Benefits of Web Maintenance

After your website is built, you need web maintenance it. Just like any other property, without maintenance all the hard work that you’ve put into the making of your website, can be jeopardized.

Take a look at what regular web maintenance will do to your website

  1. Website Stack Updates: Reliable and safe updates of your CMS, its plugins and themes.
  2. Server & Uptime Monitoring: Prevent expensive down time.
  3. Backups: Websites with regularly updated content need a database backup at least once a day.
  4. Log Monitoring: When plugins or scripts break, internal logs need to be monitored and the issues handled to keep the system stable.
  5. Ongoing Maintenance & Security: Monitor, analyze and test for compatibility, stability, and speed.
  6. Technical Content Updates: You ought to take care of SEO – Compliant metadata, with properly formatted meta titles, tags, and descriptions.
  7. Automated Regression Testing: Discover and prevent possible causes of User Interface UI or functional regressions.
  8. Stagging Environment: A secure clone of your website is better for testing new updates without causing any potential harm to the live website.

Benefits to hire professional Now imagine Having No Care about all technical details.

Security Uncompromising The more you add to your website, the bigger are the chances for it to be hacked. If updates are not done regularly, you may miss out on latest fixes, and thus exposing your site to a security breach. Get protected with professional Website Maintenance Services partner.

UX & Accessibility Improved If your website is not functional, users will defect to the competitor. That result in lost sales and reputational damage. With a quality website maintenance services Dubai, your website errors will be captured and eliminate on a regular basis.

Conversion Flow Interrupted If your website is an important monetization asset for your operations, you simply cannot afford conversions to plummet.  An ongoing development partner is the one to make quick and effective changes for you without adding technical debt to your platform.

SEO & Web Performance Rocking An increased website speed comes as a result of content, code, scripts and database optimizations, Proper optimization process will not only increase website load speed, it can also help in eliminating potential security weaknesses.

Business Focus Maintained Delegate the technical tasks, you can focus on product or services, operations, sales, marketing, and increasing revenue.

Investment Protected A website is a business asset, a long-term investment. Protect the investment and increase its value over time. 

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