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Top Website Design Trends in 2024

With the arrival of the new year, we will be looking forward to new website design trends in 2024. In our post, we take a look at the expected website design trends of 2024.

In the year 2023, we were able to meet countless new website design trends , more and more diverse styles surfaced, and websites based on more spectacular, more intensive, more experimental design played an important role, but the enhanced user experience was not pushed to the last line either. 🙂

Countless new website design trends appear every year , but there are also “perpetual styles” that have been on the scene for years, or just come back and pop up from time to time. And this will not be any different in the coming years. Si3 Digital is bringing many trends that are still in use into the new year, but in addition to these, 2024 also has a lot of new things in store for us.

Let’s take a look at the trends that will determine the appearance of the websites created in 2023!

Website Design Trends in 2024 that will Stay with us

Web Design Trends in 2023

Parallax effect

This effect has been very successful for years. The parallax effect has a role when scrolling, as it makes it more interesting and attractive. The point is that as a result of scrolling on the website, the individual elements (e.g. illustrations) move, the background photo placed in the background of the page “slides up/down” behind the text . However, this exciting effect should be handled sparingly, as it can also be confusing, and the “less is more” principle also applies to website design .

Micro interactions, Micro animations

We have seen animations and interactions (e.g. the CTA, i.e. action buttons change color when hovered over, icons become larger when hovered over, start to move slightly) on websites so far, but in the coming period we may come across even more micro-interactions and animations.

Small animations and movements play an important role on the website design, as they can introduce uniqueness into the visual appearance of the website and guide users towards more important content and conversions (e.g. ordering, downloading, signing up). In addition, they suggest lightness and playfulness, thereby making the website even friendlier.

Micro Animation

These animations are also very popular among eCommerce websites, because they make it easier to view a specific product, from all sides. This can be a really useful solution in the case of a online store selling various items and clothing products.

Chat bots

Chatbots play a function role rather than reinforcing design trends. This function has already been a defining element in the life of website in recent years, and it will become even stronger next year. The various chatbots are particularly useful in the field of online administration and customer service , as they provide immediate, automatic answers to common questions .

Color transitions

Spectacular color transitions are considered “eternal”, since they have been a great success in “coloring” websites for years, and this will not be any different in the future.

Color Transition

3D elements

Similar to color transitions, interactive 3D elements, figures, and shapes will continue to play a leading role . These visual elements have been on the table for a long time and are likely to remain.

Let’s see what new things we can expect in terms of website design trends in 2024


Only text content in the opening block

In the future, more emphasis will be placed on the text content placed in the opening block . In this new trend, text content and voluminous , giant headlines take center stage, while background photos and slideshows are omitted . Similar to newspapers and magazines, important, attention-grabbing textual content is displayed on websites “above the fold”, i.e. without scrolling . drawing the user’s attention to important information even more by “front page appearance”.

Text Content

A Custom Cursor

After the website is loaded, the appearance of the cursor changes, it will be provided with a unique illustration/animation. With its help, we can make our website even more unique, and by the way, it is not the least in enhancing the user experience.

Voice search

The way to find and access information will soon be even easier and faster than before. All this is made possible by voice search. So, instead of clicking or typing the given keyword, phrase or question that we are interested in, we simply say the given term, name, or ask the given question – thereby speeding up the search process even more. In 2023, we will encounter more and more websites that provide users with voice search instead of/in addition to the usual text search.

Organic forms, elements

Organic, “fluid” forms and elements close to nature come to the fore even more, they smuggle diversity and lightness into the world of websites, since instead of sharp, strong lines and sharp corners, natural forms, delicate lines, organic patterns, textures and elements appear on websites.

Organic Elements


In the new year, we will see even more accessible websites than at present . The goal of accessibility is that users with some kind of difficulty (e.g. vision, hearing, etc.) can easily use the websites and easily find the information and content that is interesting and useful for them.

Barrier-free element, for example
  • # creating a stronger color contrast between the text content and the background color
  • # using various “focus indicators” – e.g. when navigating with the keyboard, a rectangular outline appears around the links
  • # use alt texts, i.e. Alt tags for visual content (– also beneficial for SEO)

Enhanced Virtual Experiences

In the future, VR experiences will expand even further and become stronger on certain themed websites (hotel reservations, purchasing various products, e.g. furniture). These are also functions on the website rather than a trend, but they are really useful for users, as they can be used to “walk around” the given accommodation before booking, and it is also possible to see whether the furniture/decoration element you want to buy fits the given environment . This is a very useful function for visitors of the website, as it provides great help in making their decisions.

Dark Mode

The dark mode will not only be available in various applications, social media sites, and search engines, but it will also appear on websites . The design of more and more websites is made up of dark shades, which, in addition to the modern look and aesthetic design, also have an additional advantage – for example, it helps to reduce eye strain.

Dark Mode

Art Deco

This year, art deco makes a return mostly in graphic design . In the new year, however, it achieves great success in the “field” of web design trends, we can meet it in the visual appearance of websites. This style mostly consists of symmetrical arrangements, elegant geometric shapes, and sharp lines .

Thumb-friendly navigation

There is no question that more and more users are browsing on a mobile phone rather than on a laptop or computer, which is why the mobile-optimized layout of websites is now crucial .

Most websites fulfill this perfectly, however, in many cases, the responsive view of the given page is not user-friendly enough. When browsing on a mobile phone, in most cases we navigate the page with our thumbs, however, the contents located in the upper part of the screen are no longer conveniently accessible with our thumbs, the elements located in this part (e.g. navigation menu, CTA, i.e. action buttons) are difficult to use. In 2023 even more attention is paid to the fact that the given page can be easily handled by holding the phone in one hand, even with the thumb, and that the essential elements, navigation points, and buttons are accessible .

Frosted Glass Effect

We can often come across color transitions on the pages, but we are also paying more and more attention to the frosted glass effect. The point is that an extra, vague “layer”, “overlay” is placed on a given photo, due to which the elements and details of the photo become blurred, so only the stronger outlines, contours, colors/shades/color transitions are drawn. In addition to the special effect, these backgrounds help the readability of the text content.

Frosted Glass Effect

Unique illustrations

The visual appearance of the websites has been a great success so far, but it is expected that the unique, “hand-made” illustrations and graphics will be more and more successful instead of the trite stock photos, illustrations, and icons. With them, websites can be made even more unique, they can be tailored to the image of your own company or brand, thereby giving the site a more direct, personal and unified appearance.



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