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Web Design Process

Will this be your first time working with web design agency?

Designing a website, especially when it comes to your first website, is not that easy . Most of all, It could be compared as when a little kid gets to a candy store and rushes from one candy to another, not knowing which one to choose and how much of it. From the heart of each, with at least two handfuls.

In the case of a website, the choice is at least as wide in terms of tools and opportunities as in a candy shop. For your first website, you could get lost in the large selection, we tend to put a lot on our site at once, at least the temptation is great.

From a wide variety of fonts, color schemes, effects, and more. we can choose. Just as a good parent instigates a greedy child in the store with restraint, a good Web Design Agency Dubai

reminds his client of the “candy store effect”.

You have no idea, no idea?

If you do not have a specific idea before creating a website, let us know! Gather information on the topic, visit sites of your competitor, get ideas, get inspired by the design and the theme!

This is completely natural. If the customer doesn’t do this, the web design agency will probably catch it. The web design agency works with the owner of the website. The goal is common: a well-used website that meets the needs of the website owner, is functional, easy to navigate, and so on. creation.

Sometimes the website owner comes up with ideas , shows a page or more that he really likes and he wants something similar. There is nothing wrong with that! In fact! Helps the web designing companies. It is easier to design the look and structure if we know what the customer wants.

A good web design agency will tell the client if something is limping , such as if the theme and colors hit each other, the font is not right here or the structure you imagined will not be effective, and so on.

A sensible customer will accept the changes. If we have made the necessary changes and the customer is still satisfied, we can continue the work, create website mock-up design from which the customer can see about what the page will look like and approve the continuation.

When the picture is put together

Here we arrive at the point where from here the customer only provides the content (text and image). At this stage of the work, it is no longer fortunate for the client to come up with more and more ideas about the website designs, bringing more and more websites as a sample, whatever he wants.

Especially if it is the exact opposite of the plan already approved! Of course, you can start all over again, from the beginning, but it is feared that there will still be websites that you will like even more and that another change will be needed.

It is not certain that “redesigning” the whole page will increase the efficiency of the page as much as we spend time and energy on it. Especially if we started with a well thought out plan in the beginning. Put these ideas away, implement them in next website. Although it is possible that you will like new trends again….

A website is never ready

You always have to work on it: update the content, update it from time to time with a new design, follow other technical changes… etc.

In summary , the client can best help the web design agency if they follow the process…

Web Design Agency Process





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