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Social Media Packages Dubai

Social media marketing has become an indispensable part of our lives. A total of 13.7 million UAE residents are active on at least 1 social media platform. This makes these marketing channels interesting for small businesses and large organizations. Thinking about using social media for your business? Then outsource to the best social media marketing agency in Dubai – Si3 Digital!

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    Looking for a way to make your social media shine? Our social media marketing packages are perfect for you! We’ll create content plan just for your targeted audience, taking care of everything from creating accounts to designing your feeds. With Hootsuite, we’ll even plan out your content months in advance. And if you have something newsworthy to share, you can always add it in at the last minute. Don’t spend your time worrying about social media marketing strategy or social media advertising let us handle it for you!

    Top Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai
    Affordable Social Media Agency in Dubai

    Social Media Marketing Services with a Focus on Results

    Do you want expert social media marketing services to make sure that people know about your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snap Chat and Tik Tok ? Then you can ask Si3 Digital for help! Our team know everything about social media and can help your company in lead generation.

    If you let Si3 Digital (best social media marketing agency) take care of your social media presence, we will do everything possible to build or maintain your brand’s online presence! Including online reputation management, community management, and online advertising You won’t have to worry about anything. Our dedicated account manager make sure that people see your company’s products and services on social media platforms. This way, you can focus on other important things while we make sure your company in Dubai looks really good on social media.

    Best Social Media Platforms for Your Business

    Social Media Agency Dubai

    Which social media platforms should you choose? Each social platforms are different, with its own special features that can help you build your brand and reputation. But don’t worry, we’ll help you figure out which ones are best for your business! We’ll take into account all the unique things about each platform and make sure you’re using them in the best way possible. With our social media marketing package, you’ll be a champion on all social media platforms!

    Facebook Marketing

    Our social media marketing team knows all about Facebook and how to make it work for you! We can help you understand what’s going on with your digital marketing on social media. If you want your brand to do well in the UAE, social media advertising is a must. And we’ve got lots of ways to help you do it, like brand pages, community management groups, and social media advertising. With our help, you’ll be able to get the most out of your social media and grow your brand!

    Facebook Users: Facebook welcomes, on average, 4 million users per month in Dubai, Sharjah and across UAE.

    Target Audience (Social Listening): The gender most involved on social platform are 64% Men users and 36% women users, who are currently aged 25 to 34+

    Recommendations: Facebook is great for both businesses and regular people? It’s true! Facebook has some of the best features from all the other social platforms. That means it provide access to reach your target audience and make sure they see what you’re posting. Whether you’re a business trying to sell things to other businesses (B2B) or you’re just selling it to consumer (B2C), Facebook is the way to go!

    Instagram Marketing

    Want more people to see what you’re posting online? Try using Instagram! It’s a really big social media platform where you can share pictures and videos. And when you use Instagram for advertising your brand, you can create content more relatable and build strong relationships with your audience. You can show off your products or services, and even inspire customers to try new things! If you’re in the UAE and you want to promote posts (boosting) something new, Instagram is the way to go!

    Instagram Users: The monthly average of Instagram active users are around 4.5 million in UAE;

    Target Audience (Social Listening): Generation Z and Millennials are the core target at the moment with 15 to 55 years old (60% Men and 40% women).

    Recommendations: Instagram is a great place for businesses that sell things customers like to use! If you make or sell things like fun clothes, makeup, yummy food, or cool trips, Instagram is a perfect place to show them off to lots of people. Instagram is really good for using picture posts and videos to show off your stuff. When people like what they see, they might want to buy from you!

    LinkedIn Marketing

    LinkedIn is not just for grown-ups who want to get better at their jobs and meet new people. If you have a business, LinkedIn is a great place to tell people about it! You can talk to your customers, find new ones, and make your business more famous. You can also make posts that try to get customers to be interested in your business. On LinkedIn, you can even pick which kinds of people you want to talk to based on what job they have and what industry they work in. This makes it easier to talk to the right people who might want to buy what you’re selling!

    LinkedIn Users: The monthly LinkedIn active website users on average are around 5.70 million in Dubai UAE.

    Target Audience (Social Listening): The core of its users is between 25 and 45 years, thus mainly professional background.

    Recommendations: LinkedIn marketing is ideal for businesses to connect with potential clients and partners in professional industries, generating leads and building brand reputation through targeted content.

    Twitter Marketing

    No matter the type of business you run, with Twitter marketing you can create a meaningful connection with your target audience. So, when leveraged strategically, your corporate Twitter account can help you engage your clients, increase your brand reach, and generate quality leads. If you’re already on Twitter and haven’t been able to increase your followers and brand loyalty, don’t panic! Our social media marketing agency in Dubai can also help you with lead generation ads.

