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Social Media Trends 2023

The social media trends in 2023 are already peeking around the corner of the calendar and are loaded with news. They are based above all on a different use of social media platforms and video content formats. Learn about the trends in social media trends 2023.

Find out before anyone else and succeed with your audience engagement. Social media networks are the perfect channel to create a close relationship with your customers, work on your brand authenticity and increase your sales.

Latest Social Media Trends in 2023


The importance of brands knowing social media trends for the coming years. Sales through social media sites have grown at an accelerated rate due to the fact that the social media strategy of the brands points their investments towards these social media platforms because they consider that they are successful in selling. In fact, it is estimated that social commerce can reach a global value of 604,000 million dollars by 2027, with an annual growth rate of 31.4% over the next 7 years.

However, in order for brands to be able to stay current within social media platforms, and even successfully venture into said platforms for the first time, it is necessary that they know the future social media trends for this type of business, that they know how to address social media users, how to approach your consumers, find out what content they prefer and even foresee the future with successful investments, it is for this reason that we present this list of social media trends 2023

Social Media Trends in 2023

The micro video and reels will have much greater relevance


Ephemeral content was promoted by Tik Tok, but social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have successfully adapted it since it can be consumed in a minimum time of up to 10 seconds and lengthen its duration up to 3 minutes.

This approach is perfectly adapted to attract new generations, who prefer to consume more content in the shortest possible time, in addition to the fact that these short form videos offer freshness, ingenuity and relevance on social platforms.

 Tik Tok could become the most important platform for marketing strategy


According to data from Hootsuite, in September 2021  TikTok surpassed one billion users, becoming the seventh most popular social media platform in the world and the fourth most popular social media platform after Instagram. Another interesting fact is that Google Search Trends points out that TikTok completely dominates the short form video content of Instagram.

Brands are increasingly investing in marketing strategy with Tik Tok, a platform that introduced several useful social media listening tools for businesses in 2021 and 2022, including business profiles, digital advertising, and a creator marketplace. This could be the reason why companies feel more optimistic about this social media channels that will undoubtedly be a trend for sales on every other social media platforms.

Businesses will have to carry out paid advertising on social media platforms


This social media trend existed for a few years in social media channels, but it is maintained for the future since up to 43% of brands consider that organic reach has decreased and therefore believe that they should increase their budgets for paid advertising.

The reality is that the average organic reach of a post on Instagram is 5.2%, which means that only 5% of the followers of a page can see your posts without advertising investment.

With the decrease in organic reach, advertising campaigns on social media channels will have greater value since they will allow brands to approach users based on their tastes, interests and behaviors. In this sense, Instagram will launch tools that focus on user engagement through the use of artificial intelligence that support this type of campaign.

Get ready to compete in the creation of content for social media channels


Social commerce through social media platforms are becoming more competitive and it becomes more difficult for a campaign to be successful since brands generate high-quality content that manages to capture the attention of social media users.
Factors such as the age of community members and the type of product must be taken into account when designing a successful social media campaign; however, brands can succeed within their niches if they offer quality and creativity in their messages, as well as having. They have to have well-defined marketing strategy and analyze what causes or political positions they decide to join.

Shorter campaigns, with relevance and personalization


One of the trends in social media platforms is that campaigns reduce their duration and become shorter since the active users on social platforms can quickly get tired of advertising messages on the platforms, which is why it is recommended to constantly renew social media publications on said platforms. spaces.

Another recommendation for social media success is that brands produce personalized and relevant content, which is designed for micro-audiences, with the aim to increase community engagement.

Social Media Trends 2023

It will be key for businesses to invest in customer service via social channels


In a Nielsen survey commissioned by Instagram, 64% of people said they would rather send a message on social media than call a business on the phone. In this sense, it is expected that 60% of all customer service requests will be managed through customer service channel in 2023.

However, despite the increase in demand, many organizations are not yet ready to offer effective customer service through social media as up to 71% of brands admit that they do not invest in improving their customer service through social media.

If you need to manage your social media marketing you would like us to build your online presence through website design or eCommerce web development or optimizing your SEO results. Si3 Digital is here to help you.




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