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How to Start eCommerce Website Business in Dubai

The first steps for to start eCommerce Website Business in Dubai are vital, so let us give you some tips that will help you get off to a good start in the Dubai market and outside UAE.

How 9 steps will change the way you start an eCommerce website business in Dubai

eCommerce business is a necessity now, setting up an online store is still cheaper than setting up a brick & mortar store, especially with the variety of platforms that currently exist.

eCommerce Web Design Business in Dubai

Si3 Digital is an Award-Winning eCommerce website development company in Dubai offering Magento, Woo Commerce, and Shopify E-Commerce Solutions although we also design and develop customized eCommerce websites to meet the requirement of our clients in Dubai and outside UAE.

Choose the Product for Your eCommerce Website

Some of you will already have the product and even sell it physically, you can go to Step 2 directly.

For all the others who want to set up an eCommerce website Dubai but you do not have the product clear, you have to consider these alternatives.

Do you want to have an eCommerce website business in Dubai ? Selection of product. Grocery items are the products for eCommerce website for one of our clients. You will be thinking that our client chose a shitty product with a lot of competition in the market, maybe you are right … But I will explain why our client chooses this set of products. Our client’s target market is South of Dubai since the target market is a newly developed area and not many groceries are there to serve the need of residents so our client decided to deliver all the orders for free from an eCommerce website.

Today, our client\’s eCommerce website business in Dubai sold more than we thought in less than 5 months, they registered a very cool domain for an online multi product store of vegetables and fruits.


A mono-product eCommerce website can benefit you by being specialized, it is easy to have good positioning but having complementary products is always good. Another alternative is to specialize in a sector; I recommend it more than a mono-product e-commerce website for a simple reason: Once the customer is already in your online store, it is very easy to buy a complementary product. If for example, you sell tennis rackets, the logical thing is that a customer also needs shoes, balls, or a wristband.

The negative part is that you need to pilot a lot on the subject in question. If a client asks you about two models of rackets you should be able to help him choose the best one. Your competitive advantage will be customer service thanks to a specialization in the product.

Another alternative is a multi-product eCommerce website of various sectors (clothing, accessories, shoes, electronics, etc.). I do not recommend it, for that you already have AmazonNoon, etc. They have better prices than you and you will not be a specialist in such a variety of products.

My advice: Find a niche, analyze the product, the competition, and the market well.

Register Domain Name

I recommend you use the keyword tool of Google Adwords, so you can know the searches that have a specific keyword and the competition of the same month. It is very useful for positioning to include some keywords in your domain.

Domain Registration

A year and a half ago, we were asked to set up an eCommerce website for Promoters Agency in Dubai. I only had to take charge of the online part (web, positioning, social networks, etc.). They told us: You have to go out first when someone searches for “hostesses in Dubai” … our professional eCommerce website designers and developers team looked at Adwords and I think we had 1,200 searches per month and high competition. After investigating for a while, I found that “promoters and hostesses” had 40,000 searches a month and low competition … So we put the company “Hostesses and Promoters” the perfect domain was not free, but we registered:


which is very similar. Results? A picture is worth a thousand words… We went from about 30-40 visits in the first months to 4,000 in a year. And everything without practicing anything, we optimized the web thinking about Google, Our content marketing team wrote 4 or 5 posts on the blog and that’s it.

When you have defined what name to use for eCommerce website you have to check that the domain is free, surely that name you liked so much is already registered … Do not despair, there are many more.

Social Media Networks

Social Media Marketing Services Dubai

It is vital for the success of your eCommerce website business in Dubai to have social networks. Do not limit yourself to the eCommerce website only, start offering your products on  FacebookTwitterYouTube, and Instagram social networks. If you do not offer constant activity on your social media profiles, it will not do much good. Social networks are your best advertising and communication weapon and are very important for search engine positioning. To summarize a bit, you need to be in the social networks where your potential customers are, see what they need and try to help them.

eCommerce Website Development

There are many types of eCommerce Solutions, I strongly recommend Magento or Woo Commerce or Si3 Customized E-Commerce Solution UNO Shoppe (it is the one we use for corporate clients or someone who are looking for an enterprise e-commerce solution in Dubai). It is the easiest to manage (they have come to qualify as the “eCommerce for dummies”), has a powerful SEO base and is scalable, that is, can grow at the same pace of the company.

A standard eCommerce website can costs about AED 12,500 if what you are looking for is something more personalized and sophisticated the price starts to rise. A TOP eCommerce website development company Dubai starts at AED 35,000 … Yes, I know, it’s a lot of money, but you will not need something like that at the moment.

 My advice: Start with a standard eCommerce website, try your business model and when you see that you sell and earn money (it is not the same to sell as to make money …) invest in improving your eCommerce design and development.

Web hosting & SSL Certificate 

We recommend to hire reliable hosting, that does not fall and leave the store out of service at any time, there is a lot of offer. With the hosting, you will also have the longed-for mail [email protected], databases, etc. It is important to make sure that the hosting server is compatible with the software of your eCommerce website.

Shipping Provider Integration 

Contact as many more and ask for several quotes. Until you have a considerable volume of shipments you will not have good prices. Calculate AED 50 or AED 100 for each box up to 1 Kg to be delivered anywhere in UAE. You will always have the option of having the customer pay for it. Do not forget that you will also have to get the boxes and the packing material, you will get AED 5 per box.

Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

All these steps are very important and essential to sell through an e-commerce website. They generate confidence for the user to become a customer. Also, these are very important if you would like to receive payment online through credit card or debit card. All payment gateway provider requires terms and condition & privacy policy of eCommerce website ensure your business is not

Receive Payment Online

After all the eCommerce features and functionalities are in place to start your business online. Now comes the most important element of eCommerce website, payment gateway integration. This integration will enable your eCommerce website to receive payment online through Credit Card & Debit Card. There is another option that does not require any integration to receive payments. Cash on Delivery (COD) can be an additional or the only payment method for your website.

Get traffic

This is the most difficult step of all. You already have your eCommerce website, but it turns out that you have 100 visits per day only, with a conversion rate of 1% (the usual average) means that you have 1 purchase per day, it is said, you lose money.

If your eCommerce website was developed by a good agency, surely it has a good SEO and you will not have that problem, you have a lot of livestock, but it’s not just a matter of optimizing the SEO of the eCommerce web design. You must create original and interesting content, give maximum activity to your social networks, etc.

The digital marketing will also be a great source of traffic, if it is optimally managed, creating campaigns in Google Adwords or Facebook CPC (pay per click) is very efficient and are usually profitable if you know the tool well. Before you must calculate your client cost and if your margin allows it. The correct thing would be that you put yourself in the hands of professionals.

 Let us give you an example: If an ad in Google Adwords (those that appear at the top with a yellowish background) costs between AED 0.50 and AED 60 you have to think that for every 100 that you click you will buy one. If you sell technical printers for AED 6,000 you get the accounts, it is also likely that the customer will buy toner or folios again.


If you have a competitive advantage with respect to a product: Quality, specialization, variety, price, etc. Start your eCommerce website business in Dubai and you will surely be successful if you follow these steps and some more. If you are going to be one more store, I recommend that you give another approach to the project because on the internet the competition is fierce.

Let us help you build eCommerce website business in Dubai UAE. Si3 Digital have all the expertise and experience to build any type of online business and with 11+ years of experience in local market, we can be the best eCommerce solution providers for you. Don’t trust us, look into our portfolio projects.




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