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Turn Website Solutions into Sales Machine

Any website solutions, business, or e-commerce sites need to be updated periodically. The Internet is very dynamic: new trends appear, styles change, tools improve quickly and, above all, users are becoming more demanding. Not only is it a general maintenance task to ensure that everything works well and that the information published remains valid, but to renew the design from time to time so that users have the feeling that they are visiting a modern website, a brand that cares about its identity and wants to turn website into sales machine.

How to Turn Website Solutions into Sales Machine

Website Solutions Dubai

48% of people stated that Web Design is the number one criterion for determining the credibility of a business 

It demonstrates the importance of having a good design and an eye-catching website is always beneficial to attract visitors. Keep in mind that on the internet there are millions of websites and you can not be left behind.

When a user enters a website for the first time, 94% of their experience is related to aspects of Website Solutions

It is essential to have an impeccable website solutions, which is not only pleasant but also functional. Ideally, the visual identity should be in line with the personality and values of the brand.

40% of people leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load

Speed on the internet is very important: do not let your site become slow for lack of maintenance. Users do not have patience and if they have to wait, they will not hesitate to go to the competition.

47% of websites have a Call To Action button, which users see in less than 3 seconds

An element that can not miss within its renewed web, is the CTA buttonOlder websites do not have it and that is why businesses do not get the results they expect.

88% of people said they are very likely not to return to a website where they had a poor browsing experience

If a user feels lost and confused on a website, he will hardly revisit it. Make life easier for the sailor: defend what is simple and fast. Remember that the goal here is to achieve intuitive navigation.




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