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Amazing Local SEO Benefits

Local SEO is a term we hear more and more. The vast majority of local businesses know well about local SEO benefits, but do not know how to create local SEO strategy. As a result, they do not deal with it or they start working with wrong SEO strategy. A shame, because so many opportunities are lost to other local businesses.

Local SEO is guaranteed to benefit local business owner, but then the focus must be on the right SEO strategy. As a local SEO specialist in Dubai UAE, Si3 Digital would like to explain to you the top benefits of local SEO and why it is also important to increase brand awareness and targeted traffic.

What are the amazing Local SEO Benefits?


✅ Greater number of clients ✅ Increased visibility on the SERP ✅ Improve CTR ✅ Increase Traffic ✅ Biggest Local Business Promotion

Half of the mobile search visit the store within a day, and 18% make a purchase. With the help of local search engine optimization. Local SEO optimization targets more customers who are in the same physical location area as your business. When you have a visibility in local business, such as an office that is often visited by customers or a store, it is important that you address the potential customers.

You want to attract new customers to your website who live or work in your area. After all, it is the easiest for these people to visit your local business. By using local SEO strategy you can reach exactly those customers who belong to your local area and who are active in particular location.


More Visitors with Local SEO

Why does Implementing local SEO so often go wrong?


There are already quite a few local businesses who focus on local SEO rankings. Unfortunately, things are not going well everywhere. It is therefore true that google map SEO can easily be mishandled. As a local SEO company, for example, we see that there are companies that simply publish a lot of content about local services. In their business blogs, for example, they tell you everything about local community.

This is great for getting new customers to business address, but it doesn’t reach the specific target audience – the people with an interest in your products or services. The blogs are mainly forced and have little or nothing to do with the company.

Where are the local search results in Google?


In view of Google local searches, does it really make sense to (also) focus on SEO local? Secure! The fact is that the search engines has a special section for this within the search results. Google has set up the so-called Local Pack for this purpose, also known as the Map Pack. This is where the local search result appear. When a search with city name is entered into Google, the paid ads are shown first. Below is a map area showing local businesses, followed by a few companies that match the search. This plane is the Map Pack.

What exactly is the Map Pack?


The Map Pack, or Local Pack, is actually a separate display within the Google search results on the first page. It provides an overview of the local business that match the query on google searches. Multiple details are displayed for the companies listed, including the company name, location, and contact information. In short, a nice overview of all kinds of local search result.

The design of the Map Pack has been changed several times. When the Map Pack was introduced it showed only three companies. In 2008, the overview was expanded to no less than ten local listings. These local searches are often used and as a local business owner you benefit from local SEO Map Pack.

How do you get a place in Local SEO results?


It goes without saying that local SEO benefits your company in Google’s Map Pack. It is important to first create a local landing page within Google Business Profile previously known as Google My Business, after which a link can be made with your local landing page using the rel=”publisher” tag. With Google Business Profile you increase customer engagement on Google search engine. Is your business listed with all location and contact details in local business directories? Then this also helps you to be listed in the local area results in a Map Pack.

Finally, it is advisable to collect more customer reviews via Google. The local reviews also play a role. These online reviews can also be managed in Google Business Profile. Have you collected at least five online reviews?

Then the stars next to your company name will be displayed in the Map Pack. This ensures that your company stands out among local results. An experienced local SEO agency in Dubai can ensure an excellent structure, so that you will certainly get a place in the search engines Map Pack.


Benefits of Local Map Pack

When are Google local results used?


The goal of the local SEO agency is certainly not just to get a place in a Map Pack. Of course it is good to be in the Map Pack, as this makes your company easier to find. People use this part of Google very often to find the right company in their local community. Yet the focus at SEO local is much broader than that.

An experienced local SEO company will therefore do much more than just realize a listing in a Map Pack. Pages with the right search terms + city name, such as Beauty Salon in Dubai  or  Interior designer in Sharjah, are at least as important. It is also important that you score well in Google’s organic search results, in addition to the local search result. People often look beyond the Map Pack when looking for a local business.

They also look at the regularly displayed search result. It is therefore important that you can also be found here more easily with the correct place name. Local search result are mainly used by people who support local businesses.

How does Google determine the results of local rankings?


Google rarely shows all maps. As a result, it is often difficult to properly determine how the search engine handles all SEO efforts of top ranking businesses. As an experienced local SEO company, we can of course provide you with more information about how Google determines local rankings. It is the case that Google makes a combination of three important factors for determining the local ranking. We are talking about the factors Familiarity, Distance and Relevance.


Benefits of Local SEO

Factor 1: Familiarity


The first factor is familiarity, Prominence refers to how well known a company is. Some locations are more prominent in the physical world, so search engines try to reflect this in the local ranking. For example, large and well-known retail chains, famous restaurants and shopping mall have a more prominent visibility online in the physical world than the small business on the corner.

