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Be a part of your customers everyday life and establish a direct relationship with them! Social media marketing strategy for strong brand visibility can create real community inform your customers more quickly about promotion and new launch, create a real community around them.

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With us you will be more successful in social media!

We are not going to tell you that you must be active on social media platform. You probably know that yourself. Almost every business today is using social media services. As a matter of fact, social media marketing strategies has completely changed current clients purchasing behavior. Dubai Chamber of Commerce survey shows, 80% buyers search on social media platforms before buying a brand or services. Potential clients check for reviews, and recommendations before purchasing from the company or shop. Therefore, social media marketing is highly important for generating leads through professional digital presence on all social media platforms.

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Social Media Marketing Services with a Focus on Results

At Si3 Digital, our whole team accepts your business goals as challenge. We create result driven social media services to help you dominate in your industry. In other words, our social media agency UAE connects you with clients locally in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, and outside UAE. All in all, social media management services covers entire process of online advertising and community management to meet branding objectives: brand loyalty to brand visibility, from maintaining long term relationships with happy customers.

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The big question is which social media marketing Dubai platforms to select ? Each social platforms has unique characteristics and peculiarities that must be taken into consideration for brand reputation management.

Facebook Marketing

Our social media team is perfectly familiar with Facebook metrics and can gain a deeper insight into your digital marketing activities on social media platform. Social media advertising are undoubtedly a must for any brand in UAE hoping to succeed. To do this, it offers you several methods, such as brand pages, community management groups, and ads.

Users: Facebook welcomes, on average, 4 million users per month in Dubai.

Target: The gender most involved on social platform are 64% Men users and 36% women users, who are currently aged 25 to 34+

Recommendations: Norrmally, Facebook marketing is suitable for both B2B and B2C. By combining the best features of the main competing social platforms, Facebook offers tangible possibility to meet its target and make its contents visible.

Instagram Marketing

Increase your online visibility and attract quality leads with one of the largest visual social media platforms, Instagram. Instagram marketing allows brands to humanize their content to maintain long term relationships, showcase products or services, and inspire their audience. Hence, it is one of the best for social media marketing to promote new products and services in UAE.

Instagram Users:

The monthly average of Instagram active users are around 4.5 million in UAE; 

Target Audience:

Generation Z and Millennials are the core target at the moment with 15 to 55 years old (60% Men and 40% women). 

Recommendations: Mainly B2C, with greater attention to sectors such as eCommerce, entertainment, fashion, beauty, food and travel. Being the “visual” platform par excellence, it is the one that focuses more on content creation, on the importance of content.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn isn’t just for professional development and networking. As an entrepreneur or corporate business, LinkedIn is an invaluable addition to your social media strategy. It is a space that allows you to interact with clients, generate leads and improve your brand visibility. Plus, LinkedIn posts targets best results. It allows you to focus on a specific industry and the job role of your ideal clients.

LinkedIn Users: The monthly LinkedIn active users on average are around 5.70 million in Dubai UAE.

Target Audience: The core of its users is between 25 and 45 years, thus mainly professional background.

Companies: Mostly B2B, with particular attention to the marketing, HR, training, technology, and legal sectors. B2C brands are present on the platform, but to a lesser extent than B2B and now, more for reasons related to recruiting and the search for new employees.

Twitter Marketing

No matter the type of business you run, with Twitter marketing you can create a meaningful connection with your target audience. So, when leveraged strategically, your corporate Twitter account can help you engage your clients, increase your brand reach, and generate quality leads. If you’re already on Twitter and haven’t been able to increase your followers and brand loyalty, don’t panic! Our social media marketing agency in Dubai can will help you achieve lead generation.

Twitter Users: About 400 million monthly active users in Dubai UAE.

Target Audience:  Very heterogeneous, from 18 to 65 years, usually no later then.

Recommendations: Mainly B2C more focused on the government services, leading brands, or public sectors. On the user side, the main intention is to share information and news.

TikTok Marketing

If you are considering using TikTok to promote your brand services, you should identify your target audience very well. If they prefer fun, original, and viral videos, then including TikTok in your social media marketing strategies is a good option for you.

