UX design is possibly the most important factor to estimate costs. As web design agency, focuses on the wishes and needs of its potential visitors, to turn them into buyers and paying customers. An intuitive e-commerce site interface means that visitors are more likely to make a purchase. By helping visitors to quickly and easily find their desired product on pages, avoiding frustrating mistakes and delays, you can expect to see immediate increase in sales.

Custom Online Store Development

Many eCommerce Solutions (such as Magento, or Woo Commerce or Shopify) provide support for modules or extensions for many functionality that can be added to your pages (at a much lower cost than if a custom development was performed). Therefore, development agency first validate if extensions are available for the desired functionality or any additional work involved will affect website design cost.

eCommerce Websites (Product Images & Graphics)

Visual elements are the most important factors of e-commerce websites success. A visually attractive web design is much more likely to attract visitors and retain them long enough to become customers than one that is too simple. High-quality products or services images on every single page are directly proportional to success.

eCommerce Website Development Company Support

Do not forget the continuous investment on eCommerce website maintenance. You will surely need training and support for your site. The cost of basic eCommerce website maintenance depends on the features and functionality of its content management system.

However to give you a high-level idea of management & maintenance support, you can expect to hire a dedicated resource to administrate the e-commerce site or you may outsource the management and maintenance to web design company.

eCommerce website cost in Dubai

Now let’s sum up eCommerce Development Cost in Dubai

Between Domain, Web Hosting, eCommerce website design and development and any costs incurred for Plug-In, we have concluded that eCommerce website cost approximately start from AED 12,500 to AED 350,000.

Getting Started

There are some questions that must be answered before e-commerce website:

  1. Does your company have internal resources that manage online commerce pages ?
  2. Does your internal team have the specific knowledge and experience necessary for order fulfillment or shipping methods?
  3. Who will take care of eCommerce website maintenance and email marketing?

These questions will help you decide if you can manage internally or outsource. After answering these, you must create a list of tasks and essential features for smooth eCommerce website development that is required before you initiate the process.

Frequently Asked Question

In the initial stages of planning, you should also ask yourself these questions:

  • How many pages you need?
  • How many products will you sell?Get Started
  • How many variations, such as color and size, do each of your product pages have?
  • Do you have content ready to publish on your website in Dubai, or do you need to create it?
  • What about product images?
  • Do you already have a website hosting package suitable for customized website development? Who will configure the server?
  • Do you have an appropriate domain name, or do you need to identify and register one?
  • How will you accept the payments? A turnkey solution like Payment Gateway Integration?
  • Do you have your products with prices and descriptions organized in a spreadsheet?
  • Do you want your site to have a blog?
  • Do you want the site to be responsive to visitors who use mobile phones?
  • Do you need custom features on your site?

With Si3 Digital’s expertise in eCommerce website development, you will not only enjoy an easy-to-use and eye-catching eCommerce web design but to get more traffic and reach a large number of potential customers, our eCommerce solutions are optimized for digital marketing and search engine optimization to rank you higher in Google.

We hope that with this article you can estimate eCommerce website cost…



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