5 Proven Corporate Web Design Techniques to Get More Traffic

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5 Proven Corporate Web Design Techniques to Get More Business in Dubai

Structuring a corporate web design is one of the most important steps before starting any web design project. During the 12 years that we have been at the top web design agency Dubai carrying out web design projects. We have seen too many times that the end result is not adequate due to lack of a good structure.

Before looking at the guidelines that will come in handy for having a perfect structure in any web design project, we have to break down two important concepts.

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The Structure of Corporate Web Design

The structure of a web design refers to what sections it is going to have, how we are going to show it, in what way and how it is going to be shown. All these guidelines are those that refer to a web structure. Closely related to UX (User eXperience) and how to improve this important aspect so that the information on your corporate website is found simply and quickly.

On the other hand, regarding corporate web design, every company must have at least one page or a series of online sections where they explain what they do , who they are, where they are and any data that may increase credibility and reliability towards their potential future clients. or future companies that want to collaborate or contract their products or services.

How to Start Structuring a perfect Corporate Web Design?

The first steps when starting to structure a corporate web design are the most important. Our web design agency Dubai usually divide it into 2 parts:

  • Review of the most important websites of the competition : Reviewing by proximity or by reference in the sector how their websites are structured, what type of information they show, how they do it, and web design agency dubai are refining all the data to show in the next part .
  • Launch meeting with the client : This is where our web design agency Dubai present what web design agency dubai have seen on the competition’s websites and ask three crucial questions to make the first decisions:
    • What are you most proud of in your company?
    • What objectives do you intend to achieve with the information that will be displayed on the website?
    • What sets you apart from any competitor?

The first part is more about research, but in the vast majority of cases it lets you know what improvements you can offer your client at the launch meeting. It also allows you to go more direct and not waste time in a meeting that, if not well organized, can last for hours.

The second part is where you decide which sections the web is going to include, how it would be better to show that information and the resources that will be used for the web design project. Of the three important questions that are asked to the client, the first two always have answers, the third is the one that sometimes costs more. If the client is able to tell us how it differs from the competition, they do not matter, our web design agency Dubai should improve what we have already seen from the competition and then there will be something different.

Here are the parts that should be considered separately when structuring a corporate web design in order of importance.


Logically, the home page is the most important part of all when structuring a corporate web design. Not only because it is the URL with the most visits and the one with the highest visibility for Google on your corporate website, but also because of mobile accesses. Today, mobile accesses exceed 70% of computer accesses , and this means that, when we arrive at a website, users usually swipe down with their finger to see the information and hardly move through the menu.

What does this mean and how should it affect you when structuring a corporate web design?

  • That the home page should contain more information than before the arrival of the mobiles .
  • The order of importance of the information should be from top to bottom.
  • It is very important to make a short summary of what a user is going to find on your website

Not taking into account this last point is the most common mistake that web design agency dubai find when structuring a web design. It is essential to show a summary of those on my website and, if the user wants to know more, give them the option to go to this content. Normally the typical menu has that function that, when viewed on mobile phones, loses this functionality.

It is important to play with the design to separate each of the “pre-views” of the sections that we are going to show. The vast majority of web design layouts used by web design agency Dubai today play’s with changing backgrounds, white for images. In this way web design agency dubai manage to teach in a very visual way that we are showing other types of information other than the previous one.


The menu, as we said previously, is in charge of showing us, in order of importance, from left to right, what a user is going to find on our website.

The menu is still important in computer accesses, but even in these formats, the “hamburger” is beginning to be used as if it were the mobile display. Web design agency Dubai are already using this trend on our website designs.

When structuring a corporate web design we must bear in mind that the menu must be displayed on all devices, not just on a computer or mobile . You also have to check your display on tablet and laptop, since on many occasions they are not displayed in a way as we would like.

It is important to highlight several aspects when deciding what to show on the menu:

  • Put short names to each section.
  • Try not to be compound words.
  • Use or not use iconography: in certain sections such as access to intranets or contacts.

