Why Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a Must Have for your Business

Virtually every transaction, whether commercial with third parties or internal, in a company, requires documentary support. From invoices and purchase orders to workers’ compensation are necessary documents that require information storage and care system.

Document Management is understood as the set of technologies and techniques used to manage the documents of a company or organization. The mission is to manage the flow of these documents throughout their life cycle. It should be noted that no official document can be discarded since these are necessary for audits and analysis of company processes.

An efficient document management system aims to bring the physical storage of documents to the digital plane, which implies a substantial improvement in various aspects of the administration of a company. The system also aims at the process of searching and organizing documents, as well as data and general information in its various formats.

By implementing document management technologies, your company will be able to make the use of information more efficient, having timely information, and reducing costs. Better management of existing documentation will undoubtedly increase the productivity of your organization.


For a document management system to function optimally and be useful to the organization, it must comply with two very important security measures. The first is related to the integrity of the documents since it is the support of the company’s activities, it is necessary that they are kept in good condition and that the loss of these, either physically or digitization, is avoided.

To this we must add the guarantee of restricted access to information, that is, only authorized people can access certain documents. At Si3 Digital we know the importance of timely and efficient information management for the development of your company, which is why we offer a reliable system that facilitates access to documentation and allows you to focus your efforts on providing better services to your clients.


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