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Si3 Digital creates exceptional website design, eCommerce web development, mobile apps, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing
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The operational heart of our development agency in Dubai is the development team, made up of expert web developers with skills to automate all kinds of business processes into qualified system: the best web development services to transform ideas and the project strategy into effective app development

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Expert Web Application Development Agency

Are you looking for a web developers for custom web application development ? Then you are at the right place. Si3 Digital is an award winning web development company out of 100 web development companies in middle east. We are specialized in developing quality websites solution that help companies to increase efficiency and reduce redundant workflows. Extensive experience of 11+ years in successfully transforming all our clients businesses in Dubai UAE from multinational companies to local travel & tourism, distribution, manufacturing, government, banks, insurance, online retail and many more sectors.

In case you are considering to build a web app development with mobile apps? We are happy to help you translate your business needs into technical solutions and give you, business growth and achieve business goals. Together we make your business case even stronger and we work out a plan for the development of a custom solutions without obligation. Speak directly to discuss project requirements to get quote?

Web Development Services in Dubai
Top Web Development Dubai

Custom Website development in Dubai

What, in your opinion, is the most important thing when looking for web development services for your business!. Beautiful and user-friendly interface or powerful latest technology web platforms with wide integration capabilities Right!!!. All of this, of course, is important. However, our web development company believes: all this is secondary. Yes exactly! the primary one is… an integrated web development frameworks that includes all of the above – and even a little more. This is how you get results – and isn’t this, in your opinion, the most important thing for your business needs?

We have arrived in an era where speed and flexibility prevail. Every progressive organization is therefore always looking for ways to improve work speed, service and response rate and that is precisely why they choose to have a website development services tailored to their organization. However, when it comes to web application development, not every web developer builds the efficient system you need. If you are thinking about building your own web app, it can be interesting to know the different aspects that can make your application successful.

Nowadays success of your business largely depends on how you utilize web development services. Another factor is the selection of leading web development company is critical to business growth. Therefore, you should look for extensive expertise in development agency. it will help to deliver unique solutions that will minimize your workflows and help you attain more accuracy and efficiency at work. At Si3 Digital, we create applications that are accessible via a web browser with proven techniques and of high quality. No challenge is too crazy for us. We are happy to think along with you for an affordable web solution

We develop all types of Business to Consumer (B2C) – Business to Business (B2b) – Distribution to Consumers (D2C) portals on latest development platform that supports multiple languages, user account, catalog entries, and transaction volumes with integration with business intelligence tools. All in all, Our development agency team have extensive experience in custom PHP, .Net MVC, Angular, Node.JS, Nuxt.Js and many more web development frameworks

Fast idea to Result

Result Driven Web Development Services

Your wishes and needs are central to our approach. We understand your business like no other. Together with you, we design and develop a modern user-interface application that fully meets your expectations through an interactive process.

On the whole, we deliver website development services in economical and strategically customized portals. By and large, we have delivered multiple developing projects for small start-ups, multi-million dollar corporations and government organizations in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai UAE and internationally.

Developing web solution is great, but starting too soon can cause problems in the future. That is why, prior to developing websites, we first dive into granular details through a design sprint. In this way we identify logical errors at an early stage of web design and development that is well thought-out and user-friendly.

Step 1: Design Sprint

The design sprint is a step-by-step process of a number of days that any professional team or organization can apply. It is a time-bound, pragmatic and solution-oriented workshop. During this session, the team arrives at tangible prototypes and detailed proposal that can contribute to solving the major issues in the organization.

Investigate the problem

At the beginning of web design and development sprint, the long-term goal is presented. In it you answer the following questions: Why are we doing this app development? Where do we want to be as an organization in one year or five years? What are the obstacles to achieving that goal? And: what problems do we have to solve? When objectives and problems are clear, the assumptions and foreseen obstacles are converted into sprint questions.

Web Solution and decision making

This step is all about making choices. Based on the sketches from step 1, the team chooses which ideas offer the best web solution to the problem. Then we jointly create a storyboard in which we determine how the solution should work. This forms the basis of the prototype in the next step.