    Twitter Users: About 400 million monthly active users in Dubai UAE.

    Target Audience (Social Listening):  Very heterogeneous, from 18 to 65 years, usually no later then. 

    Recommendations: Twitter marketing is perfect for businesses that want to connect with their audience in real-time and build a strong brand presence. It’s particularly effective for businesses in news, entertainment, and sports industries to share updates and engage with fans. Twitter also helps businesses drive traffic to their website, generate leads, and provide customer support.

    TikTok Marketing

    If you are considering using TikTok to promote your brand services, you should identify your target audience very well. If they prefer fun, original, and viral videos, then including TikTok in your digital marketing strategy is a good option for you.

    TikTok Users: TikTok currently has about 6.72 million monthly users in Dubai UAE. 

    Target Audience (Social Listening): Almost exclusively Generation Z, from 16 to 35 years.

    Recommendations: TikTok is a great place for brick and mortar and eCommerce businesses that want to share cool and funny videos to promote their brand. It’s good for businesses that want to show things that look great, like clothes, makeup, and yummy food. TikTok is also popular with younger people, so if that’s your targeted audience, it’s a good place social media advertising.

    Google Business Profile Marketing

    If you want clients to find your business on Google, you need to create a Google Business Profile. This helps you tell people what your business is all about and makes it easier for them to find you when they search on Google search results. You can also share things like pictures (graphic design), videos, offers and events to get people interested in your business and talk to them online.

    Google Business Profile Users: Google Business Profile has a total of 4.3 million active users in the middle east.

    Target Audience (Social Listening): It is used by almost 64% of all local businesses in Dubai UAE.

    Recommendations: Google Business Profile is recommended for anyone who wants their business to be easily found by potential customers searching on search engines

    Which Digital Marketing package is right for me?

    No company is the same and that is why a different digital marketing packages are available to fit company needs. For this reason, we find it very important that these digital marketing packages are tailor-made as per social media platforms. To ensure that these packages are a good fit for your company advertising.

    Then subscribing for digital marketing packages in Dubai is a good choice. If you prefer quick results and have a slightly larger budget, social media advertising is probably the best option. For optimal results, a combination of both is very interesting. Would you like to know which package suits your company? Request the free social media analysis session. Our specialists will carefully look at the current state of social media posts and what is the best option for new leads.

    We Define Social Media Marketing Strategy


    What is social media packages? They’re like big bundles of help for people who want to boost brand’s online presence or generate leads from websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked, TikTok, Snap Chat and Instagram.

    At Si3 Digital, we offer best social media packages. The main ones includes social media management and social media advertising. With online reputation management, we help you take care of your social media platforms. We can even help you make fresh social media presence, if you don’t have any yet. We also make sure your messages have the right words (catchy captions) and unique graphic design posts so people will like them.

    When we create content, we make interactive calendars to make you even more famous. We make sure social media advertising campaigns are really good and we check them on daily basis to see if they’re working well. By picking our social media packages, your company in Dubai can become a star on social media platforms without any worries!

    Social Media Agency Dubai

    Our Digital Marketing Work

    Affordable Social Media Packages Dubai

    The pricing for social media packages in Dubai can vary greatly. Our top social media marketing agency offers various pricing plans based on the number of posts and the number of social media channels. We offer all inclusive Social media cost in Dubai with high-quality content creation, these prices only apply on monthly retainer basis.


    AED 1,249

    Starter Digital Marketing Package


    One Time


    AED 2,499

    Standard Digital Marketing Package

    One Time


    AED 3,999

    Business Digital Marketing Package


    One Time

    Custom Social Media Marketing Package in Dubai

    Are you interested in specific customization?

    For those wanting a more bespoke approach to social media, we can offer a package tailored to your needs.

    Social Media Advertising & Social Influencer Marketing

    We create cost-effective social media advertising on all social platforms with influencer marketing campaigns in English and Arabic. Our social media team digs deep for higher conversion rates from inbound traffic. Altogether with micro and macro influencer marketing campaigns to reach 500,000 – 1,500,000 audience with outstanding content. Overall, we manage social media campaigns for local and global brands; Marketing manager can count on our social media strategies throughout social media campaigns.

