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SEO Packages Dubai

Our SEO packages are designed to push your website onto the first page of Google. This, in turn, boosts exposure & engagement, which then leads to more lead generation, sales, and conversion rates.

Key Benefits of SEO Packages to Boost your Business online


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Affordable SEO Packages in Dubai

Habibi, If you’ve come this far, we know you are here because you want a continuous presence on top of Google for your website or eCommerce store. Let us help you enter the spotlight and dominate your industry with result-driven SEO service packages!

All website owners don’t have to rely on costly Google Ads to stay on top, our SEO company in Dubai will help you soar to the top of SEO ranking, increasing your online visibility whether you want to be found by local customers, customers in your region, or customers from all over the world, we’ve got you covered with our affordable SEO packages in Dubai.

In case it is your first time or you are looking for a new solution after a disappointing experience with freelancers or other cheap SEO companies. We strongly advise you to subscribe to one of our result-driven SEO pricing packages per month and watch your web traffic skyrocket and your brand visibility reaches new heights with more sales!

SEO Packages in Dubai
Award Winning Search Engine Optimization Company in Dubai

We will Grow Your Business with Desirable Results on
Major Search Engines!!

Get ready to reach on top of the search engine results with Si3 Digital’s strategies! Whether you’re a local company in Dubai, looking to connect with clients in your neighborhood, a global brand with big plans for the world, or an eCommerce business ready to boost more leads, we’ve got affordable SEO services in Dubai for you. By carefully analyzing your unique business needs and target audience, we help you create different SEO packages that get results. Say goodbye to lost page views and hello to a brighter, more successful online future with Si3 Digital.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO

Be visible & sell more in the local market in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, or where ever you wish to sell in UAE.

International SEO Services Dubai

International SEO

Rank your website in other GCC or MENA region countries and increase your ranking outside of Google.AE.

eCommerce SEO Service

E-Commerce SEO

Make your eCommerce website visible to the target audience, those who are looking for what you are selling.

SEO Packages Dubai

Our affordable SEO packages in Dubai are the best economical solution for any digital marketing plan. It establishes trust, builds domain authority, and lays the foundation for successful digital marketing strategies for your brand visibility.


AED 1,250

Ideal for Low Competition

One Time


AED 2,499

Ideal for Medium Competition

One Time


AED 4,999

Ideal for High Competition

One Time

Inside Your SEO Package in Dubai: What's Included?

We are proud to be a leading SEO company in Dubai UAE, trusted by businesses of all sizes to enhance their target keywords’ visibility and drive guaranteed results. Our Dubai SEO dedicated team keeps you ahead of the curve, utilizing the latest on-page SEO, and off-page technology, and techniques to deliver truly effective services.

We really care about making sure your webpage shows up in search results. Our special processes work like a magic potion for your web pages! It helps your site become super popular, and it gets a top SEO ranking on search engines like Google and other search engines. We have an amazing team right here in Dubai, UAE, who will look at your ranking very carefully and make it even better. Your webpages will become the best it can be! You’ll beat all the other websites and find leads from search engines. Get ready for an awesome adventure with us! Let’s make your website rank on first page!

General Audit: Laying the Foundation

Initially, we do a special check-up called a “website SEO general audit” for your web pages. We look at over 25 SERP factors that affect how you shows up on the internet. Then, we fix any problems we find to make your site even better! We also use “Google Analytics” and “Google Tag Manager” to see how many people visit your site and what they do there. With our digital marketing team’s help, your website will be super popular and reach its full potential. Let’s make your webpages shine and stand out from the rest!

Keyword Research: The Pillars of Success

When we work on making websites better, we do “keyword research” It’s like being a detective on the internet and finding relevant keywords that people use when they want to search for stuff. This keyword research helps us make the web page easy to be found on search engines like Google and other search engines. We look at three important things: making sure selected keywords match what people are looking for, that lots of people use these keywords when searching, and competitor analysis. And guess what? We always provide customized solutions for your website SEO.

On-Page Optimization: Enhancing Website Elements

Once we have a plan in place, we start content optimization! We work on more than 50 important things to make sure your website shows up well on search engines. We make sure your website has the right titles, descriptions, headers, and images. We also make sure there are no broken links and that your website loads quickly. All these things help your website become more popular and easier to find online (search engine).

