How much does an eCommerce Website Cost in Dubai?

You will probably know that there is not a single answer for everyone. In fact, costs can vary depending on the features and functionalities of the eCommerce website depending on the technology platform and management requirements. You also have to keep in mind that eCommerce website development Dubai requires continuous investment to improve the functionality and experience of your eCommerce website development Dubai when the initial eCommerce web design Dubai is completed (without including clear marketing budget). It is an indication of a disaster as waiting until your online store is outdated and then considering updating it is not a successful or proactive e-commerce website strategy.

What are the key areas that influence the cost of development?

eCommerce Solutions

Depending on how simple or complex the e-commerce website development platform is and what are the management features and functionality could be integrated into the eCommerce website Dubai. Si3 Digital helps our clients in the design and development of Magento Solutions, Woo Commerce Solutions, and customized UNO Shoppe solution depending on the functional requirements of customized solutions for enterprise and plug and play solutions for start-ups and SME’s depending on budget and functional requirements.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design

Many eCommerce Solutions have design galleries, themes, or templates available for purchase. These templates are a quick and economical option for start-ups and SME’s to buy a theme & get small changes and customizations (more than just a logo change, but not a custom design). If you want a custom eCommerce website design and development, the cost will depend on what features and functionality you want. Similarly, a custom eCommerce web design can cost from AED 5,000 to AED 350,000 depending on the details, requirements, and depth of the process.

eCommerce website User Experience (UX)

eCommerce User Experience UI UX

The eCommerce website Dubai user experience is possibly the most important part of an eCommerce web design. As our team of eCommerce UX focuses on the wishes and needs of its potential visitors, to turn them into buyers and paying customers. An intuitive e-commerce web design interface means that visitors are more likely to make a purchase. By helping the visitor to quickly and easily find their desired product, avoiding frustrating mistakes and delays, you will see an immediate increase in sales.

A good eCommerce website UX design focusses on the industry and potential customers on the eCommerce website. The measurement of the effectiveness of eCommerce web UX design is a continuous process, after the initial development and launch.

Custom eCommerce Website Development Dubai

Many eCommerce Solutions (such as Magento, or Woo Commerce) provide support for modules or extensions for many functionalities that can be added to your site (at a much lower cost than if a custom development was performed). Therefore, an important part of the eCommerce website development process is to validate if extensions are available for the desired functionalities as this will affect the price. Be prepared, however, for some of the extensions to require some customization. We always audit / evaluate the extensions in terms of quality, security, features, and support before recommending them to our clients. Outside the extensions, the cost of custom eCommerce website developments will depend on the hours of development and testing they require.

eCommerce Web Design (Product Images & Graphics)

The visual elements of an e-commerce web design cost can also vary depending on the requirement as if you would like to use royalty-free stock images or would like to purchase relevant images online or conduct photography sessions, such as personalized photography and graphic design work.

However, it is one of the most important elements of eCommerce development. A visually attractive eCommerce website is much more likely to attract visitors and retain them long enough to become customers than one that is too simple. Images of high-quality products are also essential for a successful eCommerce Website Development. You can use available images to use a designer to optimize the images of the products.

eCommerce Website Development – Management & Maintenance support

Do not forget the ongoing costs of running an eCommerce web development. You will surely need training and support for your site. The cost of maintenance can again depend on the features and functionality of eCommerce website development and eCommerce Website Development Dubai, depending on the sophistication of its e-commerce platform. However to give you a high-level idea regarding eCommerce Website Development – Management & Maintenance support you can expect to hire a dedicated resource to administrate the eCommerce web design or you may outsource the management and maintenance to Si3 Digital ? on an hourly basis.

eCommerce Web Hosting

Domain Hosting is more predictable. Dedicated Server offers will generally include some level of accommodation in their packages. For stores based on configurable platforms, the cost of hosting is cheap and can grow as your needs grow. You can start with the minimum package and gradually once you requirement and traffic increase you may upgrade the domain hosting to higher-end Domain Hosting.

Hosting for a customized e-commerce web development will be more expensive depending on the levels of service and support.

Proactive Approach for eCommerce Web Development

There are some questions that must be asked before hiring Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai:

  1. Does your company have internal resources that could offer a quality e-commerce website development Dubai?
  2. Does your internal team have the specific knowledge and experience necessary for the modern development of eCommerce web design?
  3. Who will take care of eCommerce solution maintenance and management?

These questions will help you decide if you will develop internally or subcontract

After this initial decision, you must create a list of tasks and essential features for your eCommerce website development Dubai.

  • eCommerce Web Development CompanyDomain Registration
  • Reliable and scalable accommodation.
  • SSL certificate
  • Payment gateway.
  • Planning.
  • UX
  • Visual design.
  • Development and documentation.
  • Proof.
  • Content writing and uploading.
  • Images.

These are just the most essential basic considerations when creating a functional eCommerce website development Dubai. It can be complicated!

Critical questions to ask before starting the eCommerce development of an e-commerce website

In the initial stages of planning, you should also ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need to develop a new eCommerce website Dubai from scratch or can you redesign your current site?
  • How many pages will your online store need?
  • How many products will you sell?
  • How many variations, such as color and size, do each of your products have?
  • Do these variations affect the price?
  • Do you have content ready to publish on your website, or do you need to create it?
  • What about the images of the products and web design?
  • Do you already have a website hosting package suitable for e-commerce website development? Who will configure the accommodation?
  • Do you have an appropriate domain name for your site, or do you need to identify and register one?
  • How will you accept the payments? A turnkey solution like Payment Gateway Integration?
  • Do you have your products with prices and descriptions organized in a spreadsheet?
  • Do you want your site to have a blog?
  • Do you want the site to be responsive to visitors who use mobile devices?
  • Do you need custom features on your site?

Lets Watch our Video:

We offer excellence in eCommerce Website Development services in Dubai

We believe that eCommerce website development is not just a website with an integrated shopping cart. We devise complete eCommerce solutions taking into account the scope of your business and the complete requirements of an eCommerce web design and Ecommerce Website Development Dubai.

With Si3 Digital’s expertise in eCommerce website development Dubai, you will not only enjoy an easy-to-use and eye-catching eCommerce web design but to get more traffic and reach a large number of potential customers, our eCommerce solutions are optimized for search engines to rank you higher in Google.

Our experience in eCommerce Website Development Dubai

As an award-winning full-service digital agency, eCommerce solution is something that is changing rapidly and every day we find a new advancement in eCommerce website development, we make sure to keep ourselves and our clients updated with these eCommerce solutions updates and we provide a flexible and adaptable solution to their needs so that can be updated with changes in technology for Ecommerce Website Development Dubai.

Developing a successful eCommerce website requires a large investment of time and money. Be sure to select a Digital Agency partner who can help you with each component of the process. At Si3 Digital, we strive towards a simple goal: at the end of the project, our clients know as much about the eCommerce website development as we do. We are with you from the beginning and until long after the eCommerce website development is launched.


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