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PPC Advertising Company Dubai, PPC Company in Dubai – SI3


A Way to Get More Customers in Dubai!!

Discover one of the most powerful tools of online marketing, which is PPC advertising. It is a constantly evolving tool and applied to any business. Learn what it is and how it can help you!

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay per Click, it holds there for a click on your landing page. You pay for every person interested in your ad and click to get to your site. This PPC advertising differs from other instruments.

For example, with advertising leaflets are associated costs of graphic design, creating tempting to text, the paper itself and subsequently their distribution and not a cost that is based on the true interests of those who received the leaflet. PPC advertising is revolutionizing the advertising sector, where you pay for users who are interested in learning more about you because they have clicked your ad.

Targets PPC Ads?

The beauty of PPC advertising is that it can be measured. Goals for your particular business you to set. The main objective in the management of PPC campaigns, profitability, ie. We did not pay more for advertising than you these ads generate.
Specific objectives always depends on the activity of the company. What can these objectives be?
  • Increasing intake of orders (for e-shops)
  • Increasing the number of LEAD (with lead-generating sites)
  • The number of impressions (in building the brand)
  • Cost per Conversion (eg. converting more expensive than AED 10 you already ceasing to be profitable)

Individual Services Advertising Systems

Offer service PPC advertising systems differ. Here I describe the most common of them.

1. Advertising in search

The most common form of PPC advertising, we should not neglect any company. This is a display text ads in search engines when a user searches for terms related to your business.


2. Advertising Content Network (contextual advertising)

These are impressions your ads on websites all over the internet in the form of text or image ads (ie. Banners). At the sites where your ads appear can be given by using keywords that appear on the website, or the theme of the website should also be the interests of specific users.

3. Remarketing

Remarketing is a great strategy that should be part of every PPC account. Using a special code to your website is a list of users who have visited your site. Subsequently, these users can target specific advertising in order to return to your site and become a customer. The user can entice a banner with the products that display during his visit (dynamic remarketing, great for e-shops) or also a special offer or discount. It is possible to target all users, but more effective is to omit those who have completed an order, or otherwise behave to those who have already created a shopping cart but did not complete the order. All this can distinguish remarketing and its performance is usually very profitable.


4. Shopping Campaign

Shopping campaigns are only available in Google. This is the basic information about your products within search results (title, image, price). Images are appealing to Internet users than text, and even in looking for your product, so it was simply using the Shopping campaign Serve!


5. Youtube Campaign

You can create a video that briefly and interestingly presents your business? Or such longer you're done? Use Youtube campaign where your video will appear within Youtube.com.


6. Facebook Ads

Ads on Facebook are increasingly popular in the Dubai, UAE due to a large number of users of social networks. Facebook, unlike the previous two systems, are not targeted by keywords, but the adverts criteria based on Age, Education, Gender, Occupation, Interests, Current Status (single, married, engaged, ...) etc. And also to fans of specific facebook groups. Facebook can also remarket (here called retargeting) promo of your posts, events, gaining fans for your facebook page, but you can graduate out of Facebook for example. Your site or a specific product. On Facebook can use PPC or also the CPM (cost per thousand impressions - cost per 1000 impressions).


7. LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a professional social network in which it is also possible to advertise. It is particularly suitable for B2B sector. You can target by age, sex, geographic location, function, company name, company size, membership in groups like. You can bribe PPC or also the CPM (cost per thousand impressions - cost per 1000 impressions).


8. Twitter Ads

If it goes into your target audience on Twitter, you can also use Twitter Ads. Twitter allows you to promote your own Twitter account or specific tweets. Here, however, does not apply in the form of PPC but PPE (Pay Per Engagement), therefore, any user activity with your tweet (click on the link in the tweet, retweet, reply to tweet, monitor your account, etc.)


9. Bing Ads

If it affects your business in the UAE or other countries where the popular search engine Bing, use the Bing Ads. Bing Ads offers search ads and in some countries also contextual advertising.


Not sure how to start?

It is always good to turn to a professional firm like Si3Creating an Ad Campaign is a simple matter, but creating it correctly for maximum efficiency will yield profitability. I heard a lot of comments like: "PPC we tried, but it did not work.". It is a mistake. PPC works, you just need to know how to create campaigns and optimize tailor-made to your business.

Additional traffic can be sent to your website, expanding your online visibility and helping you establish your company as a leader in your industry

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