Indexing: Ensuring Proper Crawling

Making sure your website is properly indexed is really important so that people can easily find it on search engines. We make sure all the important files that tell search engines about your website are set up just right. We also fix any duplicate web pages and errors that might be on your website. All of these things help your website show up better on search engines and get more visitors!

Off-Page Optimization: Building Authority

Off-page optimization is all about things outside your website that can help your SEO ranking. We do some cool stuff like to make your website more popular! We create awesome content (article writing) that people love and share, and that helps your website get more famous on the internet. We also get rid of any bad links that might be hurting your website. And we keep an eye on all the links coming in and going out to see if there are any new chances for your website to become even more popular. It’s link-building to make your website popular in search results!

Local SEO Services: Targeting Local Audience

Local positioning is super important when people search for things nearby. We do optimize your website to show up when someone looks for stuff in your area. So, if you have a local business, we’ll help more people find it easily. It’s like putting a spotlight on your business in your neighborhood!

Technical SEO: Identifying Weaknesses

Imagine your website going to the doctor for a check-up! We do that too but for websites. Our special check-up is called a “technical audit.” We look for any problems that could make your website not show up well on search engine results. We check how fast your website works, if it looks good on phones, and if there’s any repeat content. It’s like making sure your website is healthy and strong!

Backlink Analysis and Acquisition: Building Authority

Backlinks are like good friends for your website, they can help it become more popular! But just like we avoid bad company, we also need to avoid toxic links from spam sites because they can make your website sick. So, we will check all the links on your website and make sure they are good ones. We even make new friends (high-quality backlinks) to help your website become even better!

Google Tools: Harnessing Essential Data

Imagine Google Analytics and Google Search Console as super cool detectives that help us with your website SEO. They show us important information about our website’s visitors and which words they search for the most. They also tell us how well our content marketing is doing and which places are the most popular. So with their help, we can make our website even better and know what our visitors like the most!

Best SEO Service Tools


Delivered 100% Success Rates

Small Businesses and large companies hire Si3 Digital for SEO Dubai to assist with increasing their overall organic traffic and sales through top website rankings.

Hardco GroupUAE-en 
Tensile Fabric Roof Contractor UAE1
PTFE Fabric Structure UAE1
ETFE Foil Structure Manufacturer UAE3
Wood Paints supplier UAE2
Steel Structure fabricator in UAE4
Dr Zaks Peanut Butter UAE1
Oatein Dubai 1
Proteinos Abu Dhabi1
X50 Chips UAE1
JBC Nutrition UAE1
Atlas ElevatorsUAE-ar en 
Hospital Elevators in Dubai1
Internal Home Elevators UAE1
Panoramic Lifts Al Ain1
مصاعد المنزلية1
مصاعد خارجية في الامارات1
Antics LandUAE-en 
Antics Land Sharjah1
Antics Land1
Amusement Parks in Sharjah1
Sharjah Amusement Park1
Theme Parks in Sharjah1
Saha Al ShifaUAE-en 
Circumcision Surgery in Sharjah1
Cholestesctrol Test in Sharjah1
Daycare Surgery in Sharjah1
Hypertension Doctors in Sharjah1
Diabeties Doctors in Sharjah 1
Hill SideUAE-en 
Hillside Luxury Villas Dubai1
Hillside Villas Dubai1
Luxury Houses in Hillside Dubai1
High-End Villas Dubai 1
Golf Developments in Dubai 1
Local SEO Dubai Agency

Expert SEO Company That Knows Google!!

Ready for SEO Pricing Packages?

How can Dubai SEO Packages increase online sales or leads?

To supercharge your online presence with our SEO packages. Our goal is simple yet powerful: driving the right users to your website and boosting your visibility on search engines. We use relevant keywords that perfectly represent your small business, giving your website the edge it needs to soar on search engine result pages. When potential customers search for products or services related to your website, they’ll find you at the top of search engine results pages, ready to captivate organic traffic and turn them into loyal customers.

Build Trust in Your Brand

Our Dubai-based SEO company helps you build content marketing strategies with high-quality content (article writing) to enhance conversion rates. If you rank higher on search engines, it means more traffic, and we’ll show you how to engage visitors with interactive chat options and social media links. Be there for your customers, and they’ll be there for you.

User-Friendly Experience

As a leading SEO agency in UAE, we know that user experience is key to success. That’s why we ensure your website is a breeze to navigate, boasts an eye-catching design, and loads fast. Google loves user-friendly sites, and so will its visitors.