    Expert Photo shoots and Mesmerizing Reels Creation

    To make your brand stand out online, there’s nothing like using original and eye-catching photos and videos. They can help drive more people to your website and social media marketing pages. That’s why our team is always here to help. We can set up photo shoots at your business or other locations and create amazing content(images and videos) that captures the essence of your brand. With our support, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your audience!


    Best Digital Marketing Agency in UAE

    Today, it seems that social media is accessible to everyone, and that calling on cheap social media agencies in UAE to manage lead generation or branding campaigns is useless… And yet… Working with an award-winning digital marketing agency in Dubai can bring real value to your business brand and help you achieve your lead generation and brand goals faster at affordable prices. If you are still not convinced to outsource your social media marketing services, you can contact us to discuss the potential benefits of social media packages in Dubai.

    We Follow the Latest Trends

    Our in-house team constantly monitors current digital marketing trends, so they always help your business’s marketing communication with the latest techniques including SEO and generating leads.

    We Ensure Powerful Social Presence

    We provide social media content calendars (social media posts) for your business, so not a week goes by without your customers encountering your brand.

    We Measure your Performance Marketing Strategy

    We monitor the performance of account management month by month, so its lead generation impact can be continuously measured.

    Are you proud of your company's website?

    توفير حل شمولي لجميع احتياجات عملك

    If you are struggling to generate quality leads from your website and are unable to reach the target market. Si3 Digital’s web designers and developers have successfully delivered custom web design and development for 500+ clients in Sharjah and across the United Arab Emirates. Ready to elevate your online brand identity? Get in touch with the best web design agency for professional and top-quality web designing, SEO services, and social media with paid advertising. We’re here to help you succeed!

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    If you have more questions
    we’ll answer those for you.

    Social media marketing is a really important part of how companies sell their stuff these days. that’s because lots of people (potential clients) spend time on social media platforms, and companies want to reach them where they are. to do this, companies need to pick the right places to post their cool pictures (graphic design), videos, and messages. they also need to know how to tell if their social media packages in Dubai are working well or not. it’s like a game of strategy where companies try to figure out the best way to get clients interested in what they sell!

    Social media management services are like having a group of helpers who make your social media look really good. they can help you create content fun posts (graphic design), talk to people who send you messages, and see how many people (clients) like what you’re sharing. it’s like having a team of social media marketing agency in Dubai who help you make your business or brand really popular in the online world!

    Digital marketing packages help companies manage their social media channels by offering services like account setup, content creation, and ads tracking. this saves time and allows them to engage with their audience. by using digital marketing packages, businesses can focus on what they do best while leaving their social media management to the expert account manager who knows how to make it fun and exciting!

    We provide end-to-end account management to build, set up, and optimize inbound traffic as part of selected digital marketing packages. however, other social media marketing agencies in Dubai charged upfront for additional service.

    We have different packages for you to choose from to make your social media awesome! you can pick the one that suits you best. it’s all about how many social media handles you want us to handle, the number of cool graphic design posts and fun animated posts we create for you every week or month. plus, we also offer different types of paid advertising activities with our special community management support. and guess what? we can even help your website show up on the top when people search for things related to your business. that’s called search engine optimization – SEO! so, let’s get started and make your social media shine!

    When it comes to picking the perfect social media package, it all depends on your goals and who you want to connect with. no need to worry if you’re not sure! you can give us a call or start a chat, and our amazing team of account managers will be there to help you right away. they can talk to you in many different languages, so don’t hesitate to reach out! let’s work together to find the best package that fits your needs and makes your social media shine like a star!

    We want to make sure your social media posts are as awesome as you are, so we work together with you every step of the way. it’s like having a secret code that helps us create the perfect content just for you! so, get ready for a fantastic time on your social media as we bring your ideas to life! let’s make your social media posts go viral!

    At our social media agency, we take pride in catering to small businesses! with our digital marketing package subscription, we provide access to a well-crafted strategy tailored to your specific needs. your success is our goal! to get started, all it takes is covering the first month’s fee upfront, just like opening the door to an exciting adventure!

    Once you’re onboard, we diligently apply the strategy to your social media channels, nurturing it like planting seeds for growth. our expert team ensures that every step is taken to attract new leads and clients, expanding your reach and generating more business! throughout the three-month subscription, we’ll provide you with monthly reports, keeping you informed about the progress and impact of our efforts. you’ll witness the growth in real numbers!

    Our commitment is to see your social media presence bloom and achieve success beyond your expectations. with our digital marketing package, your small business will thrive in the digital world, capturing the attention of your target audience and unlocking endless possibilities for growth!

    Social Media Packages

    We offer the best website design & development Packages with a complete set of digital marketing plans to launch your business.

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