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How to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Dubai

How to create an online travel agency in Dubai is one of the issues most consulted by our customers. That’s why today we will talk about everything: how much it costs, requirements, the legal issue, the development process. And above all: what strategies to apply to be successful with your travel agencies.

Let’s go first with the most important question and what else do we do:

Is it Profitable to Create an Online Travel Agency in Dubai?

And the answer is: Yes. With the appropriate digital strategy like the one, you will learn in this post. Yes, it is possible. In fact, physical travel agencies have as a major competitor online travel agency are a bigger threat to their physical business. In recent years there has been an increase in the sale of travel online. And it can be said that it has been a great competition for agencies with physical premises.

Therefore, how to create an online travel agency in Dubai, is an issue that should also concern those who own physical travel agencies. Well worth noting that at this time there are people looking for information through the internet, consulting prices, and even acquiring trips from there.

If you have a physical travel agency and you are not yet online, you are losing a lot of sales. And perhaps the competition is benefiting from such negligence. Luckily you are here and you will learn everything about how to create an online travel agency in Dubai.

How to Create an Online Travel Agency in Dubai: Requirements

Let’s first talk about what is essential to get started in this business. Luckily, you will not need many requirements to create an online travel agency, only the essentials:

Fairly available time: as in any serious business or independent work either. Although this depends on the size of the project and your objectives. In addition, a website can be managed in a couple of weeks. However, if you want to dedicate yourself to this very seriously and want good results, you should dedicate at least half time.

  1. A laptop or computer with a high-speed internet connection from where you will manage the website of your online travel agency.
  2. A quiet place from where to work.
  3. A phone to receive calls from your customers. This will be very essential to meet the doubts of your customers.
  4. You will need to comply with the minimum legal requirements of your autonomous eCommerce Website License, in the next point we will talk about it.
  5. You will need a professional Online Travel Agency website that will prompt visitors and readers to purchase. In the following points, I will talk about it specifically and about how to get a site in that category.
  6. Some digital knowledge such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Networking, Content Strategy, Corporate Identity. Which you can acquire by hiring a dedicated Full Service Digital Agency through clicking on the links above.

How to Start Online Travel Agency Business in Dubai

Legal Requirements Necessary to Create an Online Travel Agency in Dubai

It is worth noting that in the countries that make up the European Union, anyone can sell tourist services. This without having to possess a title as a credential.

If you already have an established physical company, you can skip these rules. I would just ask you to take a look at eCommerce Website License from various Free zones in UAE.

Once you Register for eCommerce Website License

  • Trade License that proves that there is no other registered company name, this before the commercial register.
  • A bank account in the name of the company.
  • You may be asked for an amount of money as collateral. This varies in each autonomous Free zones and you will have to request it from them. But if you are going to sell trips as a franchise, all these requirements are unnecessary. Well, they will run in the name of the company that provides travel packages.
  • In addition to the above, you have to do other more specific procedures which will make you indicate when you consult with them.

Choose a niche in the market in which you want to specialize

How to create an online travel agency in Dubai among so much competition?

That question is inevitable to ask in a travel market so saturated. However, this is just a paradigm because one of the advantages of the online travel market is that there are a large number of segments in which we can specialize.

Dubai Tourism Laws

Some of those niches can be:

  • > Cruise ships.
  • > Travel to winter destinations.
  • > Cultural tours
  • > Travel to historic destinations.
  • > Honeymoons, etc.

The truth is there are many segments of the market where you can specialize. But you must dedicate enough time and effort to make a good market study. You must know very well who is – and who is not – your customers. To thus address a specific audience.

Get a Professional Website Development Company in Dubai for your Online Travel Agency Development

A professional Online Travel Agency website where visitors enter and can purchase travel packages or hotel bookings or Airline Tickets or other various offerings in just a few clicks, is essential for your business. This online travel agency website must have the necessary tools for visitors to have a pleasant experience.

At Si3 Digital Agency; we have been creating bespoke online travel agency in Dubai for several years, so we have the experience and expertise to answer all of your questions and on top of it we will facilitate you with free consultation session throughout online travel agency – website development journey:

And how much does an Online Travel Agency – Website Development will cost?

Some B2B & B2C website development Dubai can charge a website for more than US$ 50,000 and more, depending on the type of B2B & B2C website development you require for your online travel agency. This price can scare, but in Si3 Digital can devise more accessible prices based on your budget.

