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How to Make Luxury Fashion Brand Website

Do you know what are the must-have features for your Luxury Fashion Brand Website in Dubai? Do you know that your site is like the showcase of your store and your Brand? Si3 Digital presents you the service and creation of websites for luxury fashion brands! Read on, as the owner or future owner of a fashion website, you will discover interesting and useful things.

Creation of Luxury Fashion Brand Website in Dubai

Would you like to apply a good fashion marketing and management strategy to your site? Do you want to increase your sales by applying online fashion marketing? Si3 Digital can design and develop clothing and fashion websites using popular eCommerce frameworks such as Open Cart, Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce. Our experience in fashion website design and eCommerce store development has helped us gain a lot of industry-specific knowledge. Furthermore, the current context in which we live, marked by Covid-19 and its consequences in changes in consumption patterns, has pushed the digitization of companies in the fashion field even more. Today, not taking digitization into consideration means making a mistake, which is difficult to recover.

Experience Matters

We specialize in designing stylish websites, building an online product catalog, and integrating with mobile apps, and other important digital marketing features. We are have helped small and large clothing and fashion companies in UAE realize their projects.

Digital Agency Dubai

The 10 Commandments + 6, for Luxury Fashion Brand Website


Luxury Fashion Brand Website Design

Customers now spend a lot of time on the web researching and discovering new brands or fashion accessories before making a purchase. A stylish and eye-catching website is therefore mandatory for clothing line owners, future fashion designers, or merchants selling multiple brands. A website can generate wider interest and should stand out from the competition. Our website design agency is capable of producing a high-quality fashion and apparel site, which is great for images and at the same time is optimized to run on mobile devices. We can also help you choose the eCommerce platform option that best suits your business reality!

If you would like to read more about Best eCommerce platforms in Dubai; you may find this an interesting and helpful post for your eCommerce website design and development.

Develop Luxury Fashion Brand Website Design on Shopify, Magento,

Woo Commerce, Open Cart or Custom eCommerce Development.

Our eCommerce development team can make sure you have a well-designed online luxury brand fashion website. We work with the most popular eCommerce frameworks available on the market today. Our luxury fashion brand website designers can create a website that allows you to manage products, photos, prices, promotions, and much more. The process of entering references is simple and intuitive, as well as for services, categories, attributes, reviews, and more.

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Brand your business with an eCommerce Mobile app

Si3 Digital can create luxury fashion brand website designs on android and iOS devices. The app can provide a personalized atmosphere to users browsing the site through the use of in-app chat, push notifications, personalized promotions and offers, deep linking, Geo location, and automatic currency selection functionality. The mobile apps have luxury fashion brand websites that experience a 300% increase in sales.

Advanced search for clothes and fashion accessories

We build several beautiful interfaces to allow your customers to quickly browse your complete database of clothes and fashion accessories. Users can search and filter products by brand, category, color, discount rate, gender, and more. They can sort the results from high to low or low to high. It is also possible to categorically search for products by selecting categories and sub-categories such as men, women, children, etc.

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CRM and E-mail Marketing

Si3 Digital provides a built-in CRM tool that allows luxury fashion brand owners to spend in-store or online promotions, newsletters, and anniversary and birthday emails to their customers. We also enable rapid data export and two-way integration with the most popular email service providers. Two-way integration helps you get email open rates or click-through rates to come up with an effective marketing strategy.

Clothing and Fashion Responsive Website Design

A responsive fashion website design helps you get more mobile traffic, higher conversion rates, and more visibility on search engines like Google and Bing. We design clothing and luxury fashion brand websites that work flawlessly on all devices – desktops, phones, and tablets. Customers can easily access products, shopping carts, and other features from any device they want.

Order Status Monitoring and Reordering

Customers can track orders in real-time and receive text messages or alerts informing them of the current status of their orders. The reorder function can help to increase sales as it is very convenient for the user to check their history and reorder the products.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Google’s search engine algorithms are extremely sophisticated. We at Si3 Digital offer the Affordable SEO Packages Dubai with end to end On Page & Off Page activities to position your luxury fashion brand website on the top of the search engine. We also help to integrate a WordPress blog into the site to share news, updates, discount offers, and tips with users.

Offers and Discounts

Launch interesting offers and discounts to build loyalty and attract new customers. We can also design attractive call-to-action landing pages that inform new or repeat customers of the latest offers available in the online store.

eCommerce-ready fashion website design

Our eCommerce website development company in Dubai can help you set up shipping methods, and tax rules, and connect to any third-party payment and financing gateway such as Telr, Pay Tabs, or Stripe. We create high-security SSL-protected multi-currency eCommerce web designs.

6 Useful Tips for Fashion Website, to be implemented!

New collection banner template Free Vector

Manage Content and Data

Si3 Digital provides robust Content Management System – CMS that allows you to access publishing content, manage store details, highlight products, and change markup pricing or its logic along with a front-end CMS editor. All in all, content related to clothes, brands, return policies, and internal evidence is important to buyers and therefore can be updated at any time as desired.

Share Fashion and Clothing Wish List

Everyone has a wish list. We allow users to create and share their wish lists with friends and family through social media Customers can also select and track desired items for purchase at a later time. As a luxury fashion brand website owner, you can determine the demand for certain products by viewing and tracking the products on everyone’s wish lists.

Hosting and updates

Website hosting is a annual cost. Si3 Digital can help you choose the right domain name and hosting plan for your luxury fashion brand website. We advise our customers against choosing fancy and ultra-expensive clouds or dedicated hosting plans.

Reviews and ratings

A product with good reviews and online ratings sells more. Highlight positive customer reviews to increase user trust, brand visibility, and sales. Si3 Digital can integrate reviews from major review sites.

Interactive navigation (360 degrees)

Being able to offer shoppers a 360-degree view of the clothing or fashion accessory item. This could be interactive and the user can view the product from top to bottom or sideways. If the product is presented well, it will sell more. This feature gives the feel of a high-end website and tricks customers into initiating a purchase with the site.

Service and support via live chat on the clothing and fashion website

Users are connected in real-time to customer service representatives for immediate feedback. It has been observed that having dedicated maintenance and management helped increase sales by nearly 75%.


Before creating sites for your luxury fashion brand, that generate daily contacts on various product sectors. This is to emphasize that Si3 Digital has been an award winning eCommerce agency in Dubai since 2020.

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