Integrated Payment Online

What we call “conversion” is none other than the payment by credit card or debit card & if you are providing secured and certified Electronic Payment System on eCommerce website, Customers will spend more willingly and conveniently. Although for small businesses or Start-ups there is another method is known as Cash on Delivery (COD) probably one of the least used methods in online shops. In Cash on Delivery model Online Shop Owners send the goods first and then collect the cash via the courier who makes the delivery, resulting in increased rates. For this reason, it is usually used for local business. The user, once fill the cart with the product or service that interest him, completes the purchase. After filling in the form to indicate the shipping or billing information, it concludes the transaction: In general, the sites allow the user to choose the payment method. And to choose between different options is a way to attract more customers..

What is Merchant Accounts?

In almost all eCommerce / Online Store, when a user has to pay, the Payment Gateway asks the user for payment through Credit Card / Debit Card and transfers the amount from the buyer’s bank account to seller’s merchant account. Basically every time you make transactions the bank acts as an intermediary and communicates to the operator’s eCommerce site where it confirms the Payment Status.


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Payment Gateway Providers in Dubai

Usually the user does not want to provide your card details to a site whatever, but he trusts on to known the Payment Gateway Providers credibility. In addition, Payment Gateway Providers in Dubai allows payment by various credit cards. And in case of any fraud happens on your credit card? Responsibility lies with the Payment Gateway Provider that maintains the historical record of bank transactions.

When Can I Get Hold Of My Funds?

There may also be a minimum amount of working days required when you initiate the fund transfer. So be sure to check with the payment gateway provider on the time frame needed in case you want the funds urgently to be transferred in merchant account

Simplifying Online Payments for a Local & Global Business

Do You Need Help Setting Up Your Payment Gateway?

The integration with a payment system is not child’s play: it must be done very carefully to avoid any defects. In fact any security bugs can affect relationships with customers. We are true experts in the integration of secure payment gateway, conform to industry standards such as PCI, DSS and many others. Si3 provides complete end to end eCommerce consulting for payment gateway integration to your online store. We integrate different Payment Gateway Systems for our customers, If you are interested to Register for Payment Gateway following Information will be useful.