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5 tips to avoid fraud in your ecommerce website development

The e-commerce website development is growing in large proportions in Dubai, but most consumers still afraid to use e-commerce , for fear of having their personal information disclosed or go through scams and web fraud. So it is important that the business invests in online security tools to protect the purchasing customer , and also protect against cyber criminals.

To avoid headaches in your business and work with a totally secure system, we have prepared 5 tips to avoid fraud in your online store. Check it:

1. Migrate to Higher Quality Domain Hosting

In order to meet consumer demand, without losing security, it is important that the ecommerce website development migrate to a higher quality server that also offers greater flexibility and availability to customers. After all, none of them will insist on buying from ecommerce website that lives locking and does not meet their needs, correct?

This is important to elevate the ecommerce website reputation and attract honest customers, as well as to retain the old ones. With a high-quality hosting, you can work with a complete database and updated with the information of each consumer , from the simplest to the most complex, such as:

  • Customer email
  • Shopping Habits
  • IP address
  • Frequency of visits to your ecommerce website
  • Region where the customer resides

All these data, when brought together, help the e-commerce website database to establish the level of risk of each sale, which minimizes the chances of fraud and damage to the store, as well as suitable consumers (especially in the case Purchases with cloned card).Since all of this information needs to be checked out quickly, it is critical that the ecommerce website development is quick and can handle all information quickly and efficiently, to approve the purchase without delay and to avoid dropping out of the way.

2. Bet on visibility of ecommerce website information

One point that usually generates great fear on the part of the most distrustful consumers, is when they enter a certain ecommerce website and do not see any type of information about it.To gain the trust of these customers, it is best to give the maximum visibility to your store information, such as the corporate name, contact numbers, and address. This implies a greater awareness of ecommerce website, and leaves visitors more tranquil and secure in relation to the seriousness of e-commerce website.Another attitude that helps a lot to increase the visibility of ecommerce website and let interested customers, is betting on marketing : profile in social networks, a Customer Service efficient and chat in which it can communicate with ecommerce website, And any other contact channels that you can make available.Thus, the consumer feels more confidence in ecommerce website and manages to make his purchases online without fear!

3. View security certifications and stamps on your site

The security seal guarantees to the customer that the e-commerce website with which he is dealing, it is a suitable site, in which he can buy without fear of affecting his security online.Some certificates are even mandatory for online stores, such as SSL, which is essential for e-commerce to request and store personal information for each user.Obviously, such security requires an investment, but it also ensures increased sales, reduced fraud, and increased customer reliability. So let the visible security certificate in the layout of your page .Betting on an armoured site with quality seals also helps to increase ecommerce website reputation by attesting that it is safe, which leaves potential consumers more comfortable shopping, without fear of theft of your personal information.

4. Invest in a privacy policy

All e-commerce website must have a suitable privacy policy and visible to all who access the site, in a broad and clear way, not to generate any type of doubt. When the customer walks into the store and sees the privacy policy stamped in as much detail as possible, he knows that the store takes into account consumer data protection and online security. Never stop using this resource to your advantage!

5. Have a secure ecommerce payment solution

Many people only make a purchase from ecommerce website if the payment method is secure. And the truth is that these people have reason to think so because it is precisely the time to pay that criminals act and steal customer data. So to ensure greater online security at this stage of the purchase, you have to offer the consumer several payment options so that he can make his own decisions more easily. So it is important that the ecommerce website you prefer to opt for companies that provide complete, with measures aimed at online security retailers and customers, such as certificates, authentication layers, seals and secure payment options.

The integration of this platform with its e-commerce website is important for the business, who reduces the amount of fraud on his ecommerce website, and also for the customer who realizes that it is an ecommerce website, where he can make his purchases without fear. Anyway, all the measures that business can take to ensure the online security of your business and with regard to your customers, are valid. After all, in addition to loyalty to your older customers, these tools end up attracting new customers to your store, strengthening your brand!

And you, how have you dealt with online security in your ecommerce website? Do you have any questions? Then contact Web: or Call +971 4 4273715 or and discuss all your requirement and needs related questions!


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