What do you like best, a traditional menu or current trends such as “hamburger” menus? We look forward to your comments below.


If web design agency Dubai have already finalized with client about the order of display by importance on the home page and in the menu, the next step is to think about how different “sections” or parts of your website will be viewed on mobile devices.

It seems very simple but, in the vast majority of cases, responsive designs do not take certain elements into account when displaying them.

Because it is important? We must remember that close to 80% of accesses to my website will be made through mobile phones, it is not important, it is essential to think about how the different elements that make up our website will look. We leave you several examples that are very well understood:

  • If we have an event calendar system that we carry out, how is it displayed on a mobile device? Is it feasible? And useful?
  • A group of entries, whether news or articles, I decide to show them three by three, or four by four. Will they be too many on mobile? Is it preferable that they be seen one by one on these devices?
  • How does the Google map show where the offices are located on a mobile phone?

The decision to structure a web design has a lot to do with how we expect it to behave on vertical and small screens, mobile phones.

About Us

This section is very important on a corporate website if the company has a history in years. It is not necessary to make a compilation year after year, but showing your experience in an own section that can be called as our company, where web design agency Dubai can enter a lot of text, will allow us to give confidence to new clients .

It will also allow us to enhance different keywords that have been left in the pipeline on the home page. In addition, web design agency Dubai can incorporate that information that always makes the user spend more time on our website and, if we get the average time to go up, our friend Mr. Google will treat us better.

What information can we add on “About Us” section when we are doing our corporate web design? We leave you some ideas:

  • Opening and initial goals of the business. If it is accompanied with photographs of the time it is much more attractive.
  • Successes and recognition that have been obtained during the different years of its history.
  • Explanation of the different services that have been incorporated. It will be important to reinforce the keywords for these services.
  • Prices , awards or standards achieved over time.
  • Training and experience gained.

If all this is accompanied by real images, the objective is achieved: increase reliability and time on the web.


This is one of the sections that needs further updating along with the one we will see below. In all companies, services are being increased, modified or restructured. Hence the importance of this update.

In the vast majority of cases, we find corporate web pages where the services section is usually the same as when it was made. It is almost impossible, except in some very specific sector, that as technology advances, no services have been modified or added.

Also, here it is highly recommended to make a page for services . This will allow web design agency Dubai to explain in depth how we differ from our competition when offering this service. It will also facilitate you to work on keywords that position your website in the first positions of certain services, since a potential client will search Google for the service they need, they already have the need.

Location and Contact Us

This is the section that we find in 99% of the cases that we visit a corporate website. Although, today, this function is much better performed by Google My Business with its files and they incorporate some more functionality such as “how to get there” using Google Maps. These searches show us the results of the different businesses by proximity and also allow us to call directly.

In order to improve the services provided by Google My Business, web design agency Dubai could incorporate several points in our section:

  • Contact emails.
  • Telephone contacts by department.
  • Quick access to our social networks.
  • Direct access to Whats App.
  • A Contact form to facilitate communication.

In addition, nowadays it is easy to find contact systems through live chat . These systems allow that in any part of the web we can claim the attention of a person or robot through a chat.

Our Web Design Agency Dubai also incorporate Google Maps to facilitate “how to get there” or that they can locate you.

News & Events

Here we can find a great variety of sections. From the typical news or events , through the blog with content on articles, to agenda sections or events carried out by the company.

They are very important sections for the corporate website to have updated content. The bots from Google know that we modify our content and we always favor only if we do not.

This type of section always has two very clear objectives:

  • Make different articles to work on different keywords in our SEO strategy.
  • Keep our followers alert to news and events that we carry out.

Of course, you have to be very careful since many times it may harm you. What should we avoid?

  • Publish content very often and then stop doing it.
  • Leave event systems or calendars empty in time.
  • Write a lot at the beginning and nothing today.

In news and events sections, regular content update is much more important than quantity.

I hope this post has been useful for you to identify which sections should appear in your corporate web design.

Do you have any doubt? Our web design agency Dubai await your comments!



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