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How to Estimate Website Design Cost in Dubai

Are you wondering what is the website design price in Dubai? Navigating the cost for a stunning web can be pivotal, and we’re here to offer you an elaborative insight. From understanding design elements to consider additional features and functionalities that align with your goals, we’ll guide you through the factors that influence cost of your web in the vibrant city of Dubai UAE. Let’s embark on this exploration together to ensure your company site not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Website Design Prices in DubaiBe clear that the key factors is “You get what you pay for” this also applies to when it comes to building a web design Dubai from web design agency. When small business or startup company can not properly budget web design services, what they spend on building their responsive web pages, the scenarios that occur can be as follows:

There are multiple factors that can strongly depend on the cost estimation of professional web designing and development. We will reveal to you website design cost in Dubai in detail, as the devil lies in the details.

Factors that Impact Website Design Cost in Dubai

  • Domain name
  • Web hosting
  • ‌Secure Site (SSL certificate)
  • How many pages
  • Content management systems
  • One-time customized website design cost (it’s important to ask for a detailed quote)
  • Production of textual and visual content for web pages
  • Search engine optimization (details of the pitfalls below)
  • Other marketing automation tools
  • Payment gateway Integration

Website Design Cost in Dubai

First Factor of Website Design Price is Domain Name 

How to choose a good domain name?

It isDomain Name Cost in Dubai a good idea to book a domain name at the beginning of website development cost. Choose a domain name that is talkative and relates with your new site.

The domain fee must be paid annually, so it is more of a fixed cost, so it may be worthwhile to treat website design cost in Dubai separately from prices.

Deciding on a domain name is the first step in web development, as the web design you are building will be built on.

Usually, a new domain name cost is AED 200 to AED 1,500 / year + VAT

Second Factor of Website Price is Web Development Hosting

Another pricing factor is the hosting fee. Today, most web design agency offer “Shared Server Hosting” in web design packages as it suffices the requirements for business websites. All in all, web development require certain storage space, internet bandwidth, Email addresses, databases, FTP and many more depending on how many visitors interact on such a  site.

Hosting fees are annual fees , don’t pay monthly hosting fees!

Many web design companies offer “free hosting for short to medium term” in exchange for a web design Dubai project.

Shared Server – Web Development Cost is AED 650 to AED 5,500 / year + VAT

Third Factor of website’s price is Secure Socket Layer – SSL Certificate

You’ve probably come across an E-Commerce website, where you may have read “unsafe” in your browser.

SSL Certificate Cost in Dubai E-Commerce websites or conversion focused business site that have an SSL certificate are secure, so data is protected and the web development is less fragile. It is more risky for both the visitor and the web design owner. If you’re estimating website design cost in Dubai, I don’t think this thing should be left out. Security comes first for customized site, especially in the golden age of data protection.

There is also free SSL from service provider, but there is a small risk that it is not always possible to renew automatically, and if it fails for some reason, the E-Commerce site or new site will not be available for weeks, so a lost purchase / request for quotation could cost up to hundreds of thousands. We’ve been through this before, we’ve burned ourselves with free (basic features, no support) SSL service provider, so like everything that’s free – it’s memorable for small business.

Premium SSL Certificate Cost is AED 950 to AED 3500 / year + VAT

Fourth Factor of website development cost in Dubai is One-Time

New web development in Dubai varies widely. What factors make up the budget consideration of simple website? Ask for a quote where the web design company Dubai will list web development features in the proposal. This is the only way to estimate how much website price in Dubai, and this is the only way to compare the many different quotes. It is necessary to acquire web design services proposals from various web design company with complete break down for new website designing and development services.

Website for Business
website is the silent ambassador of your business

This type of simple online brochure is commonly used for businesses. If you are looking for new or thinking to redesign your existing site. It requires content management system, site builder, images, the menu bar graphics, the buttons, and the shape of the actual content and contact details.