TikTok Users: TikTok currently has about 6.72 million monthly users in Dubai UAE.

Target Audience: Almost exclusively Generation Z, from 16 to 35 years.

Recommendations: Predominantly B2C, TikTok for businesses and creators combine entertainment, speed and simplicity, essential components for social listening strategies.


Google Business Profile Marketing

If you want to get noticed, you must build a presence on Google Business Profile. It allows you to describe the information of your business to be noticed more easily by a large number of interested people on Google search results. From this platform, you can publish texts, events, stories, images, polls, and videos to engage your audience and interact with the users who are looking for services and products that you offer.

Google Business Profile Users: Google Business Profile has a total of 4.3 million active users in the middle east.

Target Audience: It is used by almost 64% of all local businesses in Dubai UAE.

Recommendations: It deals with both, B2B and B2C. But B2B enterprises have typically profited little more than B2C, from local new customers searching on Google search results for products or services in their area.

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Entrust Your Business To Social Media Experts

We at Si3 Digital love offering social media marketing services, and above all we love when our clients succeed in achieving and exceeding marketing goals. Our collaboration with you as a customer is always unique. We adapt to your brand needs and wishes to ensure that our social media strategy could help in lead generation and increase revenue.

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Social Media Advertising & Social Influencer Marketing

We create cost effective social media advertising on all social platforms with influencer marketing campaigns in english arabic. Our social media team dig deep for higher conversion rates from inbound traffic. All together with micro and macro influencer marketing campaigns to reach 500,000 – 1,500,000 audience with high quality content. Overall, we manage social media campaigns for local and global brand; Marketing manager can count on our social media strategies throughout social media campaigns.

Art of Visual Story Telling with Photo Shoots & Video Creation

To build strong brand identity online, original photographs and video production best results in driving traffic. It elevates your brand identity through social media marketing campaigns. Precisely for this reason our dedicated team support clients in this phase also. We organize photographic sets at the client’s premises or in predefined locations, content creation (images and videos). 

Win more Business with Boutique Social Media Agency Dubai

Are you interested in marketing of your business services or would you like to have more information? Please feel free to start a  Live chat with Social Media experts.


Best Digital Marketing Agency for SME & Leading Brands

Today, it seems that social media is accessible to everyone, and that calling on top social media agencies in Dubai to manage social media campaigns is useless… And yet… Working with a digital marketing agency Dubai can bring real value to your business brand and help you achieve your marketing and brand goals faster at affordable price. If you are still not convinced to outsource your social media marketing, you can read more on the benefits you will get from hiring Si3 digital agency.

We follow latest trends

Our in house team constantly monitor current digital marketing trends, so they always help your business’s marketing communication with the latest solutions including email marketing.

We ensure your Social Presence

We provide social media content calendars for your business, so not a week goes by without your customers encountering your brand.

We Measure your Performance Marketing Strategy

We monitor the performance of account management month by month, so its lead generation impact can be continuously measured.

You have more questions
we’ll answer those for you.

Social media marketing encompasses all those activities and actions that aim to promote a brand through social media channels.

A social media marketing agency in Dubai build social media marketing strategies that include definition of social media services, the planning of relevant content and execution and the follow-up and survey of the reputation management.

Social platforms are used by leading brands to market services or brand products, from broadcasting their news, promoting offers and also carry out social media advertising campaigns.

We provide end to end account management to build, set up, and optimize inbound traffic as part of selected social media marketing plans.

We will give everyone a custom quote depending on the needs compiled in the free consultation and the characteristics of your business. In General, Si3 Digital’s Social Media Marketing Plans first month’s fee starts from AED 1,250 to AED 5,000 per month or more.

The packages are based on various social media handles, number of graphic design and animated posts on weekly or monthly, variety of paid advertising activities with community management support along with search engine optimization and email marketing campaigns.

It depends entirely on your goals, target group and channels that you use. If in doubt, give us a call or open the chat. We have a very quick turnaround time to arrange a call by in house team of customer services in multiple languages !

We work together social media strategy and set up content creation guidelines.

Yes. You need to sign up with social media agency for a minimum three-month of SMM Package subscription, which is then extended for another quarter, unless you cancel one month in advance. 


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