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How much SEO Cost in Dubai ?

Today we will try to answer the most asked question how much SEO Cost in Dubai. This article will help you understand, how to calculate or estimate the investment on Search Engine Optimization services for your web pages or eCommerce store.

All in all, estimating SEO pricing primarily depends on what type of SEO strategies you require for your business. As there are different SEO Packages.

  • Local SEO
  • eCommerce SEO
  • International SEO

How much SEO Services Cost

Summary: How much SEO cost in Dubai?

If you are looking for SEO company Dubai that delivers best results, you should expect AED 1,249 to AED 4,999 per month. Many small businesses even have their own SEO departments and pay five-digit amounts on monthly basis.

Primary Factors of Search engine optimization

We can reassure you that the SEO price is proportional to the targeted keywords and the search engines. Moreover, SEO budget is depends on several factors mentioned below:

  • Current Ranking of your Website on Search Engines.
  • What do you want to achieve with SEO Services?
  • Timelines (how fast do you want to achieve 1st Page ranking on search engine).

Using these three factors, any SEO company can determine what SEO services should cost in your case.

  • You have online business, which is ranking 12th in search results for your target keywords (and variations on it)
  • Your competitors on the first page have more links and more domain authority.
  • Your competitors have invested more on websites page optimization.
  • With these starting points, a number of concrete matters can be determined, which form the basis of a SEO price.
  • The amount of links submission you need.
  • An indication of the amount of services required on page SEO.
  • A rough indication of the time frame in which you can achieve search results.

SEO pricing packages depends on the competitors. Another variable that determines SEO pricing is related to page optimization work recommended by Google webmaster, it determines website maintenance services is required to update and fix optimization bugs.

SEO Price in Dubai

What does it cost to maintain SEO ranking?

Once you have established visibility on search engines? This is very dependent on what the industry competitors are doing. This is also why it is not enough to use simple internal linking as keywords rankings to measure optimization success.

Either way, there’s quite a bit to say about the average cost of SEO in Dubai. Based on our SEO company experience and proven methodologies to help all our clients to reach 1st page ranking on search engine. At Si3 Digital, we have prepared affordable SEO Packages Dubai based on quality On Page & Off Page SEO services:

  • Starter Plan: AED 1,249 per month – 10 Keywords
  • Standard Plan: AED 2,499 per month – 20 Keywords
  • Business Plan: AED 4,999 per month – 40 Keywords

Read more for more information related to whats included in SEO Packages 

Did you know that at Si3 Digital, we always start with SEO Audit before we start an SEO optimization process? And that we then monitor and share ranking reports on a monthly basis? So you can see exactly what links submission we have done and what the results of targeted keywords!” 

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How much you will spend on SEO Packages?

The aforementioned prices of SEO plan Dubai are indicative only and the duration depends on the situation on other search engines. It makes sense that if you are a small business or operating across middle east region, you should spend more than a small company that works for a local market. For example an eCommerce websites to the local restaurant.

The size of your sales area and the possible revenue are to a certain extent indicative of SEO pricing will entail. The question of how much you should spend on it therefore depends entirely on your starting position.

When companies make lot of profit, you can expect a lot of competition. The reverse also applies. When you still have a long way to go, you need a bigger optimization budget than when you only need a small push to get into the top of Google. When you do business with an SEO company Dubai, let them explain what targeted keywords you require, please avoid the low-end SEO companies in Dubai.

Because anyone who thinks they can generate Google rankings for AED 350 per month in the long run will sooner or later be faced with surprises. You may find the project management triangle useful, which also applies to SEO submission.

SEO and Websites Optimization

The aforementioned figures are based on what SEO prices are in Dubai, if a well-optimized site is already present or you haven’t done that yet, you can consider include optimization costs in your budget. Because your site is the basis of all your online traffic and the quality of the site is decisive for the degree of SEO in Dubai success of all your digital marketing efforts.

Websites that offer visitor a great user experience, but when your website isn’t built to simply serve your industry, it’s like a drag on SEO services packages. After all, it’s all about satisfied visitors who keep coming back to your page to generate sales.


ROI: Why “How Much SEO will Cost” Is the Wrong Question


SEO Cost in Dubai
Affordable SEO Services in Dubai

Ultimately, at the end of the day, it’s all about ROI (Return On Investments). When a lead costs you AED 20 for paid search traffic, AED 15 for social media Ads and AED 5 for google search traffic, the latter is the most valuable because it delivers the best ROI. It’s often not easy to measure Google results, but it’s vital to keep track of your efforts. Even from our own SEO company, we can only confirm that SEO and organic Google traffic still deliver the best ROI.

That goes not only for name or brand awareness, but also for engagement and the whole spectrum of conversions from lead generation until the final sale. Now we are curious what you currently pay on SEO activities. Let us know in comments below. We always like to give tips about digital marketing topics including: page optimization, google analytics, google webmaster, xml sitemap, meta tags, internal linking, broken links, social media, social bookmarking and many other topics related to search engine optimization.




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