After all, this one is less well known. In recent years, Google takes into account more factors in terms of reputation, such as the information that can be found online about your company. Think of online reviews, local business directories, articles and links.

Factor 2: Distance


SEO local is local. Point. This of course explains why distance plays an important role in determining the rankings. The distance determines how far each potential search result is from the location used in the search. Is ‘Abu Dhabi’ being searched for? Then ‘Ajman’ will be displayed before ‘Dubai’, to give a very clear example. Is there no place listed in the search? Then Google will calculate the distance itself based on the location data known from the searcher.

Factor 3: Relevance


Relevance is of course also important local SEO factor. When someone searches Google for a local SEO company in Dubai, it makes little sense if this person sees law firms in this place. After all, that’s not the same services they’re looking for. Relevance actually refers to how well a local business profile matches what the searcher is looking for. It is therefore extra important to clearly communicate all your company information on your company website.

Local SEO Services in Dubai
Best Local SEO Services in Dubai

10 tips and advice to improve your local business


Do you want full benefits of local SEO? Then you can undertake several digital marketing activities to attract more traffic. As a local SEO company, we know how many opportunities there are in the world of local SEO. That’s why we’ve put together key benefits of some of the most important local SEO activities. Below we would like to give you 10 local SEO tips and advice for more visibility.


Local SEO Targeted Traffic

1. Write local guest blogs


Guest blogs are ideal for establishing yourself as the expert in your field. Look up local blogs that are relevant to your business (not a competitor, of course) and ask if you could post a guest blog.

2. State your name and address information on your website


It is very important for both Google and your online visitors that your name, address, phone number, business hours details are clearly stated on your business website. Add as much information as possible. In most cases you do this on the contact page, but it can also be placed elsewhere. It is important that it is easy to find on the website by potential clients.

3. Use local Influencers


Influencers are an absolute trend in the world of digital marketing strategy. We all know big, international influencers who are active on social media. As a local company, this is not much use to you in most cases. What you need is a locally highly regarded influencer who can genuinely speak for your company to attract local customers.

4. Provide enough local back links


Link building is an important part of search engine optimization and local SEO is no different. It is always good to get started with link building. For local SEO, this mainly means ensuring that you have enough local back links. Of course it is important that the links are relevant to your company.

5. Create a Google Business Profile


Google will include your business in the Map Pack if you have a Google Business Profile page. The Google Business Profile tool is completely free for brand awarness.

You can get started with this via the browser, but there is also a handy app with smart tools that can help you further. Creating a Google Business Profile page is not difficult, but it is good to take some time.

After all, it is important that the page is set up properly, with the correct data. Google Business Profile is practical, easy to manage and does not require you to have a website to use this tool.

6. Website Optimization for Higher Conversion Rate


Website optimization is performed by SEO companies and web developers provide content structure with context. The main purpose of this is to display content in an understandable way. Structured data can be added in several ways, such as with RDF, Microdata or JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data).

7. Take good care of your Google Local Reviews


More customer reviews are very important. As we mentioned earlier, online reviews can help your business stand out in a Map Pack. In addition, the local reviews on Google are increasingly consulted first by consumers before they decide whether or not to do business with a company. Therefore, always ask your loyal customers for an online Google review and respond publicly to the reviews you receive.

8. Verify your Local Businesses


It is important to ensure verification of your company’s location information. Google values ​​reliability and wants to show online searchers the most reliable results. When you verify your location(s) on Google Business Profile, you appear more credible to Google. This increases the chance that your business will show up well in local search results.

 9. Use the place name as keyword for Local SEO


This is a bit tricky. Yes, it is good to include the city name in your web content as local SEO keyword. No, it’s not okay to use the city name multiple times in a paragraph. Unfortunately, we see it happen more often. Business web content is crammed with the city name. This will repel potential customers rather than bring them in. So definitely use the place name in your online content, but do it subtly.

10. Integrate Google Maps


Google Maps is very widely used for online visibility. You probably also regularly use Google Maps, even if it is only to determine a route or to view a physical address that you have to visit soon. As local business owner, you can certainly get benefits of local SEO from Google Maps and the fact that it is used a lot. Integrate Google Maps on your business website and local landing page.

We are your experienced local SEO Company!


The world of SEO is complex and local SEO is no different. Do you want gain full benefits of local SEO ? Then it is important to know exactly which roads to take. Could you use some help and support or do you want to outsource the local SEO activities to an experienced agency? proper SEO for you is the local SEO company who achieves the maximum for long term. Request a free Local SEO audit online or contact us without obligation for core benefits or advice about local SEO packages or eCommerce conversion rates.



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