We build an interactive graphic design based on the storyboard . A digital presence does not have to be perfect, but it is realistic enough to offer ‘the test panel’ a contextual experience in the next step.

Usability testing

Based on the graphic design, the user is asked questions and certain tasks are performed. In this way we simulate a real experience that also generates relevant feedback. This feedback often leads to progressive insights and knowledge; the ultimate goal of the custom web design sprint has been achieved.

Step 2: Web Development Project Sprint

During the design and development phase, Si3 DIgital uses the scrum methodology to develop the application. We work with a multidisciplinary team that delivers working software components in short sprints of 1 to 2 weeks.

Product backlog refinement

With the product backlog refinement, detailing, time estimation and structure are added to the user stories of the upcoming 2 to 3 sprints. We also determine the acceptance criteria per user story (definition of done), which will be checked later during the acceptance moment.

Sprint planning

Based on its capacity, the development team and the designer determine which user stories they will pick up. Then the scrum team jointly formulates a final sprint goal that gives a clear answer to the question: “What should be finished at the end of the sprint?” Everything clear? Then the sprint can be started.

Responsive design

The graphic design team works 2 to 3 sprints ahead to develop the screens and functionalities from the prototype into true web solution. Visual design is all about aesthetic appeal. Think of; accessibility, illustrations, photography, typography, space, layouts and color.

Web Application Development

The development team develops the user stories from the sprint backlog. This team consists of front-end developers, back end developers and a lead developer who monitors the overview.

To test

After a user story has been developed, we test the code for +/- 500 automated coding standards and bugs. A test environment is automatically set up on which the user story can be functionally tested.

Acceptance moment

Have all user stories from the release backlog been developed? Then an acceptance environment is set up. You will be given access to this environment to see whether the application meets the acceptance criteria. Everything is all right? Then we release the web application and the implementation can begin.

Step 3: Delivery


Based on the required resources, we set up a suitable hosting environment . Our advice is to opt for a redundant hosting cluster for a business-critical application, in which components are duplicated to increase reliability. We will also set up the backup procedure and the application will be connected to our monitoring system .


Our implementation consultants guide you through the digitization of your organization. From a coaching role, they help implement the application and bring about the desired change. We believe that knowledge sharing and openness create support among end users. Why, what, who, when and how should change be made? This requires a well thought-out, clear and feasible plan.

Maintenance and support

After delivery of the application, our web developers draw up an SLA (Service Level Agreement) together with the customer . This contains all agreements about the level of maintenance and support that we provide. This way we continue to support you and keep the web solution in top condition.

Optimization and further development

Technical innovations and end-user expectations are changing rapidly. By continuing to innovate your web solution through monitoring and user feedback, you stay in the race and your solution continues to perform at its best.

Strategic Web Application Development

corporate websites

Corporate Websites

Si3 Digital’s corporate website development services allows you to bring your company to a qualitatively new level in your industry. For any company, a corporate web design serves as an effective image and tool to showcase your company services or products. Also it helps in lead generation and user engagement.

b2c b2b D2C

B2C / B2B / D2C Portals

We develop secure and custom eCommerce web portals to help automate company’s processes associated with buying, selling and holding tenders, information exchange and many more critical activities to facilitate target audience requirements. Enabling companies reach new standards of efficiency with our custom web portal development services.

bank web portals

Bank Web Portals

Si3 Digital works closely with banks and financial institutions. Developing and implementing web solution from scratch to competently transfer existing information to a new CMS system. Our full cycle of work is in strict compliance with quality standards and information confidentiality.

online travel agency

Online Travel Agency (OTA)

Our expertise in developing online travel agency (OTA) portals surpasses any development firms. All in all, we have worked with all top travel and tourism aggregators around the globe to provide integrations through XML / Rest API integrations. In addition to this we help our clients in selecting best development platform and supplier vendors to access inventories and make reservations instantly through new website.

web services intagration

Web Services

As a winner of #1 web development agency in Dubai since 11+ years, we have integrated API services of ERP / CRM / Payment Gateway and many more business-to-business enterprise application systems. Our integration services approach is developed around strategical business objectives, business process integrations and collaborative strategies to remain flexible and responsive to upcoming enhancements or changes in business.

