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Digital transformation for managers: 8 skills you must have

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Do you consider yourself a manager? The digital transformation is a reality and as a principal consultant, are you ready to design and tackle a successful digital strategy? If your answer is yes, congratulations. You can consider yourself a good manager.

However, if your answer is negative, perhaps it is time to start improving your digital transformation skills because the internet is already practically the most important communication and sales channel that exists.

And as a manager, your company needs to have leaders with digital transformation skills that allow them to increase their sales day by day.

There is no doubt that the digital transformation is being implemented every day in the business sector, however at the level of roles and jobs, there are still many managers and CEOs of SMEs and large companies that still lack the direct digital transformation skills or adequate digital skills.

Companies and departments of SALES invest large sums annually in strategic training of their employees, but they forget to train the one that has more relevance in the company: the managerial transformation for managers

Importance of digital transformation for managers

The digital transformation for managers is a basic reality for any company. A manager and even more a marketing director must be qualified in digital transformation skills that allow you to optimize online sales processes and design successful strategies for your company.

  • In this way, the results of your company will increase thanks to you
  • Thanks to your digital transformation skills, you will be able to improve the communication processes with your potentials and clients
  • Because a global vision of the strategy will allow you to address new business niches with less effort and more profitability
  • But above all, because the new generations are very prepared and in a short time many managers will see that they are nothing more than fossils in this digital world.

Digital transformation for managers: What are digital skills or ICT skills?

We could define the digital management skills as those knowledge, methodologies, and processes related to the internet that a CEO or manager should learn and implement in his company with the aim of designing strategies aimed at improving communication and sales in his company.

After all, Digital Transformation requires first of all managers to start the entire digital process and direct it, directing and leading their work teams to full implementation in the company.

That’s why, CEO’s, marketing directors (and in general all the management teams) should adopt digital transformation skills before anyone else, enabling them to effectively lead and lead their company on the road to digital.

Digital transformation: 8 key skills for a manager

1.- Global vision of the business strategy

The Internet is one of the main channels of communication and sale today. Understanding this happens to be the first digital ability of a manager since the objective is to take advantage of the full potential offered by the network.

The key is to understand that communication and sales strategy is unique. Although there are an online channel and another offline channel (commercial, stores, distributors, etc.), the strategy must be the same.

And in the same way, all these channels must be complemented and worked in combination. Strategy, processes, and people must simultaneously tackle the same objective: the sale.

2.- Digital transformation: Customer orientation and customer experience

Perhaps one of the most complicated digital skills to acquire especially in larger companies.

Customer orientation means understanding that our company no longer sells products or services, but covers the needs of a customer. Under this perspective, we must understand that the new marketing no longer speaks only of commercial transactions, but of an emotional, personalized and relational sale.

Therefore, the customer has to be always the center of the entire commercial universe, everything revolves around it since it is already 100% digital.

“Search, inform, compare and buy from any device, you do not want to waste time and it is increasingly demanding because there is a lot of information on the Internet.”

The digital managerial skills in this sense are directed to know how to direct all the strategy of communication and sale of the company not in function of the good that is our products or services, but in the benefit that they will produce (or satisfaction, improvements, yields, etc.) for the client.

If we talk about user experience, digital skills are aimed at transmitting to the entire development, design and online sales team that the web has to be a simple, friendly and easy to navigate the environment.

We want the user to buy on our website so you have to make it easy for him, make him find what he is looking for where he thinks he needs to be and also facilitate that he can buy it quickly.

Your user experience on our website has to be memorable, otherwise, it will be easy to leave and go to the competition.

3.- Design an effective strategy for digital transformation: The Sales Funnel

A manager in a role focused on the sale (CEO, marketing director, commercial director, etc.) Yes or yes you have to know digital marketing. Therefore, you must be able to design effective sales strategies that perfectly combine the sales channels offered by the internet.

The sales funnel sums up perfectly how a sales strategy should be designed. If you still do not know what a Sales Funnel is, I will tell you that it is a strategic and fundamental tool for any company that will allow us:

  • Increase quality traffic to your website
  • Enhance the volume of Leads or sales opportunities

And all this through the optimization of processes on the web, always working to accompany and guide visitors in the purchase process through the use of various tools and channels (SEO, social networks, Lead Magnet, Marketing Automation, etc.).