The corporate website design price in Dubai should include the legal purity of the elements used if not your own photos will be used. This is important because images that can be found on the Internet may not be usable because copyright exists. Below our design company cover the additional costs of creating a website, including the images.

The content management system also known as CMS of the website is what handles the pages. CMS help to edit simple website content from your computer or mobile devices in user friendly manner. The conversion focused business site can consist of any number of sub pages. If the website design does not include CMS, it certainly does not have an administrative interface, so it cannot be edited manually from CMS.

You must have commonly seen on social media & Google ads, web design companies offer web design in AED 399, this is how they can offer you such a cheap website as you don’t know what to expect from your web development as you only focus on pricing.

So always ask for it! It can be cheaper somewhere to build a fewer pages website because there is no admin interface behind it, believe me in the long run that website poison will be expensive if every modification has to be made by web development company.

Type of Websites Average Range of Cost (AED)
Business Website (Corporate) 2,500 to 25,000*
Landing Pages  (Micro-sites) 1,500 to 3,500*
B2c / B2B Marketplace (Online Store) 15,000 to 350,000*
Web Portals 35,000 to 350,000*
Portfolio Site 3,500 to 15,000*
Blog Site 3,500 to 15,000*

*All types of websites are dependent on scope of work.

Fifth Factor of Website Design Prices is Warranty and Guarantee

After getting your website design completed and handed over to you. You should consider the biggest factor that can make your website go bad?

– The answer is YES, your website or online store can go bad anytime.

How can a website go bad?

The website is running on servers. The web application of the server is regularly updated by web development companies to ensure the highest level of protection at all times. This changed environment can affect the operation of the website, i.e the website UI/UX or CMS may need to update the patches to the changed environment.

Therefore, to keep up with your peak performance of your website design, you should have website maintenance

Usually, Website Maintenance Cost is starting from AED 850 to AED 8,500 / month

Sixth Factors of Website Cost is Textual Content of the Website

A lot of people don’t even think about when planning a website that the website needs to be provided with both textual and pictorial content. The first idea is how the website should be structured, what it should look like, the colors, the layout. Altogether, when it’s finalized the most important element of website is textual content on it. This either affects website cost or not. If you write the content and use your own photos, you will spend time instead of spending money.

Blog Writing Cost in Dubai

The content writing of a website is an extremely important element of a website, so you have to sacrifice time or money for this, but you definitely have to sacrifice it when creating a website. Which is definitely a bad solution: stealing the content of the competition. Don’t copy, don’t steal, because it’s unethical and even a crime.

But aside from this ethical side, think about it a bit: yet because you give something different than your competitors, if you communicate exactly what they write on their website. If you don’t have time, write down the text you need to proofread, improve it professionally in significantly less time than writing it from scratch. True, this will increase website cost, but the end result will serve you effectively for years to come.

If someone understands something, if they have thoughts, something to say about their business, or products, describe it. It’s also okay if you feel you can’t write website text in the right quality, you don’t have the ability to do so, in which case you can turn to web development company for copywriters.

Content writing is a service in addition to web design that is now available at an affordable price, and remember, website consists not only of colors and buttons, but also textual and visual content. In fact, the rest is just the packaging. Produce rich, informative, orienteering content to provide the visitor with as much information as possible to help them make consumer choices.

How textual content can impact the website cost ? It solely matters on the textual content requirements of the website.

Usually, website text content cost starts from AED 1.50 / word for English & Arabic Language starts from AED 2.50 / word.

Seventh Factor of website cost is pictures, photos on the website

The website is not only text content, but also pictorial representation of the textual content. Whatever your business, pictorial illustrations are part of communication, so it’s worth emphasizing the use of lifelike, entrepreneurial images when designing your website or E-Commerce.

Now we will investigate the most common sources for obtaining images.

Stock photos:

It is the most convenient way to find relevant images for your business with nominal cost. There are multiple sites available on internet that sell licensed images in different categories.

All you must do is to find the most relevant images related to your textual content of the website. It will add cost to create a website starting from AED 50 onwards depending on the category and size of the images.

