A Way to Get More Customers in Dubai!!

Performance Marketing or Paid Digital Marketing is the most powerful tools of online marketing to get instant results to any business without waiting. Si3 Digital offers its professional services on different Search Engine or Social Media platforms for Pay per Click (PPC), Retarget Ads, AdSense, Sponsored Ads based on your business activity to Increasing intake of orders (for e-shops) or Increasing the number of LEAD (with lead-generating sites) or The number of impressions (in building the brand) or Cost per Conversion (e.g. converting more expensive than AED 10 you already ceasing to be profitable).

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the ads that appear above Google search results. It is a Google platform that allows us to prepare some ads and bid on selected keywords for which we want them to appear when someone does a search. It allows us a great segmentation at the level of keywords, location, language and schedules. This level of segmentation and constant monthly optimization of the ads allow us to directly appeal our real potential customers and get a lot of return on our investment (ROI).

Increase performance and revenue with a paid search or social advertising campaign


Retarget Marketing

All in all, Retarget Marketing is a great strategy that should be part of every PPC account. Using a special code to your website is a list of users who have visited your site. Subsequently, these users can target specific advertising in order to return to your site and become a customer. The user can entice a banner with the products that display during his visit (dynamic retarget marketing, great for e-commerce websites) or also a special offer or discount. It is possible to target all users, but more effective is to omit those who have completed an order, or otherwise behave to those who have already created a shopping cart but did not complete the order. All this can distinguish remarketing and its performance is usually very profitable.

You Tube Advertisement

YouTube – the world’s most popular video hosting, which by the number of users and views is consistently included in the group of leading Internet resources. As a result, If the task is to organize and launch a video advertising campaign on the Internet, YouTube has no competitors in terms of audience reach and potentially high level of efficiency. AdWords video advertising is one of the most low-competitive channels for attracting customers to your business.

PPC Advertising Expands your online visibility and generate sales instantly

Facebook & Instagram Adverts

Ads on Facebook or Instagram are increasingly popular in Dubai, UAE due to a large number of local users of social networks. Facebook & Instagram, unlike the previous two systems, are not targeted by keywords, but the adverts criteria based on Age, Education, Gender, Occupation, Interests, Current Status (single, married, engaged, …) etc. And also to fans of specific groups.

LinkedIn Adverts

LinkedIn is a professional social network in which it is also possible to advertise. It is particularly suitable for B2B sector. You can target by age, sex, geographic location, function, company name, company size, membership in groups like. As a result, You can bribe PPC or also the CPM (cost per thousand impressions – cost per 1000 impressions).

Twitter Adverts

Moreover, If it goes into your target audience on Twitter, you can also use Twitter Ads. Twitter allows you to promote your own Twitter account or specific tweets. However, it does not apply in the form of PPC but PPE (Pay Per Engagement), therefore, any user activity with your tweet (click on the link in the tweet, retweet, reply to the tweet, monitor your account, etc.)