E-Government Portals


We collaborate and partner with governments to digitally transform business activities through E-Government Portals. All in all, our web application development help’s government departments to deliver convenient services and solutions for citizens to ensure convenience and transparency within the system. Our web development enables end to end government interaction with citizens (G2C), businesses (G2B).

Web Maintenance & Management Support

Digital presence without regular updates or frequent changes can attract disadvantages. You will loose search engines rank due to frequent changes in search algorithms and its functionalities, and it can even get virus attack on it. We offer you the maintenance of your web solution 24/7. This support and maintenance services are available whether we have carried out the project of your site, or if you had previously carried out it from any another web development companies in Dubai.

Web Design UAE

Our Latest Work

Confused about making a decision? Explore our recent projects, gauge our abilities as a leading website development company in Dubai & make an informed decision, today.

Make your web application the most profitable part of your business


Web Development Company Dubai will help you drive 90% of your customer engagements

Si3 Digital provides complete functionality you need to manage products, engage customers and increase conversions through social media and SEO Pckages. Developing B2B & B2C will combine a unique style of full functionality and integration with integrators. We have the expertise in integrating E-Learning, Travel & Tourism, Life Style related marketplaces and auctions website with B2B & B2C features and functionalities for companies in Dubai.


User Friendly Functionalities

We have certified SEO experts to advise you to find the best usability and functionalities to suit search engines requirements. We carry out multiple design layouts until we find the right workable solution for you in a comprehensive way. Our team of developers and designers work together to ensure that while developing technology, web design, we go hand in hand with all our clients. If you need an experienced team, Si3 Digital will be your best choice.

Bringing simplicity & convenience to manage web solutions

If you are looking for simplicity and convenience in adding, publishing, assigning or managing changes to your content on your site. Si3 Digital will integrate management system or any of the requested Content Management System (CMS). We understand that right structure and easy user interface is capable of doing wonders for your business. Businesses that are currently searching for web application development or digital marketing services in UAE are welcomed to contact us to know more about how we can help making their site management simpler and convenient. As a professional web solution providers, we understand that businesses are in need of both agility and ease to execute changes.

Speedy & secure site with a free SSL certificate

Our website development company in Dubai pays particular attention to the speed and security of sites during and after launch phase. The https protocol and the SSL certificate make it possible to speed up and secure the data of users carrying out actions on your site. Si3 Digital integrates a fully secure https site with a free SSL certificate: you do not need to buy an SSL certificate , nor to install an SSL protocol or to redirect your pages, everything is taken into account by our agency in Dubai.

Did you now?

70% of companies tend to spend more on web solutions to offer services online

You have more questions
we’ll answer those for you.

The first step is to contact our Sales team through chat on our website or call us to schedule a free consultation for your requirements and deliverables. Our consultant will furnish a proposal. The Proposal defines the needs of your web application, their web design, some reference web solutions similar to your requirements and the navigation of pages to completely clarifies the scope of work with commercials.

The price – investment to develop a website depends on many factors such as: number of pages to be made, whether or not a product showcase required, along with various functionalities. This is why the price of web development can be starting from AED 12,500 onwards to AED 350,000, although exact cost of development will be estimated after the requirements are clear. Rest assured we will give you the most affordable prices as compared to any other website development company in Dubai UAE.

Designing and developing work of the website is paid only once. The site pages that we develop will become the property of the client once fully paid. But, Domain name & hosting have to be renewed annually.

It depends on the scope of the web solution. On average,  a standard web solution will take 4 to 6 weeks approximately.In case of B2C & B2B portals could take over 2 to 3 months approx.

No problem, we can develop website in multiple languages, for example Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and many more languages as require…all this at very affordable prices in Dubai UAE.

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