However, Stock Photos could not be used for product photography for E-Commerce website or food photography for restaurants. As it is important to take high-definition images with different angles to demonstrate the product in best possible way.

Images by Professional Photographer for Business Website

The biggest advantage of having professional photographer to take authentic images of your business that gives high level of trust to your business and your offering product or services.

The photographer highlights your business strengths to showcase products or services or E-Commerce features to the visitors in perfect detail using the right lighting technique.

It is not worth saving on this, a professional photography cost should be included in website cost.

As generally the photo shoot on your premises would based on the number of hours and location of your company, although a rough estimation of 1 day photo session will cost you around AED 3500 onwards. 

Uploading the Content of the Website, i.e Placing it on the Website

Here is another factor that can certainly affect the website cost. It needs to be clarified whether the price includes uploading the content to the website, or if the development agency undertakes to do so if required. If there is an administrative interface to the website, you can upload the text you have written to the website, but if you still entrust the first content to a professional, will the development company upload it to the website, and if so, for what fee?

These are not always covered in the offer, which is why it is necessary to clarify what is in the price and what is not in it! Do you get instruction on how to use the administration interface, or are just a user manual pdf file printed on your face?

Requests of this kind can significantly affect the website cost !

So clarify with your chosen development company, what their position and options are for uploading content ?!

Many people try to explain why they don’t devote time or energy to composing text by saying “no one reads it anymore”. If that were true, you wouldn’t be reading these lines either. Text is important and can be the key to your success, so don’t ignore this factor when creating a user friendly website.

This way, uploading the content of the website is not a time-consuming task, but it is uploaded by a professional, tastefully and professionally, in a fraction of the time it would cost you.

If the website has an administrative interface (this should be the basic one) then you can also upload the content, texts and images intended for the website, the question is whether this is included in the price of creating a eCommerce website, or whether it is worth mentioning, is the administration interface in Arabic or English?

Not everyone is good at English, especially in an area that is located in middle east region.

The other issue is that if you don’t have time to upload content, you can trust best website development company as well, but it should be your choice and not be forced at all.

Eighth Factor of Website Design Creation Prices also includes Search Engine Optimization

SEO is only indirectly related to website creation. SEO consists of 3 areas:

  • Tidying up the technical data of the website
  • Ensuring the right quantity and quality of textual content on the website
  • Get good quality pointing links (quality matters, not quantity)

All such mentioned are inseparable and require different amount of work for each website, therefore estimation of SEO work could not be accurately calculated in website design cost.

Yet I listed it here because if you are creating a website, it is search engine optimization (SEO) – that should be the basis today. So while SEO is not directly part of website design prices, you have to reckon with it sooner or later if you want to profit from your website.

Or, if you are already writing content for your website, write content that is outstanding in the eyes of search engines, so you don’t have to deal with the wording twice, this has already affected the efficiency of creating a website, mostly in time and money.

What can a simple UAE entrepreneur do in the eCommerce website development phase if he or she wants to anticipate the path to success in search engine optimization? Each website’s placement in Google’s search engine depends on its own competitors, which is how strong others appear on the keywords in question. This can be mapped accurately, right from the start of website development.

This is what we call an SEO Competition test.

As a comparison, it’s important to look into 3 elements of the strongest competitors that influence search engine in your niche.

That is:

  • On-page specifications of competing websites
  • How well the textual content is written and what topics are covered
  • Internal link structure

This analysis of SEO on your competitor website will enable you to structure your SEO strategy that will help you to capture traffic from your current competitors once your website is up and running.

Work with Si3 Digital

Ask us for an offer for website creation, We are at your disposal!

If you are interested in our website design cost in Dubai information, feel free to ask us for a quotation for your website or eCommerce website. We will take care of everything for you, you can have your top notch website design and development with high quality digital marketing. It is not only a convenient but also a cost-effective solution.

Feel free to contact Si3 Digital for further information on Email: [email protected]; Call: +971 04 427 3715; Whats App 054 495 1498



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