Marketing for Travel Agencies

But this does not end here, the truth is that an attractive Online Travel Agency website will provide us with a good experience for the client. But it is not all, there are still points that must be worked to achieve selling travel and tour packages on the internet.

Remember that our question is: How to create an online travel agency in Dubai? So, we must not overlook how to create an effective marketing strategy that helps you get the first customers:

Selling Travel & Tour Packages Through Social Networks

Social networks are great allies to sell through the internet. We can try to get followers in our social networks. And consequently, redirect those followers to our online travel agency website to sell your packages.

And How to Get Followers in Our Social Networks?

To get followers on social media networks you must publish quality content that contributes something to users. In the case of Facebook and Instagram, it is a good idea to publish photos and images of the beautiful places that you promote with your travel & tour packages. This can also be done on Twitter and other social networking sites.

How Many Social Profiles Do You Open?

I always have to repeat the following, but I have no problem with it. Well, it’s worth to let our readers know that the number of social networks that you must have for your business is not more than you can manage. It will not help to have 10 or 20 social profiles in different networks if you cannot manage them all.

Is it Worth Using Paid Advertising on Social Networks?

Of course! with Facebook Ads, for example, you can get very good results but you have to know how to choose our audience very well. To focus on your advertising on people who are really interested in it.

By the way, I recommend that you choose the Full-Service Digital Agency to conduct your digital marketing.

SEO for Travel Agencies, Sell with the Help of Google

With SEO, we refer to creating search engine friendly content such as Google. So, when someone is looking for trips through the internet, you can find your website in the first search results.

Nowadays, people use Google a lot to find prices, consult the information about places, find recommendations. And finally, look for an online travel agency where to buy your travel & tour packages.

But getting to those people who are one step away from buying a travel package is not easy. The main obstacle is the arduous competition that exists in the travel sector. However, that does not mean that there are no niches in the market where we can find a place.

So, let’s ask a more interesting question:

How to Create an Online Travel Agency in Dubai with Visibility on Google?

The first tool to gain visibility in Google is the blog that you include in your web page. Well in that blog you can create interesting articles and content with information that people are searching on Google.

And that information that people are looking for in Google are Prices of flights, packages of trips, stays, information of the places, activities to be carried out in said places and guides.

In the case of the latter, travel guides with complete information are highly valued by users and Google. I have already had the luck to create travel guides for an agency, so I know very well the potential they have.

What are People Looking for in Google?

Knowing what people are looking for in Google regarding the subject of travel, will give you the power to position your agency in the first search results. And as a result, have more visits that can become clients.

For this, it is very useful to learn to find out what people are searching on Google. And all this we can go through some tools such as:

The Google Keyword Planner: This tool is free, and you can find out how many people are looking for X words or phrase in Google.

If for example, you want to position the keyword: Dhow Cruise. By entering these words in the planner, it will tell you how much competition you have, how many people look for it per month, and if it is profitable to position it.

Another keyword planner that I recommend is the SEMrush, which is a complete tool to position our website. And it has a more complete keyword planner.

Note: it is worth noting that the term ” online travel agency ” is quite sought after and has low competition when referring to a city. For example: ” Dubai online travel agency “, ” UAE online travel agencies “. These Keywords do not have much competition, so I leave it as a recommendation for you to study them.

SEM for Travel Agencies

It is inevitable that when asking “how to create an online travel agency in Dubai” let’s talk about the SEM. The SEM is related to the payment of positioning for search engines.

That is to say, instead of executing an SEO strategy to position organically, we pay Google so that through ads we are positioned in the first results. So, when a user does a search that, for example, includes the word “travel” you appear in the first positions.

This way you can pay for traffic that is interested in purchasing your travel packages. Although this is not always profitable, due to the high market saturation that usually exists in this sector.

On the other hand, Google, for example, usually charge for each click. So, you should plan your campaign very well to make sure you make it profitable.

Other Tips on How to Create an Online Travel Agency in Dubai

Search and nurture training in the digital field; Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, etc.

Online business is not a gold mine that profits immediately. Our experience with online businesses has taught us that perseverance is the best of our allies.

Get organized by establishing long- and short-term objectives.

Pay special attention to the content and try to create the content of quality constantly. Content will be king in your online business.

Seek advice from professionals. For example, at Si3 Digital Agency we can guide you on this path and help you with our professional Full-Service Digital services and maintenance solutions!



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