We could also say that a sales funnel is one of the main digital skills to implement on your company:

  • Barely have enough traffic to get sales
  • You have many visits, but you can not turn them into customersdigital transformation

4.- The digital transformation for managers implies a communication aimed at selling on the internet

Certain management positions should bet very seriously to incorporate digital skills focused on improving their communication over the Internet.

Perhaps in a large company does not have excessive relevance (as long as you know what to do) but in an SME or company where the manager is part of a marketing department in charge of boosting sales, this digital transformation competence is fundamental.

Sales-oriented communication is a digital management skill that needs several points to work properly:

  • Knowledge of SEO Positioning: Not as digital skills to do positioning, but to understand the importance of this in a global context. The premise to learn is “If you do not appear on Google, you do not exist”, so it is fundamental to guide all the work online of the company towards an effective SEO.
  • Writing skills for search engines: Writing on the Internet is radically different from writing for a publication. Therefore, Google’s rules and recommendations, keywords, and other relevant aspects must be taken into account. In addition, knowing how to build and maintain a blog is already a digital skill of the first level in importance.
  • Communication on the internet is global: This means that you should not limit yourself to just one channel, but you should take advantage of the full potential of the web, the blog, social networks, mailing and even make press releases online (among others) to enhance your corporate communication.

5.- Digital transformation of managers: Importance of social networks

This may not seem like a top-level digital leadership skill, but I assure you that it is.

In the first place, a manager must understand that social networks are not an aspect that can be managed by “my son who knows Facebook” or “that employee who has plenty of time”.

Social networks, although they will not serve you to achieve organic sales (in a sustainable way over time), are one of the best communication channels in which we can act.

Reflect for a minute. What another form of communication is going to allow you to reach your potential clients, knowing their name and surnames, their tastes, interests and real needs, also being able to get into conversations with them?

Trust me. There is no other channel today that allows you this.

For this, you will need to work this digital skill in two ways:

  • Know how to use social networks at the corporate level professionally and appropriately
  • Involve yourself on a personal level (as a managerial role) and take on social networks as a form of personal – corporate communication.

6.- Importance of personal brand management for the digital transformation of managers

At a general level, there are still few CEOs and managers who have a relevant personal brand today.

Personal branding is one of the most personal digital skills that you will have to work on and one of the most important ones you will achieve (getting a good personal brand can cost you more than a year of intense and continuous work).

When talking about personal branding, we talk about visibility, relevance, and values that will be associated with your person and profile (manager) and that will show the company you are working for.

In the end, the personal brand always helps to reflect the corporate brand that is behind, so we can say that this digital competence is also very important for an address profile.

What kind of communication are you offering about yourself and your brand? Do you work properly your social networks, are you an example to follow for your company? Do you have a professional profile on Linkedin?

I think that, at this point, you have a lot of work to do.

If you want to know more about personal branding , that is, how to work it and even examples of professionals who have worked their personal branding effectively, click on the previous link.

7.- Social Selling: The most “social” digital skill

Have you heard of Social Selling? Well, it is also a digital management skill with great importance today, since it combines many of the skills we have seen before.

Basically the Social Selling tells us how we should “sell” through social networks in a proper and effective way.

It is no longer worth following a profile on Linkedin and harassing commercial messages or doing exactly the same on Facebook.

As a digital skill, social selling promotes a new way of selling on social networks, where the main point is the value that you are able to contribute to your community and your users.

That is why it is a way of selling (much more effective) that is based on communication. The contents have a lot to say, as well as the personal brand and the perception of yourself and your company that you are able to transformation for managers

8.- Analysis of results and KPI’s: a need for the digital transformation of managers

A complex and extremely important digital management skill, because it tells us how to identify the appropriate metrics and KPIs to measure the results of everything we do in the company on the Internet.

Sales, abandonments of the shopping cart, traffic to the web, Leads achieved, results of campaigns, the behavior of our public …

There are many metrics that a company may have to analyze, but as a manager, you must select the most important ones.

Let your team be responsible for those of day to day (SEO, social networks, mailings, etc), you need to see only those that will indicate how your business is working online in broad strokes.

Think that as a manager one of your functions is to make decisions. And since you can not decide on what you can not measure, you must acquire this digital transformation skill as soon as possible to start working on a strategic decision making that makes the company a significant level jump.

What did you think of this article? How many digital managerial skills of which we have quoted work in your day to day? I hope they are enough, in any case for any questions or comments we are at your disposal.

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