How much it Cost to Design a Company Web in Dubai

Be clear that the golden rule is “You get what you pay for” this also applies to when it comes to building a website from Web Design Company in Dubai. When small companies and entrepreneurs can not properly budget what they spend on building their website, the scenarios that occur can be as follows:

  1. The site ends up costing two or three times more than expected, taking into account all the variables like launch marketing, SEO techniques, and more can reduce costs of possible modifications or corrections.
  2. The website ends up having half or a quarter of the desired functionality, which makes it almost useless.
  3. The site ends up as a series of compromises in design, content, and functionality, which makes a mediocre impression on current and potential customers.

The underlying problem of these three scenarios lies in the budget – well the budget is an important part. What is the best way to set a budget and lay the groundwork for a site that meets your expectations?

Step 1: Create a Site Specification

Website SpecificationDesign. Do you want a 100% personalization and unique design? Any reference website is enough for what you want? Do you need a custom design from scratch? Something not so personalized? Do you have the images for your new site, or should you take pictures? If so, how many photos (or other images, such as charts and diagrams, etc.)?

Content. How much unique content will your site need? 10 pages or 100 pages? Will it be easy or difficult to write? Do you have the capacity and bandwidth to write, or do you need to hire someone to write? If you subcontract, should the writer do extensive research to write the copy correctly?

Functionality. Is more than a basic form of contact needed? Do you want to offer downloadable PDFs or other information? Do you want it to work in a variety of ways to track? Will you have e-commerce, and if so, what kind of payment options? Are there other functional requirements, such as integration with internal systems or third-party e-commerce sites? Do you want to optimize your site for search engines (SEO)? Will it need W3C or other compliance?

Step 2: Look for Proposals

Once you have an approximate list of desired site specifications, you are in a position to request proposals. A web design company in Dubai will need the specifications to make a reasonable estimate. The proposal could exactly match your specifications, but most likely will have modifications based on practical considerations or capabilities of the agency. This is fine, often, a developer has ideas that reduce costs and even better meet their needs.

Step 3: Align Expectations & Costs

Website BudgetA likely result will be checking that the desired site costs a lot more than you expected, but that is fine because you are now in a position to have a significant review of the development options, their real value, and their actual cost. What you will discover with these three steps will be:

Design is more complicated than it seems. Imaging is expensive and time-consuming. Often, companies do not care about images in the early stages of a project, but later, when they see their pages boring, in testing, they desperately want a lot of personalized images.

The content is affectionate: The content is much more expensive and takes a long time to create, unlike what most people think. Companies often assume that they can have a whip on employees to generate content at the last minute, and they learn too late that it is a time-consuming task.

Functionality also has its cost. Companies usually have no idea what is required to do the website. Some of the features have been detailed above, which all impact the cost. You may feel frustrated mid-project when you tell the developer to add e-commerce and find out that it costs additional to integrate Payment Gateway & create Shopping Cart.

By using the initial proposals to set a budget for your site project, you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. In addition, you are more likely to find the right Web Design Company in Dubai for your project, which will create a site that is really suitable for your business in terms of performance and cost. Following this plan takes seriously the advanced strategic thinking and hard work, but I assure you that the reward is great.

In case you are interested in designing and developing Website or ECommerce Portal at affordable cost, feel free to contact our Web Design Company in Dubai for further information on Email:; Call: +971 04 427 3715; Whats App 054 495 1498


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