Boost Conversion on your Website

Our all-encompassing optimization approach covers everything from attracting relevant users with internal links and top-notch content optimization. The result? Trust and credibility are automatically instilled in your customers, and that means more conversions and sales.

Sky Rocket Your Brand Value

As people start to put their trust in your brand, its value will soar to new heights. You’ll become a go-to choice for customers, and your business website reputation will speak volumes.

Best SEO Pricing & Packages Dubai

Our SEO packages are designed with small businesses in mind, offering exceptional digital marketing value starting from just AED 1,249 to AED 4,999 per month. We understand your unique needs, goals, and competition, and we’re here to make it work for you.

Customized Solutions to Your SEO Needs

Each of our search engine optimization packages comes with its own set of unique activities on a monthly basis, carefully tailored to suit your SEO requirements. Contact us, so you can make an informed decision. Our dedicated in-house team is available round-the-clock, ready to answer your questions and kick-start your SEO journey with a bang.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your products or services and business competition. Do you have less competition? Then the ‘Starter SEO plan’ is a perfect choice. Are there more competitors active or do you want to be found nationwide? In that case, the ‘Standard SEO plan’ is probably the right choice. Are you in a market where competition is fierce or do you have a reasonably large website? Then start with the ‘Business SEO plan’.

Our best SEO services in Dubai are all about keyword research, competitor analysis, fixing meta tags and fixing broken links, content development for landing pages with internal linking, conducting outreach for link building, adjusting technical SEO on-page optimization issues, and building the on-page relevancy of a website, it naturally takes time to reflect search engine visibility. There is no shortcut to it. Within the first 60 – 90 days, of SEO service work, you can see desired SEO ranking. On a monthly basis, targeted traffic will start to come in with the right keywords and phrases.

Regular SEO page optimization is very important for any international or local businesses because it helps to establish credibility and trust in front of your visitors. An SEO-friendly website that ranks high on search results is seen as trustworthy and authoritative, and this can increase the likelihood that people will choose your business website over your competitor. This credibility can translate into lead generation, which is a critical factor for a long-term digital marketing strategy. Additionally, Google and other search engines like high-quality content of web pages (on-page optimization), user-friendly engagement, and an authoritative link-building approach when determining its Google ranking. By regularly investing in SEO optimization for business growth, you will demonstrate to both search engines and potential clients that your web pages are credible and valuable, it will help to build your brand and rank higher over time.

Our SEO package differs purely on the number of phrases and monthly on-page and off-page activities. For example, within the package ‘Starter’ there are 10 keywords in total of which 5 are primary and 5 are secondary keywords, while with the SEO package ‘Standard’ there are a total of 20 keywords, of which 10 are primary and 10 secondary keywords. Naturally, the package ‘Business’ is between 20 – 40 keywords. Lastly, the main difference among all 3 packages is the number of keywords and volume of monthly optimization activities.

SEO packages are not the push of a magic button, an SEO agency requires at least 3 to 6 months of optimization work on the web pages. This also gives search engines time to follow the improvements on relevant keywords. 3 to 6 months is usually the minimum time it takes to see search results with organic traffic.

Si3 Digital provides local search engine optimization services in a Business SEO package. We will optimize your GMB with competitive keywords and social media optimization to increase traffic from the local map pack and being found by clients in your area (near me).

Unlike others, we provide reasonable SEO costs in Dubai with 100% ethical SEO services in Dubai UAE. Our commitment to quality and solution-driven SEO package delivery is unlike any other SEO agency that is pursuing the best SEO services within Dubai UAE.

If you subscribe to our SEO plans in Dubai, we promise to do our best to optimize your website rank on the first page of search engines. However, we can’t promise that your business website will always be at the top of SEO ranking – nobody can make that guarantee. Search engine ranking can be influenced by optimization factors outside of our control, such as Google’s algorithm. So, be cautious if any best SEO company promises top website rankings on Google.

After subscription to the search engine optimization services, Si3 Digital will assign you a dedicated account manager for your SEO and social media optimization campaign (optional). A list of deliverables per your SEO package, including web design admin panel credentials, prior performed keyword research (optional), Google Analytics & Google webmaster credentials. After provision of all the needful, the SEO package will initiate website optimization for desired results on major search engines.

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