Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Si3 is one of the Top Mobile Apps Developers in UAE. Our approach to the development of tuneable mobile applications to achieve viral success will allow you to have a sustainable added value measurable over time. Before we start to build your amazing idea we first protect it by signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for developing custom software and more specifically the development of their mobile applications with a responsible, interdisciplinary and experience to achieve the objectives of your mobile app, team Si3 Digital are committed with this. Our experts accompany you in defining its strategy of mobility, making education services, “mentoring”, design and implementation of mobile development architectures. This support, advice and technological support “on demand” are guaranteed by the high level of expertise of our specialists.

Research and strategy

First of all, it is necessary to answer the question: “Why?”. What goals do you expect to achieve with the mobile app? Do you want to sell or want to create an image project? It is equally important to understand what uniqueness you will be offering for UAE market in which the client operates.

Mobile applications for businesses running iOS and Android to increase customer loyalty, sell services or organize processes within the company


UI / UX Design

Once the project goals are clear, we begin to develop the mobile interface. To this end, our experts first create a prototype of the future sections of the application, taking into account the characteristics of user behaviour is with mobile applications.

Programming and Testing

Once the design is ready, the application goes into the hands of developers – and mobile application programming begins. Specialists implement all our plans into practice, making the idea a reality. In the development of mobile applications, we use cutting-edge technologies that can create the quality project in a reasonable time.

We help to Make Sure Your App Is A Huge Success!Through Creative Ideas, Innovation & Sheer Determination


Now that the functional part of the work is completed, we will check applications for mobile devices on the quality and availability. When the product is brought to the ideal we hold placement in App Store, if it is of IOS mobile app, or on Google Play, if Android application. Of course, the launch of an application – this is only the beginning because now we need to work hard to make your customers know about it and use it.


By releasing a raw product, you run the risk of losing users. We emphasize: you cannot do without quality control! Taking the start at the stage of writing the specification, QA continues throughout the project. Having tested the work of the programs on different devices and versions of iOS or Android, we will catch the stealing errors. Only by eliminating bugs and making sure that the software works according to the requirements, let’s give a green light to the launch.

Launch and support

Distribute mobile software is best through the App Store and Google Play. That’s how you will find users. For the release, you need to build the build, prepare the media (screenshots, icons, promo) in the right format, write a description, select the title and send it to the review. This we easily take over.