SSL Certificate for eCommerce Website

You already know that, when it comes to thinking about an eCommerce Solutions, the first thing that comes to mind missiles, in this article we have given you many tips so that this occurs even though it is not an easy task. For this, we need to generate confidence and security to the user who enters our e-commerce website. A few weeks ago we gave you some advice about this having security seals are really important.

However, today we want to go further and talk in-depth about SSL security certificates. Many will sound Chinese and others, you will know it well, but Si3 Digital always bring you the information that can help you, we will explain a little about what they are and where to find them at a reasonable price.

What is the SSL Security Certificate

An SSL certificate serves to provide security to the visitor of your eCommerce Solutions, a way to tell your customers that the site is authentic, real, and reliable to enter personal data. The acronym SSL responds (Secure Socket Layer), which is a security protocol that makes your data travel in an integral and secure way, that is, the transmission of data between a server and a web user, and in feedback, it is fully encrypted or encrypted.

That is to say, that an e-commerce website obtains the SSL certificate implies that the user who wants to make a purchase within it knows with certainty that the offered data (personal and banking) are only seen by him and the e-commerce website, and nobody in the network can access them.

How could we explain this in a very simple way? Very easy, the SSL certificate is like the Emirates ID, as in Dubai, UAE, to identify ourselves we need a document that certifies who we are. On the Internet, SSL, like the Emirates ID, shows users that you are a legit person, it is the “official” document that ensures that this server is Google’s and not an impostor. And to be official there must be an authority behind which we trust: the SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates In addition, these certificates also help SEO positioning of an e-commerce website design, if you have read correctly: help SEO positioning of your page. But how? Well for a while now, Google has decided that it will “reward” those companies that are safe, through these certificates.

Even if you have dared to launch a campaign in the e-commerce website Dubai, one of the essential requirements is that your online store website starts with: https: // … We do not know about you, but we are clear that it is a VERY weighty reason to get one sooner.

Where to find the security certificate?

Those who have been working with Si3 Digital, we provide e-commerce website hosting & SSL certificate FREE of cost for the first year, although it is somewhat more expensive than some, works very well and does not cause problems.

SSL Certificate in Dubai

Some will ask what is a dedicated IP, usually, when you have an e-commerce website on a shared server, the server has an IP and is shared by all the eCommerce websites of that server. When you acquire an SSL with dedicated IP, it means that this e-commerce web design is authentic with this SSL and has a dedicated IP.

We hope that it has helped you to understand a little more security on the eCommerce Solutions and what it entails: trust in the user. 


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